I have only been in the vortex once and of course my experience only lasted a minute or two. Recently, I have been trying to recall the events that led up to that point because, I have been thinking that maybe the easiest way back would be through the same door. Thinking about the events that led up to that day I realized that I had stopped wishing or thinking about the things that I desired and I simply just "was" that of which I desired. For example, in our own heads we all have a picture of our own selves of who we think we are, or of how we believe others see us. As we walk around all day everyday, we are 100 % aware of our status in life. Such as, what financial class we belong to how physically beautiful, or intellectual we are ect. Just like when you meet a person for the first time, without even realizing it, I would put myself either above them or below them according to certain traits. The days leading up to my entrance into the vortex, I was able to just "be" the perfect me. As I walked through out my day, I became aware of the beautiful car that I drove, the gorgeous house that I lived in along with all of the money in my bank account that gave me financial security and I did not have a worry in the world. I was aware of how beautiful I looked and I felt as if I was perfectly physically fit. I felt it with every step that I took and I had a picture of the me in my mind that I desire to be with every step. I held my head a little higher and walked and talked with absolute confidence. Then with in a couple of days I started to see little manifestations until one afternoon I looked in the mirror and realized that the picture of me that I held in my mind was starting to become a reality and these were major changes. Ok maybe not that major, but to me they were. And in that instance, I felt it, and I believed with every inch of my existence. And I was powerfully swept into the vortex in that instance. So, was it the believing or the "be"Ing, that swept me in?

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"The attitude of mind necessarily depends upon what we think. Therefore, the secret of all power, all achievement and all possession depends upon our method of thinking. This is true because we must "be" before we can "do", and we can "do" only to the extent which we "are", and what we "are" depends upon what we "think" - quote from part 1 of the master key system.

(14 Apr '14, 14:30) jaz
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One's being is fluid. To simply 'be' is to be fluid. Belief does not create being but rather defines, moulds, and shapes being. Belief is a mind-ego interface system which can limit or expand the potential realities our being experiences. But beliefs are not perceptions. Many people perceive things they do not believe, just as many people believe things they do not perceive.

To 'be' is to chose the path of least resistance.

Belief is illusion. 'Being' is eternal.


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those of lesser powers are only able to mold, define and shape, it would be knowing that brings one to full potential

(14 Apr '14, 07:32) fred

Belief is illusion when one does not believe in the truth. yet one creates is belief according to is own understanding and pass it along to other in this world. Some follow blindly those belief and some other see the truth of the belief and the error of the belief according to what it is apply. and every one makes error in this world so do not judge and you will not be judge. many in this world do the same. Do not be surprise at my saying.

(14 Apr '14, 15:04) white tiger

white tiger, perhaps it is something that can be seen in our minds if our perceptions are refined to searching for truth, the stripping away of material influence, a focus on what is spiritual

(21 Apr '14, 21:12) fred
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This may seem to be a "politically correct" answer, but I really do not mean it to be.

I believe that both are important, and both play against one another. When we are born, we have neither belief nor "be"ing. We just are. Slowly, we become aware of the world, and we start to learn beliefs- especially beliefs that will ensure we survive toddler-hood- such as, "If I touch that stove, I will burn myself" and, "If I smile, people will smile back (I hope- and if they do not, something's wrong here!)". But even small children start to develop beliefs that may last a lifetime. As an example-They learn very early that it sucks being poor- they can see what they do not have as compared to those who do have things. This is where belief starts to shape our personalities.

Our genes play a role here- you cannot say they do not. As an example, some people are born shy- it's proving to be tied to genetics (see this publication- for an interesting article about the research into shyness) and have to struggle with their shyness all their lives. But there are a thousand ways to deal with shyness. In other words, choices...and ultimately and inevitably-beliefs. One person finds that he is a "whole new man" when he drinks, and that belief may start a life of sadness and all that- another may shakily try drama in school, and learn to overcome shyness with applause. Another person may embrace his (or her) shyness, and just "accept" it and be shy, and not let it become an issue.

I digress. So beliefs- about ourselves, about the world, about everything- grow as we go through even just childhood. Some beliefs are instilled by our parents, some by our teachers, some by experience. But, from my personal experience (and remember, this is just my experience and perhaps not yours), I had Vortex moments as a child.

I lived in the City of Chicago for the first five years of my life. My parents moved from dismal apartment to dismal apartment every year. They were very young, and broke, and the grass seemed always greener when the lease was up. When I was five, and my sister two, they finally purchased a new home in a quiet, not-yet-quite-suburb of Chicago, and we moved out of the city. Oh! My God! It had a profound effect on me not to hear the city traffic, not to share a building with other people, and so on. But the best part was the six or so acres of wild field that grew behind our new home. It was unkempt and let to grow wild. I reveled in those six acres. I went into the Vortex every time I stepped foot into that field. I just "was". I was just in a state of "be"ing. I grew to know that field- when the Morning Glories opened their flowers, when the Monarch Butterfly caterpillars hatched and fed on milkweed...I could go on and on. I just wandered, not thinking, not believing anything about anything. I just "was". I hated to go home, even to urinate! (I knew my mother would stop me from returning with some chore or other.) I consider myself lucky that I was blessed with that field. I was shy, I was introverted, and all the "noise" of my "wrongness" stopped when I went outside. In other words, the beliefs I had already developed at age five (and they were powerful beliefs that I have had to fight all my life)- those beliefs just disappeared when I was in Nature. I learned very young that there was safety in being alone (a belief) and that belief led me to find the Vortex. They were inextricably tied together. I believe I found what Buddha found-at least, I think I did. I found that being "still" inside and seeking nothing, expecting nothing, and just "be"ing- was where Peace-I call it Peace, others "The Void", others "Nirvana"- could be found. People have a lot of names for this State. This Peace is an Inner Peace that cannot be taken from you.

About "The God Thing"- I felt Him as far back as I can remember. I saw angels, and thought everybody saw angels. I felt His comfort when I was very sad...and I had reason to be sad because of my early experiences with physical and emotional abuse. God came to me, not the other way around. I was so young that it could not have been some "belief" instilled in me. He was. He just was. But I understand that this does not happen to everyone. He has been there for me no matter what. But later, outside influences took me away from that early, and pure belief that I had as a child. I have had to fight my way back to that early feeling of God. It has been a struggle to drop all "beliefs" and just let myself Experience Him. But this again is just my experience. You may not agree that God even exists. That is fine with me.

Beliefs are very powerful, and perhaps get a rather bad rap, especially here. But beliefs can lead you to the Vortex. But they do not follow you into the Vortex. Everything just falls away, and you just are- in that state of "Be" that leads to real changes in our Soul. For, after the Vortex, you see what is important and what is not (to you). The Vortex can and will change your direction in Life. (May I humorously point out that this is a Belief I have...:)) Once everything drops away, and you feel the feeling of "Be"ing all that you are, all that you were, and all that you could be- all at once- you just are never the same.

Blessings to all! I have not posted a lot lately because of health issues- but I just loved this question. I should be packing and I have not started and it's after 1 a.m....I am going to Texas tomorrow (I guess I should say "later today") to see my daughter, Kimberly, who I have not seen in three and a half years...Not to forget Josh or my wonderful granddaughter, Lily (Lilian Fiona...I love her name..what a shameless granny I am! :)

Yours truly,

Jaianniah ♥♥♥

alt text

This is Lily!


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thanks for sharing

(22 Apr '14, 03:07) jaz

@jaz- Thank you for commenting- and, you're welcome! ♥

(22 Apr '14, 04:05) Jaianniah

@jaianniah first of all, your granddaughter is adorable! And I hope you are having a wonderful time in Texas :)

Thank you so much for posting and I can relate so much your answer, especially the part about you experiencing the vortex as a child. We lived on a lake and I was ALWAYS outside either catching fish with a net or collecting frogs and turtles to bring home. But you are right, I remember just "be"Ing. Nothing to think or worry about, just "be"ing in the moment, enjoying life.

(22 Apr '14, 22:28) Jess

@jai- ur granddaughter is just sooo cute..

(08 May '14, 10:53) supergirl
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I believe in some 'thing' is the material aspect. The spiritual aspect is your state of being (relaxed, excited, sad, happy, or whatever).

Law of attraction responds mostly to your state of being rather than the 'thing' you think about, which is why some people really 'want' something but never get it.

Appreciation, Happiness, Excitement that you can feel NOW with the things you have NOW will make your energy higher and more allowing of the things you are manifesting.


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Ah yes, this makes the most sense to me. I think it was the "be"ing that allowed me to manifest but it was the believing that was able to give me the emotions (high frequency) necessary to sweep me into the vortex.

(15 Apr '14, 11:05) Jess

This is a good observation! Yes it was the believing, if you didn't believe you could just be, would you have bothered to try?

Everything will be done as it is in heaven so on earth.

In other words thought, (the word) precedes everthing. Every action or inaction is first decided in thought.

So which came first the belief or the being? It had to be belief first, being second.

Note when I say being here, I mean it as a verb not a noun.


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Wade Casaldi

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perhaps, every action is willed, whether consciously aware of this may be another story. lets us say mankind has the capability to turn on or off deliberate thinking and so the future follows.

(14 Apr '14, 07:24) fred

@Wade Casildi what if I tell you that the being is first. and the belief is second. if I tell you: I am that I am. I am is being then is it a belief or a fact and the truth that: I am that I am? as for belief one can believe many things it is not always a fact and not always true. will also say to you that with out a being( I am) you cannot be aware of anything then you cannot believe or not believe in anything. With out a being( I am ) there is no awareness and no choice in the matter.

(14 Apr '14, 14:57) white tiger

@white tiger I was taking the writer's intent to be, "being" as a verb, you have taken it as a noun. As a noun being existed before everything, as a being needs to think to just be or do something. As a verb being is a choice of the mind of the (noun) being to decide. There is a big difference between a being and a state of being.

(15 Apr '14, 12:59) Wade Casaldi

"The periphery is moving, your center is not moving. In your center there is silence, with no anger and no anti-anger, no sex and no celibacy, no greed and non-greed, no violence and no nonviolence because those are all outside. All the opposites are on the outside, inside you are neither this nor that. You are simply a being, pure. Being like a god, a pure being with no opposites hanging around, fighting or flighting. Simply being." - Osho

(16 Apr '14, 01:13) jaz

@jaz yes that is the difference between being and being a being. Thanks.:-)

(16 Apr '14, 02:25) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casildi you say:There is a big difference between a being and a state of being. if I tell you that being is the state of being. then is there a difference between the two? or only the difference that you give it. if there is no being there is no one to make that choice or to decide what state of being it is at. or to believe in anything.

(22 Apr '14, 12:16) white tiger
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