Does meditation work? Self-Hypnosis?

asked 29 May '10, 19:44

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Michael 1

What is your ultimate goal? Undoubtedly you have read or heard something that leads you to believe that "cleansing your chakras" will provide a benefit. What is that benefit you seek?

Unless it is something, shall we say, "spiritually advanced" like achieving Kundalini, there are many simple techniques on this board for "raising your vibration" which you can pursue. For the most part, these techniques state a simple fact of life, which is that, if you take responsibility for your own emotional state, and choose to feel better most of the time, your life will improve dramatically.

For achieving Kundalini, I believe that kind of exploration is best done with a spiritual teacher.


answered 30 May '10, 15:08

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I decided to learn how to astral project. I heard that an important step is cleansing your chakras in order to raise your kundalini. Hope this helps.

(30 May '10, 21:02) Michael 1

Be careful raising your kundalini if not done correctly will cause serious problems some mental. If you don't how to do this correctly find a teacher or someone that does and can help you Michael.

(09 Aug '10, 05:28) flowingwater

Reiki surgery works for this, you pull out all of the condensed energy the blockages and fill them back with light. These are the extraction techniques of Reiki, not all Reiki practitioners do this though. If this is what you mean, if they are blocked because you have issues to deal with then you need work on those and the blocks melt away their selves.


answered 10 Jun '10, 08:50

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Wade Casaldi

Affirmations help.


answered 30 May '10, 12:16

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