Hello inquesters!!!

The news are not that fantastic but Alhmdulliah (thanks god) :)))

So I am still making a 'big deal' about the manifestation. I should feel like this, try this, involving in many experiments, affirmations, watching and analyzing every little sign.

That had led provoking many unnoticeable feelings, and create that big deal when it doesn't really deserve all that mess!!

Today I woke up happy, feeling good and fresh, I said hey I want to write in inward quest, it had been really a long time.

And here a short brief, I was doing really good, focusing only on my positive feelings and reacting with my source, then sudden past feelings shown on the surface, and I could dealt with them, some how, I am not asking to get rid of all my feelings since they create my humanity, but I was like dealing with a pierced wall, every time I fill single gap, another gap created, and I spend my last year and half dealing with that wall, filling and filling, till I got mad,

For my gap now is: feeding/manifesting the absence of it, wasting all the creating thoughts in the orbit of 'the desire that is not there yet', did you discuss that before? link me please

And about my wall in general which is another 'big deal' from my side, I know but I can't ignore it NOW. The statement about you may need years to build something but it can be destroyed by one second, we build our personalities by hard effort then a single abusive word could damage everything by second but that wouldn't happen if the building base is strong and healthy then the damage wouldn't be huge.

I accept the existence of my wall, but I want to move it :))) move it to healthier location surrounded with better situations then filling the gap will not need another cycle.


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I think the "mess", as you call it, is a result of focusing on a lot of different things at the same time.

It's a form of multitasking. This comes from a feeling of lack of control. So by focusing and thinking about many things (i.e. planning and analyzing), you try to gain the feeling of control back. But of course, it just reinforces that lack of control feeling and you stay in that vicious cycle.

The solution to that is then not to add more things to think about indeed. The only way to make things less complicated is to simplify your thinking process.

If planning and analyzing doesn't feel good, then minimize it.

I know this is easier said than done once those thoughts have momentum and Law of Attraction pulls you more and more into planning and analyzing mode.

The simplest solution then is to bring your focus back into the now moment.

This means

  • Not trying to create a masterpiece visualisation, but just trying to have a visual scenario that feels good for for 2-10 seconds.
  • Not trying to get into the Vortex, but trying to find just one thought that feels better at the moment.
  • Meditating and bringing your focus back into the now moment.
  • Focusing on neutral/good feeling things that surround you (i.e. the feeling of your cloth on your skin, the colors of the furniture etc)
  • Focusing on the gaps between your thoughts
  • ...

Once you do that and your vibration raises, you now realize that you don't need that much planning and analyzing as you thought initially. Then you begin to feel better and ideas und solution come to you.

For more ideas on this approach, I can recommend the book "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle.

To summarize this idea

Think less, plan less, feel more and bring your focus back into the now moment.

Then you will find your own answers to your problems inshallah :).


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@releaser99-Thank you releaser.i don't know if your reply fixes rola's problem or not.but it has open new windows in mind:)

(13 Jan '14, 12:38) Zee

@releaser99 There is nothing like being in the NOW. Nice answer!

(13 Jan '14, 14:21) Cory

@releaser99, Inshallah Habibi :)))) P.S, When I was kid and I ask an adult about a thing and the answer was: Inshallah, I was upset, Inshallah literary means: if God will, agree, accept, so it was like NO to me or maybe. Now, as a LOA inquester it means to me alignment & allowance, Allah, God, Source and universe, the acceptance means my alignment. I am not religious but I love God/universe and its presence in my life so, Alhamdullah & Inshallah are familiar expressions in my conversations.

(13 Jan '14, 14:44) r0la

@releaser99, I loveeeeee your answer because it so simple and clear, I love your steps, they clean my path, so simple and elegant, so relaxing with my contradictions I would be, now I will be serious in writing them on my hand and always look at them :))) Thank you

Inshallah all your days will be joy.

(13 Jan '14, 14:48) r0la

You are all more than welcome!

(14 Jan '14, 05:41) releaser99

I somehow missed this answer til now, @releaser99, it's so good. I'm bookmarking it with the title "In case of emergency, press here". ;) It is always in moments of feeling overwhelmed that I can lose my bearings, and this answer is the perfect emergency life raft!

(24 May '14, 22:39) Grace
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Hi rûla throughout your question you mention the wall a lot "I was like dealing with a pieced wall everytime I filled single gap, another gap created", " I accept the existence of my wall but I want to move it" ... so what is this wall you speak of so often that seems to be causing all the trouble?

You are always motivated by what you perceive as being pleasurable and away from what you perceive as painful, the key to all this is what you believe ,what you perceive as pleasure or pain.

Deep inside you're pure positive energy the vibes are high and the feeling is good, this is your fundamental natural state, everything around you is also energy including thoughts. Beliefs whether they be positive or negative are formed in exactly the same way, positive and negative beliefs are thoughts that you have activated, that you have given a lot of attention and focus to and their vibes have become stronger and stronger over a period of time. Basically everything is neutral and equal, nothing has any value except the value that you give it, and value is colored by belief which acts as a filter, whether that belief be installed consciously by choice or more commonly unconsciously through the environment, culture, education ,,, etc.

Positive beliefs are based on centering your attention and focus on what you love, on your heart, thus activating them, they can be represented in graphic form by a simple, circular, expansive elastic structure.

alt text

Feeling positive is being in line with your true natural self, you are a complete and harmonious person. With a positive belief you always have freedom to choose and you can change that belief anytime and in any which way you wish.

Negative beliefs are based on centering your attention and focus on your fears and anxieties, on what you dislike, on what you don't want, thus activating them, They are thoughts which carry much lower vibes than your innermost happy self, this creates discord, and the feeling is uncomfortable. So when you have negative beliefs you are in discord and they cause discordant situations, you act in ways that disserve, you react from a place of fear and anxiety. You feel generally uncomfortable and boxed in, you disable the possibility to be yourself, to be the lively and happy person you really are. Feeling anxious and argumentative are sure signs that you stuck in a negative pattern.

Negative beliefs separate and render inflexible, incapable of compromise and can be represented graphically by a crystallized non expanding structure that contains self-reinforcing mechanisms that describe the workings of the wall that you mention so often in your question

alt text

At their core negative based beliefs key into your survival instinct, the idea that if you don't follow this belief you will die and you're caught up in a vicious circle, a negative loop.

When in an enlightened positive state you can see all the possible choices even the negative ones because they're all equal choices, from the perspective of the higher mind the positive beliefs are always sending in information, always sending guidance to show you the way back to your natural self.

When you're in the light you understand that the doorway that leads to the dark is just a choice and it's offered to you as an equal choice, but when you're in the dark the doorway that leads to the light is hidden or disguised it will constantly switch back and forth in a variety of ways such as projection, rejection of ideas, paranoia so that you won't believe what people are saying to you when they are actually trying to help, you'll feel like you're being held in a state of constant imbalance, seeing things in a negative light keeping you off balance.

This is where knowledge is power comes into play, recognition of this structure can give you an edge on it.

You can use this graph by taking a specific negative idea for example "I am unloved" put it in the center and look at all the different ways the mechanisms reinforce the idea that you are unloved, to make it seem like it's justified, rationalized, rewarded ... in the final analysis when you find yourself saying to yourself " I am unloved" you'll recognize that it's just a belief like any other belief.

You can switch over to the positive reference that you have the freedom to choose, to follow your inspiration, events can be considered as positive instead of negative, you can expand instead of contract, you can start to see through the illusion and know that the negative belief is simply one of the many infinite choices you have and they are all equal.

You can say to yourself I prefer this instead of that.

Thanks Bashar



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is the wall needed? if not needed just drop the wall. what is a gap if not a place to put a pieces of puzzle in perfect concordance and harmony with the other puzzle pieces. as for how can the environment effect filling our gaps who said that it was the environment job to fill it? you are filling the environment not the other way around. but if you think that it is the environment job to fill you then you are taking from it. if you are taking from it are you putting the same back in it? look at the planet with no human it would be full of tree, animal, fish etc.... they would be filling the environment. but now you are filling it also. do not do like the dwarf they dig to deep.



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white tiger

yes @white tiger i like the bit in the video about a "giant sink hole, it looks placid but it's still hungry", corresponds to contraction or more precisely negative synchronicity reinforcement

(25 May '14, 01:10) jaz

@jaz the dwarf dig to deep for what they desire. now the cave is caving in so it makes this sink hole. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywZ5uo_3Y_A

(25 May '14, 03:12) white tiger
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