"Letting go" followers argue that if you feel expectation about a desire you end up stuck and the result can be the opposite or never fulfilled.

I got confused on what to do and which approach to apply.

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See "Enjoy the process and be unconcerned about the outcome OR focus on the outcome and don’t worry about the process?" ( http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/6229/enjoy-the-process-and-be-unconcerned-about-the-outcome-or-focus-on-the-outcome-an/6234#6234 ) and "Focus on what we want or ask for it and forget about it?" ( http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/5369/focus-on-what-we-want-or-ask-for-it-and-forget-about-it/5380#5380 )

(23 Oct '10, 20:16) Stingray

You´re right,Stingray! You´ve already responded (brilliantly) my question. Thank you !

(24 Oct '10, 02:08) Rbmello
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When you are told to "Feel what it is like to have it", it doesn't mean that you are standing at one end of the room and the thing that you want is at the other end of the room, and then you are using this "feeling of having" as a force to pull the object of desire towards you.

Because if that is how you are imagining it, you are forever separated form the experience of having it.

When you are "FEELING IN THE MOMENT" of having something, your state of mind should be similar to a child's imagination

The world around you should literally disappear from you attention, while you take this childishly delightful and selfishly self centered feeling driven journey of fantasy of having the fairytale vision come to life.

It is not I Want this, it is "I AM LIVING THIS and I AM HAVING THIS experience RIGHT NOW!

which brings us to NOW.

You exist in a continuous moment of NOW.

Therefore the only power that you posses is how you use the power of manifestation through you consciousness in the moment of RIGHT NOW, or in the attention of RIGHT NOW.

It is only in this moment of NOW that you can envision your preferred (future) NOW.

But the future now is a paradox, because it doesn't exist.

Only now exist.

Every other version of Now is what exists in the consciousness as POTENTIAL NOW.

Every thing in your consciousness is a potential Now, Including your Past.

What is the feeling of expectation??

Expectation means "I DON'T HAVE IT YET"

When are you feeling it?

is it RIGH NOW?

Then how do you expect the universe to attract something opposite to that feeling? the feeling you are feeling RIGHT NOW?, The feeling of expectation?, the result of which is not having what you desire, therefore the feeling of expectation?

It is all about what you do with your power of attraction NOW.

Moment, to Moment, Always RIGHT NOW.

If you want something, how would it feel if you had it RIGHT NOW?

How would it feel RIGHT NOW?

Have it RIGHT NOW, and feel it RIGHT NOW.

Then move on to something else.

Every time you return to it in your mind return to having it NOW.

Once you make it a habit (every change in the behavior of your mind will take effort on your part), you will not be hung up over things that don't manifest.

Because in-spite, of the theory, when you put it into practice, certain things still don't work, especially if it involves the compromise of other peoples free will.

We have to get over the idea that we must always leave some room for disappointment, just in case, by not believing with full faith, that which we desire to experience.

Because, regardless, you will still experience disappointment if it is not meant to be.

Disappointment is a valid experience in our existence. It's not going to disappear because of our eventual mastery of manifestation.


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The Traveller


Expectation....Dictionary Version 1.. A belief about the Future 2...Wishing with confidence of fulfillment 3...The feeling that something is "about" to happen

Thanks Traveller ...a bell went off in my head , this is all future tense , therefore not now , not ever , a bit like when someone says , "maybe one day " ;-)

(17 Jul '12, 02:33) Starlight

You don't need to expect something to happen, if you persuade yourself that it is already happening, even if you don't see it happening in your physical reality yet, it will come, because it must come. Or in other words, manifestation don't really come to you, you come to them by being a person that can see them. So the process of change is within not without. Manifestation then is about changing ourselves not our environment. Although due to change in us, surrounding may change too.

(17 Jul '12, 02:56) CalonLan

The Traveller- good answer.but this child's imagination is oftenly not pssible for everything relating to our daily routine.only for the things we really really want.

(19 Jul '12, 04:09) Zee
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Sometimes I think we complicate our beliefs about the law of attraction. It is really a very simple and easy to apply concept. Abraham said it in "Ask and it is Given" and I agree that if you feel good you are in the right place in terms of manifesting your desire. If you start feeling anxious or frustrated or simple not feeling good you are not experiencing the consciousness that is needed to manifest your desire. Let your feelings be your guide. Whenever you feel that you are out of alignment, change your thought and you will see how quickly you start feeling good. Allow yourself to flow in the joy of knowing you are where yo want to be. It is the same feeling you will get when you manifest your desire. Most of us feel that we cannot allow ourselves to feel good until we get what we want. It is the exact opposite.


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I agree ! "Felling good" about it is the key. No matter which road to take but be sure to feel good in it.

(24 Oct '10, 01:58) Rbmello
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