Hi All,

After I have asked for something, is the feeling of expectation for it and the belief that it is going to come to me, sufficient for the desire to manifest? Or is it that I should dominantly be in a feeling of having received it already?

When I am in the Vortex, sometimes I feel that I have it already and sometimes that it is surely coming to me and hence I do not need to worry at all.

Hence which is the more appropriate way to feel for the manifestation to occur?

Any clarity on this will be of great help to me. Thank you so much :)

asked 23 Oct '10, 09:40

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Both ways are fine. Without offending anyone, I will use the holiday term Christmas.

Think of what you ask for as a gift sitting under a Christmas tree and it's not Christmas morning yet. You know you have it already because it's under the tree and you have the expectation of opening it when Christmas morning arrives.


answered 23 Oct '10, 11:32

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That's a good analogy :)

(23 Oct '10, 15:13) Eddie

RPuls - brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Thank you! Your answer made SUCH sense to me. :)

(25 Oct '10, 10:51) Flame

That is really beautiful RPlus.. Thank you so much :)

(25 Oct '10, 18:39) Sourabh

Very nice way of putting it :)

(04 Nov '10, 21:46) Stingray

You mean 'it is there but not it is not time yet', right? As such I think it is very wrong to lie to your own self so I too have started using your analogy. Thanks a lot.

(03 Jan '11, 17:35) Pranay
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I would say, it all depends on what is acceptable to your mind. If you keep affairming "I am a millionaire" while your sub-conscious mind keeps replying "No, you are not !" . Then in my opinion that approach wont be very helpful.

Instead if you could word in a more acceptable manner like " Money is coming to me" or "I am living a life of abundance" it will be more acceptable and you will get more of it.


answered 03 Nov '10, 04:33

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