A mass consciousness experiment, in the context of this question, being the intentional, concentrated collective focus of thought by a group of people (perhaps IQ folk?) to bring about a specific circumstance or outcome. My thoughts for this question were regarding manifesting a significant change in the weather.

George Noory, host of Coast to Coast, a late night talk radio program, has expressed strong feelings about this, feeling it is too much responsibility to take on, not being able to foresee all possible outcomes. I haven't been able to decide how I feel about it, but my instinct is telling me we do this all the time on different levels, and that effecting the human race is an unavoidable part of existing as a human. Still, I don't think I would enjoy experiencing what he did, so I brought my question here.

So very broadly, here is what happened as best I can recall: (Sorry I couldn't find a direct link.) Apparently several years ago this popular radio program tried calling upon their many listeners to participate in a mass consciousness experiment by asking them to concentrate on directing a large, strong storm to change direction to avoid hitting a particular area. I think what happened is that it worked very well, but resulted in the unintended consequence of the storm simply hitting a different populated area, causing damage and injury that possibly would not have happened in that area had it not been for the experiment.

For years afterward, Mr. Noory would not agree to any further requests from his listeners to try more experiments, so haunted was he by these consequences. I think he finally did relent and led one to specifically send a storm harmlessly out to sea. (Although, from what I have since learned about how connected global weather patterns are, I have to wonder just how "harmless" such a powerful thing can ever be.) He also set up for some time a specific invitation for listeners to pray for one another's healing, and invited stories of the effects of this, I think, somewhat safer-feeling mass consciousness experiment. :)

I joked yesterday that we could use some rain in Southern California, hinting that a mass consciousness experiment here would be fun, but immediately thought of what happened on Coast to Coast, and began wondering about this. I would love some rain, but if anyone was injured by it in some way, I think I would feel awful. I would love to know what you think.

Love, Grace


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@Grace What a great question - I am looking forward to hearing what others have to say about this!

(09 Jan '14, 17:09) Catherine

There are many groups doing this now...https://childrenofthesun.org/ this is one I have been working with for three years now.There is nothing unethical about LOVE...

(09 Jan '14, 17:29) Roy

@Catherine - Thanks! It's been rattling around in my head for quite a while. I completely understood George's reluctance, but it seems wrong to ignore our own power. Can't settle it in my mind.

(10 Jan '14, 10:52) Grace

@Roy - Thanks for the link. Yes I'm wondering now about the effect of the intention on the outcome. As you say, nothing is wrong about pure love. :)

(10 Jan '14, 10:54) Grace
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This is the largest on-going mass consciousness experiment that I'm consciously aware of right now...

Earth experiment

See Is Earth a giant extra-terrestrial 'experiment'? for more information.

It is perhaps a little late for an inhabitant of that particular planet to change their mind about participating in such experiments :)


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@Stingray - Yes, looks like it's too late for a case of cold feet! I knew such a fear-based question would end up sounding silly, glad I can count on you to point that out! ;) But seriously, it's those pesky unintended consequences, @Stingray... I'm wondering now, is the experiment's ultimate outcome determined by where we picture a storm going (for instance), or by how we feel about deflecting potential harm from it....

(10 Jan '14, 10:46) Grace

...I mean, I see fear itself as producing danger, so if an experiment were done with specific intention for well-being, would that be a responsible way of wielding our power, so to speak?

(10 Jan '14, 10:47) Grace

@Grace - "I see fear itself as producing danger" - What fear creates (in comparison to aligned creating) is so laughably negligible as not being anything worth thinking about. See Is Hollywood actually creating a World Catastrophe starting from the USA through its movies? Regarding the ultimate outcome of the experiment, your experience of it is up to how you and your vibration rendezvous with it since there is no objective...

(10 Jan '14, 11:55) Stingray

@Grace - ...reality other than what you create for yourself and assign meaning to. See Am I responsible for the Gulf Oil Spill, from a Law of Attraction perspective? Even if we share the platform of physical reality to play on, our own experiences of the results of our playing are unique to us. So there is no "We" other than what you decide to create "We" as -and even then it's still just a projection of "You" as "We":)

(10 Jan '14, 12:00) Stingray

@Stingray - So if an IQ experiment brought a storm to southern California, everyone here would simply attract their own experience of it, regardless. Seems obvious now, thank you @Stingray. :)

(10 Jan '14, 15:33) Grace
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I believe it is not only ethical, it is our duty to learn to harness this ability.

God gave us dominion of all existence. We are suppose to be the stewards, over everything.

Through history all new technology carried risks. The automobile was invented and soon after that the first car accident happened.

The first blood transfusions were hit and miss, resulting in lives saved but also resulting in many deaths. Then they found out about matching blood types. They could have said, "It is too risky. We should stop this and never again try this horrible experiment!" But they did continue experimenting and now it has been many years since someone died from a mismatched blood transfusion, but as well it has been many years lives were saved.

Likewise I believe it is our duty and responsibility to master weather control and harness nature.

The long term progress for humanity must be thought of. This is the reason for my Change The Law Of Attraction question.


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Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - Harnessing this ability seen as a duty makes me think of the effect each of us has on the whole planet, simply by living our daily lives. It's a good feeling to think that my efforts at keeping myself aligned are doing something to assist others as well. I had not been looking at it in quite that way for some time. I like it. :)

(10 Jan '14, 10:28) Grace

When I read this question, for some reason, I remember an Old Coca-Cola Commercial that aired in the 70's.

It was a turbulent time, a sad time, what with the Vietnam War, the problem with Nixon, the rise of inflation- a time when we saw war on our TV sets and actually helped stop the war with our protests and our anger. I was in High School then, and I often felt very depressed and sad for America. I am not sure if this commercial aired exactly at the same time as these things, but I know it aired in the 70's.

The effect was immediate. It cheered people up, it gave us hope, it made us smile...and it sure did not hurt Coke, either! LOL I think that this is an example of a mass-consciousness experiment that wasn't intended to be an experiment, but changed how people thought and felt. Watch it and see what you think. Here's the Christmas rendition:


Perhaps I am wrong, nut I can only speak for myself. This commercial made me feel much better about the world, and gave me hope. I think it affected other people the same way. It raised our planetary vibrations....

Of course, the Media has such great power now- they can make or break even Presidents. But I remember when I was laying in bed, very, very ill, and Wade asked for prayers from IQ for me.

I truly believe that your combined prayers saved my life. They certainly made me feel good inside!

But don't forget this:

All it sometimes takes is just one man or woman who truly believes to save the world.

So We matter both as a group, and as individuals!


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@Jai - Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You really surprised me, because I very recently looked up these commercials on YouTube, I think to use in an answer here. The song has been on my mind a lot, and I feel like you picked up my vibe! :)

(10 Jan '14, 10:20) Grace

@Grace- I am sure I did! Thanks! :) ♥

(10 Jan '14, 10:34) Jaianniah

what Mr Noory learned about
directed consciousness leaves
us open to all returns
for our use of willpower

from whose authority
do we act


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@fred - Thank you.

(10 Jan '14, 10:29) Grace

are you afraid that the earth will shake from the west to the east? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHaziU4YA4c

are you afraid that it will snow in the desert?


proverbs 25-13

are you afraid that it will be very cold?


proverbs 25-23

are you afraid that sink hole will open and swallow things?


numbers 16.31

do you need to play with the outside element?

the outside reflect the inside.

what do you want to test?

with what measure?

if you make hole in the inside is it not normal that eventually hole will appear on the outside?

even on the outside you can see it. they mine the ground for metal, oil, gas they take out from the ground making empty hole in the ground to get rich. after some time the ground it caves in and the hole fills up each action have a reaction. each element interact together.


the good question would be what is the end result. in the beginning someone decided to make a hole in the ground to fill up is bank account why because he needed to fill that hole so he would not collapse. if he would have know the beginning he would have know the end.

and could have filled back that hole. so it would not collapse. but of course he would not have made the same profit margin. but the desire was more important. and he needed it now fast. fill the hole for that inside desire.


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white tiger

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Thanks, @white tiger. I just want some rain. :)

(10 Jan '14, 15:31) Grace

@grace proverbs 25-24-25 before you ask: proverbs 25-7

(11 Jan '14, 08:20) white tiger
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