First I owe white tiger a big thank you for waking me back up and inspiring me to write this question.

White tiger's laser question gave me a lot of inspiration not to only answer his question but to as well ask this question.

After answering his question, I started thinking of could we send intention in other ways?

Everyone knows mind is important, however back that up with expressive motion with feeling even vocal expression and it seems to give greater authority and purpose.

My Reiki teacher who is also a karate instructor showed me a powerful way to send an intent using karate kata. The intent builds until the end then at the last part on the yell you send out the intent.

I have thought of other ways this could be done similar to playing pretend but with full intention through what you are doing.

Maybe a manifesting dance, I don't know what we could come up with, but I believe as long as we believe what we are doing will send the intent, we will have result.

It is all really about getting us to believe strongly enough that what ever we do will work.

Someone with strong belief doesn't need anything, only the knowing that it is so. But others need props they need to believe in something and most need something complex like building intent and sending it out. That is where this question fits in.

I thought about how an archer shoots an arrow. I know I have used that as a metaphor before on here for sending intent, but I never thought of it as a possible technique for sending intention.

After answering the laser question, I started thinking about techniques to send intention.

I could envision tying my intent to a golden arrow, loading it in a bow and shooting it straight to God!

Or maybe imagine I have a carrier pigeon I give my intent to and release it to go straight to God.

Maybe an energy ball or a lightning bolt from a staff or laser wand as I yell and shoot it to God.

All of these ideas are racing through my mind and I have to wonder if maybe there are more than I could think of.

So I am asking you, what might some psysically expresive methods be that you use or are inspired to try?

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Wade Casaldi

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What is God and what are you? what is the best way to be in harmony with him and with every one else? when you will know your self you will know him because you are made in is image it is the core of who you are that you can see in your own reflection on the water.


answered 24 Dec '13, 08:28

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white tiger

Yes Wade mind backed up with expressive motion gives great value,

The mani wheel is a physical support for praying that's been used by tibetan buddhists for centuries and consists essentially of a hollow cylinder containing prayers and mounted on a rod,

alt text

The wheel is spun by hand and each turn is considered as being the equivalent of saying the prayers, Variants are wheels driven by wind, water or rising hot air from a heat source thus producing continuous motion,

A similar homemade device can be adapted and used for whatever you desire and when driven by natural wind, running water or heat has the advantage of continuing to work long after you no longer think about it,

Continuing along the same line of thought we enter into the infinite world of radionics with the endless loop cassette, just record your desire on the cassette and let it run for weeks or more ,,, and if you're good at programming a computer you can set up an equivalent device such as the digital prayer wheel on your pc screen


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I find this fascinating. If you asked many people to visualize spreading butter on toast. Some would appear to do nothing (all in the mind) while others would mimic holding a butter knife while spreading butter. Both would achieve imagining spreading butter on toast. This makes me think of American Indian rain dance. It is not the dance but the belief that the dance will work, in other words the intent it will rain, the dance builds the faith.

(24 Dec '13, 13:45) Wade Casaldi

Those prayer wheels are beautiful & just what I needed. Thank you so much @jaz. I'm late with sending some x-mas emails & I'm so glad I waited till today. So many relatives & friends have lost loved ones this year & another one soon will be leaving & the prayer wheels are absolutely perfect. Merry, Merry Christmas @jaz. Thank you.

ETA ~ copying the prayer wheels here did NOT do them justice... They are gorgeous..

(24 Dec '13, 16:35) ele

yes @Wade the more thought, concentration and desire you put into circuit, the greater the energy generated and the more you receive in return ... for every physical phenomenon there's always a non physical (spiritual) counterpart ... manifesting and casting a magic spell have exactly the same definition "a specific and deliberate attempt to harness and manipulate natural energy in order to achieve goals"

(25 Dec '13, 04:36) jaz

music, dance, gestures, colours, rythms, symbols, etc ... are all effective tools

(25 Dec '13, 04:44) jaz
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