It pains me greatly to ask this question.

I've met a great, amazing female a couple of months ago. And I really can't believe that God and LOA has brought me this amazing person.

She literally fits everything on my list, even the stupid shallow stuff that I had on there. Personality-wise we fit so perfectly and our chemistry is unmatched.

It's just that there has been a problem recently, I feel that I don't love her anymore, and I have no idea why. It's one of the most confusing and painful feelings I've ever had in my life.

My negative thoughts and fears contributed to this feeling, I know it did. One day I allowed a random thought to pop up and ask me "what if I don't love her as much?", it was a frightening thought, a thought I simply ignored. However now this bad feeling is right up to my neck and suffocating me.

I am making progress however, it wasn't as bad as it was a couple of days ago and I WAS able to feel complete passion and love for her again today, for a couple of hours, however the bad thoughts returned again and now I feel that I don't love her in the way I used to, or maybe not at all, I have no idea why.

I really thought that she was my soulmate.


Please help me, I want to do this again using LOA.

PLEASE, thank you. I care a lot about her to just throw this away, I really want to feel love for her. I really want to spend the rest of my life with her and have her be my wife.

Thank you.

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Evolutionary High

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"Falling in love you remain a child; rising in love you mature. By and by love becomes not a relationship, it becomes a state of your being. Not that you are in love - now you are love" - Osho

(13 Jan '14, 02:32) jaz

@Evolutionary High - "...you are always going to be bored and lose interest in your desire to some extent before you are aligned enough with it for it to be perceivable (i.e. manifest) in your physical reality. So you will always find your desires have "expired" (in comparison to the initial thought of them) by the time the physical manifestation comes..." ~ @Stingray. :)

See http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/43079/can-desires-change-too-quickly-to-manifest/43151

(13 Jan '14, 10:59) Grace
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"I want to love her passionatly again."

....what is the cause for all this need?

Unconditional love, which is the 'real' love, permits people to do as they wish. Have love for yourself brother, if you don't fancy her that way despite your checklist then that's fine, just let her go!

The popularised love in todays society (which, in western culture, is soooo unhealthy on so many levels) is nothing but economics: you do this for me, and in reutnr Ill do this for you. If you love me, I'll love you. Romantic love is usually built and maintained on things as such, yet it never lasts unless at least one party unconditionally loves themselves and the other.

You'll respect yourself by saying, "I love myself so much that I can actually be honest and say I don't want her."

You're putting so much demand and stress on your mind, to force yourself to develop attraction for her.

Why not start by seeing how many good times you've had together and cherish them.


answered 13 Jan '14, 13:27

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Thank you, when we first met, we had all the signs of a soulmate relationship. I felt like I knew her from somewhere before, I felt like we get each other, I was extremely attracted to her.

Even now, there have been no fights, no arguments, everything is laughter and fun.

And I feel my love has faded one day suddenly for absolutely no reason, I don't know why. It's my gut feeling tells me something is wrong.....I don't know why.

(15 Jan '14, 11:44) Evolutionary High

I was going to post an answer, but this one says everything that I was going to say anyway.

(15 Jan '14, 14:37) Vesuvius

You received what you were missing in your life through her (whatever it was) and now that you have it, you have lost the urge to keep her around. She probably received something from you also....and maybe she's feeling the same feelings you are feeling because she received what she needed from you ....but isn't telling you her true feelings?

The feeling of "knowing her from somewhere before" is because you "DO" know her from somewhere before. It was before both of you were born and you made an agreement to meet when you got down here. When we're born, we forget everything and we leave signs for ourselves that trigger our unconscious to explore that thing more because that's what we wanted to make ourselves do. Like the old saying "All the signs were there!"


answered 05 Feb '14, 20:30

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@Eldavo - Long time no see! Good to have you back, my friend. :)

(05 Feb '14, 21:34) Grace

Hi Grace! yes it has been a long time. i remember when you first arrived at Inward Quest!! lol!

(09 Feb '14, 20:14) Eldavo

Treat others as you would have them treat you. You were saying that you want so badly to love again as though you lacked in love. The Universe will give you whatever you vibrate if you vibrate lack of anything then that is what you will get back. If you truly do not feel the same love as before then respect those feeling and detach with love, do not try to force what is not there. You may just be confused and are lacking love from within, in that case continue to love everything anyway and that is what will come back to you. We are all made of this energy so let it flow be easy on yourself. Remember life is change nothing stays the same just go with the flow of what feels right and good for you.


answered 13 Jan '14, 07:32

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First off, please realise that your emotional and manisfestational powers are far greater than the limiting principle of The Law of Attraction/Repulsion. The gestalt entities known as Abraham and Bashar are not sovereign beings; neither are they - as Abraham says - on the Leading Edge of Creation. We are the creators; we are Universal Creators in the making. Now, granted, the entities known as Abraham and Bashar are very helpful. But they are nothing short of manifestations WE created to help ourselves: they are reflections of our own inner knowing and ever-expanding creativity. As I say this, I mean our true selves, not the vehicles we reside in; and not the conscious mind - the limiting ego-mind, which we far too often allow to circumnavigate our true, most harmonious resonate frequency trajectory.

Own your experience. Do not let your ego or others (even me), dictate what is right and wrong for you. Listen to your heart; when you do, all else will fall in place. And THAT is really what The LOA/R is about.

In closing, you will find that love for others comes easily when one first learns to love oneself. This is the first step, and the most important.


answered 06 Feb '14, 05:29

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In any intimate relationship there will be fears and doubts that arise after the initial infatuation dies down. That is when real love arises. Instead of focusing on the lack or loss of the passionate love, you might try asking yourself, "what can I do today to show my passionate love for her." Love is a action, not a feeling. Act as if you're passionately in love and you will feel it again. It works the same way as when you put a smile on your face, you can't help feeling happy again.

Another suggestion is to spend the day thinking of all that you appreciate about her. It sounds like you are over-focused on that one thought and it is driving your emotions. Nothing is more powerful to change our feelings than gratitude, so make a list of the things you are grateful for about her, including:

I am so grateful that I enjoy falling in and out of love with her.

I hope this helps.


answered 19 Jul '14, 17:32

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