When you are in a real vortex state and it did not come should we consider it as a universal message to quit creating it? doesn't that contradict the law of attraction and the law of creation?

I am not in the vortex recently and I am not expecting any creation so far, just work to get back inside and I can.

Two month before I was in real vortex state, I was vortexing, I had been with LOA since couple of years, but those last two month was really labeled in my experience since the start. and I wasn't in hurry for manifestation I was just enjoying the feelings and reactions with the universe. Things went wrong and here I am out of the zone again.

Now I went to scan why while when I was there it did not come? I said maybe I just need more vortexing Now I will get back again and enjoy and see.

My wonder is when you really really feel right and I always admit my wrongs and know my limits, I don't say hey I am doing good where is my stuff, I know when I am in and when I am not, is it has to come? as it is law? it is? and it had to come?

And as it did not should it be a message to just quit creating it? If yes (and I hope it is not) should it be like praying? I will not make it manifest since it is not your benefit. Is that law of attraction, it is about our benefit or about our vibrations whatever they could be?

Or again it is our work that it does not work?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Hi rola,

Let's explore a different angle. From reading your post, it seems as though you may be making too much of a deal out of certain terms and labels, and then placing too much expectation on what they're supposed to help you to achieve. And in so doing, you might be blocking your own desires from manifesting in the way you’d prefer them to.

For instance, you are creating (manifesting) and re-creating your life experience in every instant of your existence. Failure to create is failure to exist, and that's impossible due to the fact that you do exist and, therefore, by definition, you always will exist, so what's the rush? :)

Additionally, realize that: being in the vortex, being in the now moment and being present are all the same thing. People use different words to allude to the same thing. And one way of looking at these ideas is to realize that, if understood and acted upon, they'll help you to receive your desires.

By being present, in the vortex, now, you're in the same place that your desires already exist. If you're somewhere else, then you'll remain apart from your desires. There is no other place than being present, in your vortex, now, except psychologically within your mind. So getting out of your mind is the place to start.

Being in your mind is a lower vibrational frequency than being present, in your vortex, now and that's why you're not receiving your desires, because they exist as a higher vibrational frequency than where (it seems to me) you're mainly at. So your work is to bring yourself to a higher frequency vibration and to stay there, rather than oscillating back and forth between the higher and lower vibrations.

It's like when you tease a dog by pretending to throw a stick and the dog runs off in search of a stick that's hidden behind your back. The stick was always there, but the dog went searching in all the wrong places. Your desires are right there in the present, in your vortex, in the now, but you will never find them unless you're there also.

My wonder is when you really really feel right and I always admit my wrongs and know my limits, I don't say hey I am doing good where is my stuff, I know when I am in and when I am not, is it has to come? as it is law? it is? and it had to come?

It's worth remembering that, really, there is no right or wrong, there are only different perspectives. Dropping any ideas that you're wrong and that you have limits will serve you well my friend. By placing judgment upon yourself and by implying that you've got limits (self-limiting beliefs), you're holding yourself at a lower vibrational frequency, you get the idea...

Always say, I'm doing well and believe that you are, and you will be. Get out of your mind. By staying focused and positive in whatever you’re doing, you’ll be vibrating as a higher state. Forget about the time it may take for a desire to manifest; time doesn't exist in presence, in the vortex, now. Do your best to remain in this state, by paying constant attention to your mind and making small adjustments to your thoughts, as necessary. Expect fruition of your desires, without expectation in terms of how and when.

Relax and enjoy your life, then your desires will manifest in perfect timing, sure :)


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I once discussed with friend about that and she said it is all about make big deal of it, while all the processes are relax, joy and just feel ease. You just illustrate it so much right, and the dog example explain so much to me. I felt that I am repeating my experiences fly with my vibrations then fall down, while the desires are simply there.

(21 Mar '12, 05:54) r0la

I feel that I am stuck in a place of vibrating without really vibrating; it did hurt when you know the whole story and still confused. Note that I am not depressed or angry; I am not new with this and grasp the mind and its complicated function and enjoy it somehow

(21 Mar '12, 05:55) r0la

I used to check Abraham hicks tapes and the key always is stop doing the things you are doing and while fighting my old habits I am only get more of them. In this site I preferred to discuss positive attitudes in a way not to promote negative ones but sometimes I really seek advice and talk about them, then bring them up

(21 Mar '12, 05:57) r0la

But you did read me well and I must deal seriously with things now. I should stop make that big deal of it, maybe it is about my passion of being creating more from enjoying. I will choose to quit a little bit, relax, form a new base of more ease then come back. Thanks Friend it did help a lot this analyze.

(21 Mar '12, 05:58) r0la

Thanks for saying all of the above rOla, it's really appreciated on more than one level for me. I'm happy to have offered a reminder and that you've decided to change and step up your vibration. I also appreciate the feedback because it helps me to know that my answers are on target. Knowing this enables me to offer reminders to others who are asking. Thank you :)

(21 Mar '12, 06:36) Eddie

@Eddie-Love your answer.I agree that one must get out of mind and focus in present moment .my personal experiences verify this.

(20 Sep '12, 00:58) Zee
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This is considered one of the biggest mistakes in the book The Law Of Attraction Turbocharge. There is an entire chapter dedicated to just this question.

The resistance is within us, even when it seems outside of us, it seems like the Universe or God is saying, "You really shouldn't be trying this. It is just not right for you. It is not meant to be." This is your internal beliefs stopping you on a subconscious level.

There are things that need to be cleared, never look at something that starts working then stops as maybe it wasn't meant to be. Maybe I shouldn't be trying this, it seems the Universe keeps throwing obstacles in my way, if this was meant to be it would be easier.

The subconscious beliefs hold us back, there was a woman that did everything for manifesting a great job and she would see progress but only so far then the bottom would fall out and someone else less qualified would be promoted. She finely had a realization as a teen she was told by her parents "You'll never amount to anything, will you?" She had this deep subconscious belief buried deep in her mind so that any time she was coming close to amounting to something she would slam into this road block! (Story inspired by something I was reading or listening to recently, I read multiple books and listen to multiple talks on manifesting all the time) It could have been a story from David Schrmier

We can not experience ourselves different than we believe ourselves capable of being. Her belief was she would never amount to anything. Any time she would try to overcome that the mind would correct that as if she is steering off the path she set long ago. Wait a moment she is swerving off the "You'll never amount to anything." path the mind says we have to correct this now or we will have a paradox clash in belief here! So the mind steers us to failure to thus regain that feeling and personal truth "You'll never amount to anything." "I guess my parents were right. I'll never amount to anything." pops up in your mind cementing the deal that you are indeed back on the path you have been on, personal belief system intact.


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Wade Casaldi

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You are so right and that is what I want to hear and I want to only believe that, that's what I am here. Not logic not parents talk just creating and creating what I want. But I am talking beyond this, just discussing if there are some universal signs of stop thinking of it as it is not coming. Just want to assure that if you keep hold the thought, hold it and hold it, it should come and in the world of LOA there is no that's good and that's bad there is a science of when you think it comes

(19 Mar '12, 16:51) r0la

Nice analogy Wade :)

(19 Mar '12, 23:08) Eddie

@Eddie Actually most of that is paraphrased from the book Law of Attraction Turbocharged so Paul Piotrowski deserves the credit for the analogy actually. But thanks anyways I did word it my own way here.

(20 Mar '12, 00:22) Wade Casaldi

@Eddie I just realized something cool, The story came from Paul but the whole thing at the end about (The Path) that is one hundred percent from my observation and my analogy. :-) Again thanks Eddie! I cut myself short on that I just realized! lol

(20 Mar '12, 10:50) Wade Casaldi

@Eddie Actually I am now not sure where that story came from but it is a good one. lol

(20 Mar '12, 11:57) Wade Casaldi

@Wade thanks for the book pointer , just downloaded kindle version at least than a teabag price , lol . If i am not allowed to say this , please delete , Love & Light.......meeeeeeee ♥

(18 Sep '12, 21:07) Starlight

@Starlight of course you are allowed to say that, it is not advertising but letting others know there are options to get that wonderful book. :-)

Teabag price??? hum that must be some pretty good tea! lol

Blessings :-)

(18 Sep '12, 22:45) Wade Casaldi

Just wasn't sure Wade , so yes 99c is the most awesome price for a book and I am uber gratefull to the author for this gift . A tea junkie am I ,so twas a good analogy ♥♥♥

(18 Sep '12, 22:50) Starlight

Wow 99¢!!! I just clicked on the link at first I thought someone pulled a fast one and it was going to the wrong book. Then I looked inside and found it is the same book just a different title.

For this price I am considering buying the kindle version myself I have the paperback version.

Yes I love tea also, so it was a good analogy. :-)

(18 Sep '12, 23:17) Wade Casaldi
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Hello, I hope You have not given up on LOA :) and now You are able to utilize its power more effectively. I will answer anyway for I believe You might find this helpful when You feel on search again. That, I believe, happens even to Ester :). What I wrote down is more or less the attitude of Bashar (google-it, good stuff there).

Good question to ask before "trying" anything to manifest: "Is the thing I feel I want to manifest in my reality the representation of my highest excitement?" If not, than change Your focus. Eventhough it is possible, much more fullfilling and easeir path (I will not writte faster, since time do not matter, when You are acting on thing that excites You the most) to manifest, is to use Your focus wisely. As Bashar says, one thing that contain the element of excitement lead to another. So if the thing You want to attract is representataion of Your excitement but is not accesible from where You were, it is for one reason only. You are not vibrational match to it. So easiest way (the path of least resistance) is to choose from the moment where You are at now and every other succesive moment, to ACT ON THINGS that repersent the highest amount of excitement for You at that particiular moment and You cant help but sooner or later end up experiencing the desired outcome.

This might also help: What attraction of anything realy means is shifting to the reality of the thing. And shifting is not happening outside of You. It is happening through changing of Your state of mind to the state of prefered reality. The new state of mind will make the reality accesible or reflected back to You. And it is very difficult to make this hapen only through the procees of visualisation or imaginatin. Since we are part of physical reality, You`d better ADD ACTION THAT DEMONSTRATE YOU HAVE CHANGED. You have to behave as if You have been part of that reality. Through this You will demonstrate You have really changed and universe cant help but reflect that change back to You. So good thing to remember - the LoA is Law of Action...


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As I am feeling the same again I remembered I once asked that so I wanted to review but I didn't remember this answer, yours and Wade' answers are talking about those beliefs that we are growing up on, the limitation and the it's not you path, parents talk, which maybe I am noticing but not determining to change and it's a good point to start from that IT IS MY PATH and to see my desire in the same level of my vibrations as Eddie illustrated

(27 Nov '12, 12:23) r0la
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