I have making contact with RFKRTHRM on my "to-do" list. RFRKTHRM is a civilization of non-humanoid, metallic and elastic beings. Bashar talks about them in the video below:


Does anyone have any idea how we can initiate contact the way Bashar is attempting to explain it? I sure would enjoy tapping into a bucket load of knowledge to help ease my exam-time studying :)

Some more insight:

Bashar began to talk about RFRKTHRM in the "Today is Tomorrow's Yesterday" seminar (I think that's what it is called). Someone asked whether Bashar was following his highest excitement, and he responded that talking and helping other civilizations, like earth, was his highest excitement. He gave the example of RFRKTHRM to show an example of him following his highest excitement with a civilization other than Earth (albeit, Bashar appeared to be quite excited about what this civilization figured out how to do with a black hole).

Also, the person who asked this question was talking a bit about crystal and sound vibrations before the part about Bashar's highest excitement came up. One thing that was mentioned was the innundating yourself in the sounds made when a particular bowl is struck, and how this will lead to an effect on the mind similar to that of taking LSD (the drug). Bashar also said that this same process can be used to "neutralize" yourself to help make contact with RFRKTHRM (this came after what he says in the video), however that didn't make any sense to me, which is why I'm asking this question on IQ :)

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WOW imagine all the possibilities!

I don't understand why people aren't more interested in this question and in making contact.... I'll certainly try to make contact myself.

When he says neutralize yourself I think that he means to be one with the all, to expand your consciousness. That maybe can be achieved with meditation and with use of some drugs like weed and obviously LSD. After that maybe just send away an attention that you want to make contact with RFRKTHRM...try this by saying their name in your head because that will create a proper vibration I suppose.

Just to warn you, this above isn't tested. It's what I would do, sounds logical to me. So don't take drugs if it isn't your thing. Drugs are bad... well in most cases :)

Thank you for bringing up this question because I'm highly interested in tapping into universal knowledge since recently myself. Primary because I don't want to study so much :)

About a week ago I stumbled upon this Bashar video. It's about connecting with your parallel selves in other parallel realities in order to download their knowledge etc. Maybe you'll like it. I did the exercise a few times. First time I did it I felt a strange sensation in my head while I was lying on my bed. The sensation lasted for about 30 seconds then I got scared, started to breathe faster, my heart was racing...so I stopped the exercise and the sensation stopped a minute after, too.

Good luck


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I'm not interested these days in alien (not from this reality) activity or interaction.


I will begin my answer and ask: are you? I mean, are you really totally fixed on making contact with this civilisation? Releaser99 made a fairly good idea somewhere, saying that if you are really interested in doing something, you will be capable of bearing the idea in your head for at least a minimum of 3 months.

You see, when I've been interested in aliens, I will be addicted to researching on them...for maybe a few days or 2 weeks and then the interest totally drops off my scale of passion.

I would be using that as a means to find other answers in my life. I found I didn't need to shake hands with Bashar to discover them!

So that's my first part of the answer: why is there the need or interest to contact them? Is it a real desire or it just a curious fascination?

I would LOVE to connect to this alien vibration, though it's not such a burning desire that I'm going to end up putting in effort to do it.

Part 2:

There was a period roughly 8 months ago I really wanted to make contact with a particular alien civilsation. To me it was a genuine desire of mine, because I would actually travel to remoate areas in my town on a weekly basis to try and look for UFOs or of some similar discription.

Did I see any? I couldn't tell but I did see some things which my mind couldn't explain.

As part of my interest in this, I stumbled in a channelling book that the very first way to begin a connection, with a spirit guide, with an acended master, with other civilsations, was to primarily begin using your imagination.

In other words, centre yourself, get into a very peaceful and calm state of mind, and after a few minute literally start making up the interaction in your head! Just make it up! Use your imagination tools and create a interaction, which at first, you may label as 'silly' or 'airy fairy.'

If you can keep that up on a frequent basis, say 3-4 times a week, slowly those imaginations will become much more solid. You will physically be able to feel a difference from your first attempt, it will feel much more real and concrete.

Yet, it will only be 'real' enough to such a scale that you can still dismiss it as 'fake.' Being emotionally sensitive and having sensitivity of your intuition will be your ability to distinguish how much more concrete the interaction was.

From experience I kept a similar activity up for a few weeks. Whilst the imagination interactions didn't evolve to a 'real' level, I ended up falling asleep during a meditation and having a vivid dream. The dream was of myself and a friend seeing a bizarre, weird-looking aircraft in the sky about 50 meters from my body. My friend ran away and vanished. I myself became intently fearful and had no desire to interact with the space ship. It was just a radical, panicking shock and afterwards my desire to continue the meditating and longing for contact with these aliens dropped.

The dream felt insanely real. There was immense success in my persistance in my imaginations.

Bashar has mentioned that most humans just aren't psychologically prepared, even in their biology, to deal with the powerful vibrations aliens bask in. It's sort of just the way things are.

So please don't be scared by my story, but I really hope this inspires you that, yes, you most certainly can contact these mystical folk with sufficient desire and commitment!

Set yourself a goal, of at least 3 months. You will most defiantly have accessed the black hole by then and then you can help IQ and tell of your experiences! Imagine all the people you can help with your insights!! :)


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Hi @WeRadiateBeauty try virtual viewing to explore this domain using RFRKTHRM as the target ... here's a practicle example in which you can participate and get the hang how to do it


Virtual viewing was developed from remote viewing by Dr. Simeon Hein and extends far beyond the initial aim of remote viewing that was used for accessing tangibles ... virtual viewing is a way of accessing tangibles and intangibles whether past, present or future, in the following video he explains a little about what it's based on


update 8th june 2020

here's a very simple and efficient way of accessing RFRKTHRM ... using a square of white

bristol paper write it like this using a lead pencil or indian ink

alt text

The vibrational qualities of a freshly written word is weak, it will gradually accumulate energy and reach it's maximum stable vitality after 72 hours. If you want to speed things up put it on a decagon and it'll be fully vitalized in a few minutes depending on the size of the decagon. You can "sound" it using a pendulum or any other instrument of your choice ... put a crystal on it, simply sense it with your hands, put it in your pocket to impregnate yourself with it's vibrations ... or any other means.

I've been experimenting this method and have come up with some usual ideas like

  • trees possess solid state giroscopes
  • what we name gravity is rather a push pull vertical energy that circulates within us
  • and lots more ...

have fun :)


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