Hey Everyone- so I had a weird thing this week where I was feeling sooo good in such high vibration for a couple days and I had all sorts of deep desires and clarity about starting different businesses and being excited about life and upleveling and giving and not being attached to outcomes and out of nowhere all these resources started flooding to me super quickly and then I went to bed and got up monday am and was super overwhelemed and everything fell apart and just totally plummted me down into a really confused and depressed place.

I bounced out of it within a day by just deciding to not pay attention to a bunch of it- and then cancelling appointments that didn't feel right, turning down deals etc. But was so shocked how fast and crazy that whole two days was and I know it was the universe responding to my vibration but why would it fall apart so quickly? Those sorts of oppourtunities have never ever came to me before. I'm trying to understand all of it. Was the universe testing my desires or my balance or willing to receive those desires? Why would it happen so quickly and be so overwhelming? Now its just making me rethink everything. Is is natural to have success so quickly and then fail so quickly? I'm still left reeling and exhausted from those couple days- its thrown me through a loophole!

I guess I'm just reaching out to see if I can try to find an answer or a lesson in all of that. I know the universe was reacting directly to my desires cause they were very intense and good feeling- sustained in a way that I haven't really ever felt in a while so that was crazy. I just wish I didn't crash overnight!

Any perspectives or insight would be greatly appreciated! I'm trying to learn the lesson from that so that I can begin to manifest once more but without losing it all and being put through it all again! I'm hoping for it to be smoother and in flow next time!

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@Kanda, I've added some blank lines to this question and some of your previous answers to make them more easy to read. Please add some blank lines in between your paragraphs in future. It will be helpful to others on IQ who are reading what you have written. Thanks

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Nothing to worry about...it happens to alot of people when they are starting out :)

This business of "getting on a high" and then "crashing and burning" is something that often happens when you start getting more deliberate about improving a long-held vibrational stance.

This must be one of the most commonly-asked questions on IQ...it is asked in so many different ways with so many different scenarios but ultimately it comes down to the idea of "all hell breaking loose" when you start doing deliberate vibrational work.

Take a look at Why is it we get sick when we expand? for more information, and especially the linked analogy of driving the battered old cars beyond their limits.

You can rest assured that everything will settle down in time as you acclimatize to your new better feelings and more empowering beliefs, so no need to be concerned at all :)


answered 18 Oct '12, 17:59

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