I'm currently in a bit of a financial quandary, with money owing and no job. However, I'm quite confident that I will be generating revenue again very soon. So rather than dwelling on being out of work, and worrying about no income, I typically review my plan of what I will do once I do start generating revenue again. I do this every day...planning out loud when I'm out for my walk (like affirmations).

However, I'm curious to learn if this is a good approach. I do this primarily to avoid negative thoughts about my current employment situation, and to at least train my thoughts on my goal when I know things will improve. My thinking is to force myself to avoid thinking negatively and focus on how I will deal with prosperity as if I have already begun. When I'm not practicing affirmations I'm usually looking for work.

So is continual planning on how I will get out of debt the same as dwelling on one's debt? I understand that the LOA states that if one dwells on (i.e. worries about) debt then they will simply see more debt, although when I was generating revenue last I did put a bit dent into what I owe :-).

I think my problem is that I'm just impatient and would like to see my financial situation reversed yesterday...so I do need to change some thinking. Obviously I do have a plan to get out of debt very quickly, and it is possible...but I also want to ensure that I'm not shooting myself in the proverbial foot either.

Any other ideas on how I should approach this?


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Pacal Votan

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There's no definitive right or wrong answer regarding action steps that someone should take (planning is a form of action)...you have to follow what your emotions are telling you in every moment about the action you are taking.

  • If you are feeling good while you are doing your planning, it's helping you towards what you want. It's like writing a manifesting request.

  • If you are feeling bad while you are doing your planning, it's not helping in this moment and it's time to focus on something else instead.

A trick to use here is to move back and forth between specificness and generality in your thoughts about what you want. For more information, see Focus Blocks - Do the statements have to be written in a positive way?

When you start getting too specific in your planning to the extent that the plan makes you feel bad, you need to then back off into generality until you feel good about it again.

You will find there is a "sweet spot" (which can change from day to day) where getting more specific than that will make you feel bad but getting less specific than that will make you feel good again. That "sweet spot" then will be the point representing how detailed you can get in your planning for now without getting in the way of what you want.

If you are in a rush you basically want to get as detailed (specific) as you can (while still feeling good) because there is greater power in a greater specificness of focus on a subject, and greater power brings about quicker results.

It's a similar concept to Bashar's Threshold of Believability process:


Just a note....if you are going to apply these emotional "fine-tuning" ideas, I suggest you ensure your sensitivity to your emotional guidance system is reset on, at least, a daily basis (meditation is good for this) so that you can clearly sense the distinction between how different thoughts make you feel. For more information, see How can I reconnect with my emotions?

A final word...it's not the physical actions you take that get you results, it's what you feel about the actions you are taking that counts, so an Excitement-Based Action Management approach might also be worth considering as you execute your plan. (A plan is just a group of actions you believe you need to take to get what you want)

There's some ideas for you :)


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Thanks very much for your answer...this is excellent. You gave me a couple of additional ideas that I did not previously think about. I was thinking that I could be overdoing it every day with my planning, but as mentioned it was really to force myself to avoid any negativity while I'm striving to find that job.

But you're fine-tuning ideas will certainly alleviate that. It's a good feeling knowing that I'm on the right track...I just have to hone my practice :-).

Thank you so much

(12 Jan '14, 22:57) Pacal Votan

You really have me thinking now :-). I usually do much of my thinking when I go for walks because I thoroughly enjoy walking outside every day or night. It's odd because when I start running plans through my head while I'm walking I'm really in my element and feel really good. But I do agree with you 100% that there is a limit, and when I do become too specific and too detailed with such plans it does tend to make it stressful, so learning to back-off and generalize more will certainly help.

(12 Jan '14, 23:11) Pacal Votan
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