i wanna know how to prevent clattering in between couples..? what i meant is- it is said tht amongst a couple,when one of the partner performs more vibrational exercises..,clattering occurs. so,is it possible to prevent it or if still clattering occurs,what are the remedies on it ?

i hope i am clear in my words,if not ,i realy apolojise ..,thank you...:)))

,stay happy :)) stay blessed :)))

love,light n blessing...


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I am "into" metaphysics, LOA and the occult, my husband couldn't care less about any of that. Actually there is no clattering with us. We balance each other out. I give him interesting things to think about and consider, he keeps me grounded. I love it that we are opposites and maybe that is the key...celebrating and appreciating differences. Plus I know he is in my life for a reason, to create balance and contrast, and I always keep that in mind; that all is as it should be. It's all a matter of perspective.


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@LeeAnn1- yh..true,thank you fr ur lovely answer.. :)))

(11 Dec '12, 02:23) supergirl

it is said tht amongst a couple,when one of the partner performs more vibrational exercises

In my not-so-humble opinion, I don't think that's a strictly accurate interpretation of what that @Stingray guy wrote about clattering :)

For me, I've noticed the phenomenon of "clattering" occur only when two people are out of touch with who they really are when they are together.

For example, when someone who is habitually depressed meets another who is habitually depressed, and then they embark on a relationship together expecting the relationship to make them happy...that's what could be referred to as "A Bad Move" :)

This is a prime clattering scenario because as soon as one of them starts to feel better, the initial vibrational levels that brought together are no longer in balance. The vibrational status quo upon which their relationship hinges has changed. It doesn't guarantee they are going to split up but the risks seem high to me.

Contrast this with two people who are initially happy and joyful before they meet. And from that inspired, joyful place embark on a relationship.

Here there is almost no risk of clattering because the relationship was an inspired choice and inspired decisions automatically take possible futures into account.

That doesn't mean that the inspired couple will not have difficulties but those difficulties are likely to be ones brought about by the experiences that some part of themselves want to gain from being together, rather than both of them just wanting to find relief from emotional pain in being together.

So the answer to your question about avoiding clattering in couples is to make yourself into a happy fulfilled person first and then find a relationship...not the other way around :)


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@stingray-thank you for the detailed answer..,now the concept is quiet clear to me..,blessings----blessings---blessings---your wayyy :)))

(11 Dec '12, 02:19) supergirl

hi supergirl

couples have a certain way of functioning ... that's why we call it a couple ... when one of them performs more vibrational exercises their usual way of functioning is thrown out of balance ... i assume that you mean by clattering that the other person in the couple is finding it difficult to adapt to the changes ... a certain amount of clattering is inevitable whilst researching new emotional states ... the most obvious solution is for the other person in the couple to do vibrational exercises too so as to be better equiped to deal with the new states of equilibria ... have fun


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blubird two

@bb2-thank you fr ur wonderful answer..,bt if the other one does not believes in all these things..thn.? what to do,to prevent it?

(10 Dec '12, 02:45) supergirl

@supergirl-these things cannot be prevented ... there is always a certain amount of turmoil involved ... follow the path that feels best :)

(10 Dec '12, 03:54) blubird two

@bb2- ok..

(11 Dec '12, 02:20) supergirl
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