I am really trying hard to keep my vibrations high and manifesting but I have such an urgency of paying my bills, rent etc that it just doesn't leave my mind. Even when I try a bill pops up or somebody asks for payment and I just cant do anything but just worry.

I really need help urgently.

Today I was contemplating suicide and it was strangely soothing but thank God I turned myself away from this thought. My business is all but gone due to Covid19, I have no family so my financial situation is really worrying for me.

All my efforts to generate business seem to go to waste, please help me and give suggestions on how I can get into the Vortex despite all this.

I do know manifesting works because I can manifest things which I ask and then forget about it. But finances is not something I can forget about. I have been advertising on facebook for my services and so the moment I check my FB to see the messages a feeling of urgency and needing creeps up.

I really need some urgent tips and perhaps some good vibes from everyone.

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Hi, friend. First thing that comes to my mind to tell you is that everything is already done and you have already everything you desire. It's just how it is. Second, Life is just a game, anyway. That thought helps me a lot every time I'm in a bad spot because of external circumstances. So maybe try and chill out and read a good book https://www.inwardquest.com/questions/6907/my-financial-abundance-is-not-manifesting-what-should-i-do !

(07 Jun '20, 01:52) Marin
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You start by building a daily practice.

Especially these days when world energies are moving at high speed, it's easy to get swept away with the bad-feeling flow of collective vibration, rather than setting your own tone.

Once your daily practice becomes habitual, it now supports you through any bumpy times and continuously brings back the stability you feel is lacking, both spiritually and materially.

In your situation, I would recommend the following daily practice...

Repeat every morning for 30 days...then you could try generating a different Missing Emotion.


The 'secure' gridwork will soothe your fears and restart your money flow.

If you want more information about these ideas, get your free 45 days at the Manifesting Lab (run by me). That's easily enough time to learn more about (and ask about) how to solidify your daily practice further so that it's always there for you.


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Thank you Stingray I was hoping to get an answer from you and I did work on my secure emotion this morning, but how do I divert my attention from the worry of paying a bill as it pops up in my mind? Oh and I have enrolled in the Manifesting Lab :-)

(07 Jun '20, 08:22) I Think Therefore I Am 2

@I Think Therefore I Am 2 - "how do I divert my attention from the worry of paying a bill as it pops up in my mind?" - Ideally, put your attention on something else within 17 seconds so the momentum of that thought doesn't increase. If you can't do that, you might try calibrating the thought every time it comes up, or else go general on it to take the sting out of it.

(08 Jun '20, 05:56) Stingray

Trust me, I know how difficult it is to manage things when you're in a downward spiral of circumstance and negativity! However, there are ways to make things less of a struggle.

Build a belief that you can get something positive out of ANYTHING. If you're open to it, there will always be something you can gain from any situation that is happening in your life. The tricky part is realizing that in the face of a challenge. Be careful not to just interpret what I'm saying as "learn to like when bad things happen", because that's not it. You really can get something out of any situation, just don't set yourself up for failure by expecting an outcome and being disappointed when you find yourself in a different outcome.

Here's why it helps:

  1. It opens your mind to other possibilities, so you're no longer trapped in a belief that you are only contained in one negative possible reality. Changing perspective isn't just looking at things differently, it opens up possibilities and lets you realize things exist that you wouldn't have realized if you weren't open to them.
  2. It becomes an integral process that helps you notice other doors/windows/avenues of choice that you weren't previously aware of.
  3. It helps you recover from bad situations or weather them knowing that letting go leads to more opportunity.

START SMALL! Challenge yourself to try this approach when something little happens that you perceive as something negative. Start making a list of negative things that are happening, and then later when you're less emotionally charged, look at the list and ask yourself what positive things could come from the negative events you're experiencing.
What happens first is that you realize there can in fact be good things to take from bad situations. What happens next is that you integrate this into the way your mind approaches negativity as it arises. Being equipped with this perspective changing tool, you can much more easily deal with negative things as they happen. You may still struggle through a challenge, it doesn't mean things will be easy, but it does mean that your life will grow exponentially as you're able to find positivity in ANYTHING in life!

Changing perspective is paramount. It is always a tool that you can utilize to change your reality. I have "lost" so many things in my life and had it turned upside down. But I grew from it, things turned out BETTER because of it, and I am still fine. Even if things don't end up how you want them to, they will be ok or better. Sometimes you have to let go of things that no longer serve you to make room for things that will!


answered 15 Jun '20, 19:05

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Hi qt :) ok ok ok sooo ... I've recently gotten into manifestation and I'm learning more and more everyday. So recently ( like yesterday ) I saw an Inward Quest thingy on how letting go helps what you manifest comes faster. I'm not on the right course mentally either and yesterday I had a complete breakdown. Afterwards I stopped took a deep breath in and said : " I let go of this desire and put it in the hands of the univers .. I trust the universe" and when I woke up this morning my manifestation that I've been waiting on for a little while came to me !!! What I'm saying is just take a minute and understand whats going on replace doubts with positive affirmations. Stop yourself in the midst of all your negativity and replace it with something that doesn't make you feel like that. Also don't kys , I'll be sad <3


answered 22 Apr '21, 18:34

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