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You knew this was coming. ;)

I feel better about the idea now that I have read explanations about the responsibility involved in such an experiment in answer to my question here. The whole planet is engaged in such an experiment all times, so why not direct it mindfully?

So here is what I propose: Southern California is headed for another drought if it doesn't get some significant rain soon, and our rainy season is upon us bone dry and warm with no clouds in sight. The extended forecasts show no storms on the way.

Our rain comes in typically from the northwest, fed with water by the Pacific ocean, and with cold from Alaska. When there is a high-pressure ridge or system sitting over our area, no rain (low-pressure system) can come through, so all our potential for rain passes north of us. That is how the weather guy explains it, so please forgive my layperson's understanding of it if we have any real weather bugs out there. :)

So there is the need, but mostly, I would like rain just because I would like rain. Actually, I love rain. :) Pouring rain for a few days with some great crashing thunderstorms, followed by several days of gentler, steady rain. To be repeated every other week til May-ish. That's what I'd really love to see.

The Weather Channel forecast right now for Orange, California is ranging between 72 to 81 degrees through January 19th, with zero chance for rain. Here is the link, I'm hoping that will change!

TWC 10-day forecast

I suggest you start now, whenever you read this, imagining the high pressure going and gently warming up some of the freezing areas to the east, and allowing low pressure with all that rain to come visit us here. It will be easy to gauge our success by clicking the link above!

Let us all know in answers below that you are participating, and I will be here wrapped up in a blanket with a cat and a book in my lap, appreciating you all!

Love, Grace :)


UPDATE January 11, 2014:

I just checked the link to the 10-day forecast... 4 days in the forecast have been changed to show a 10% chance of rain. :)


UPDATE January 14, 2014:

I just checked the link to the 10-day forecast... January 19th has been changed to a 20% chance of rain. :)


EDIT January 30, 2014:

I wonder if George Noory is on IQ... Lookit! He's doing this now as well!!!! He's announcing it on tonight's show, starting in a few minutes on the US west coast, also streams live on the internet.:)

…hmmm. The link says he's only asking for two days of rain. That won't help at all. I'm asking for two months!

alt text

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Let's see if we can raise that ten percent somewhat higher to one hundred percent chance of rain!

This will be fun.... :-)

(14 Jan '14, 03:36) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - Thanks! The forecast for the same dates has changed from zero to 20%! :)

(14 Jan '14, 05:45) Grace

well here it rain plenty since 3 days. and the ice is melting. 3c plus rain today. john 3;3

(14 Jan '14, 07:22) white tiger

@Grace how is that rain coming, do we need to keep on this. I haven't had time to really work at it, but when I do I will. :-)

(22 Jan '14, 02:35) Wade Casaldi

@Grace Your heatwave has made it into our national newspapers - what is the percentage for rainfall now?

(22 Jan '14, 03:41) Catherine

@Wade Casaldi, @Catherine - I haven't seen much result with this yet; a few clouds today and yesterday. Right now the rain chance is zero up til the nine day mark of the ten day forecast, then 10 and 20%. I keep holding a picture of storms coming in, and cool, rain soaked days and nights. ;)

(22 Jan '14, 11:08) Grace

2nd week in February. Around the 10th

(22 Jan '14, 17:09) ursixx

@ursixx - thank you dear. Lots, K? For months! :)

(22 Jan '14, 18:40) Grace

Well it is going to rain here all day. I guess it followed me. Always remember it being rainy on this day when I lived in SoCal

(10 Feb '14, 00:54) ursixx

@ursixx hmm ... "always remember it raining on this date" & your profile shows you to be a year older than the last time I looked. Would it be your BD bro? lol!

(10 Feb '14, 01:25) ele

@ele thanks bro!

(10 Feb '14, 03:41) ursixx

@Grace George Noory, very spooky (hi George if you're on IQ) We are completely waterlogged in the UK, something to do with the jet stream, global warming, Gaia cleansing herself or HAARP depending on who you believe! If we could direct some of our rain towards California that would suit everyone. @ele Nice one. @Ursixx The Aquarian - "keenly interested in making the World a better place" . Happy Birthday for yesterday.

(11 Feb '14, 03:33) Catherine

Happy birthday @ursixx! :) Thank you @Catherine, yes please. ;)

(12 Feb '14, 00:33) Grace
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I LOVE rain. It's one of my happiest things in life, to watch it rain. I too live in SoCal, so I think my appreciation of rain, when it comes, is very heightened; it seems like you can actually feel the world around you enjoying the water, the plants and the animals, the soil. The last time it rained significantly here (I think it was two or three winters ago), I stood on the porch and watched in amazement as a small river of water coursed down the street. I love it, I love the smell of rain, and how clean the air feels afterward. I especially love curling up with a book and a cup of tea in my cozy house while it rains heavily outside. (That's the best. Really one of my top five favorite things in life.)

Anyway, I'm in. Any excuse to think about how great rain is! :)


answered 10 Jan '14, 17:33

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@corduroypower - A kindred spirit! And tea of course, how could I forget? And falling asleep with the sound of rain drumming on the roof.....Aaaah! so sweet! :)

(10 Jan '14, 18:55) Grace

I live in SoCal too. I am a carpet cleaner so don't get me started on rain. Our economy is bases on construction and housing. I love when it rains somewhere else like in the north or snow pack in the Sierras.


answered 22 Jan '14, 18:10

Tom's gravatar image


@Tom - Muddy feet = carpets to clean, no? ;)

(22 Jan '14, 18:41) Grace
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