Hey everyone, it's been a while since I posted here, but I've been struggling with something, and thought I'd ask the IQ community what they think.

I've been seriously studying and practising the LOA for 7-8 years now. I've managed to manifest most of my big desires and I'm quite in tune with where my vibration is at most of the time. I do have occasional "negative" manifestations, but they aren't usually unexpected - whenever something happens to me, I can usually tell which thoughts or beliefs led to the event happening.

Lately, something happened to me that was completely unexpected, very scary and borderline traumatic. No warning whatsoever, and I can't think of what I did to manifest an event to that degree (I did have some negativity going on just before, but nowhere near enough to manifest something this big - I think?!). It's left me with this fear and a distrust of the Universe. Previously, I had come to the point in my spirituality where I felt sure that everything happened for a reason, according to our vibration and lessons we needed to learn. Now, I fear that maybe there is randomness to the Universe, that there are some negative events that just happen, that we can't prevent or prepare for no matter how emotionally and spiritually healthy we are. This has led me to fear that the things and people I love might be taken away, or that bad things might happen out of the blue.

One of the things that has given me great comfort about my LOA-based spirituality is feeling some security in knowing that everything happens for a reason and that we can shape our reality, or at least understand why events happen by examining our thoughts and beliefs. I feel like the rug has been pulled out from under my feet, and ever since this event happened, fear and anxiety often lurks somewhere in my brain (and then of course, I fear that the fear and anxiety will lead to further manifestations). I haven't had my faith in LOA tested like this is many years.

I appreciate all and any input!

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There's only one occasion in my life that I can think of where something "unexpected" happened to the point where I was genuinely (unpleasantly) surprised at the physical manifestation.

Perhaps a bit like you are implying, I thought at the time that I had found an exception to the operations of Universal Law (Law of Attraction).

But after some months had elapsed and I was able to review the events with a more detached perspective, it became crystal clear that I had simply become accustomed to an uncomfortable vibrational setpoint and was "tolerating" it rather than cleaning it up.

I had grown used to wearing my leather shoes :) ...

However, with chronic resistance, it is sometimes possible to become so used to the resistance that you no longer recognize it is actually there. It is a bit like wearing a pair of new leather shoes before you have broken them in properly.

Even though they are just as painful at the end of the day than when you put them on at the start, you have grown so used to the pain that you no longer notice it until you take them off again.

Since Law of Attraction makes every vibrational setpoint "grow" where it is, that meant that, sooner or later, I was going to experience a physical manifestation to match my "aching feet" :) ...and that's exactly what happened.

It wasn't actually an exception to Law of Attraction's operations but a demonstration to myself that some chronic vibrational patterns of thought can be quite subtle and ingrained. It was the physical manifestation that finally made me conscious of them...so that turned out to be a "good" thing in the end :)

I suspect that if you revisit these painful events once you've gained a degree of emotional detachment from them, you'll discover which uncomfortable shoes you were wearing and it will restore your confidence/knowledge/faith in the operations of Universal Law.

Until then, yeah, you might feel a bit shaky on your feet for a while :)

EDIT - JAN 17, 2017

I realized that I haven't ranted and raved on Inward Quest for a while about the value of daily Vortex alignments so allow me to correct that here... :)


The easy way to avoid subtle and chronic bad-feeling vibrations ever creeping up on you in future is to do daily Vortex alignments.

Touching the Vortex consciously at least once a day re-sensitizes you to your emotions so that even the subtle resistance ends up becoming about as subtle as a grand piano falling on your head :)

alt text

It can sometimes take an "unexpected" or "shocking" incident to make you realize the true value of constantly reminding yourself of the benchmark of really feeling good...it did for me :)

As Abraham repeat endlessly, words (even ranted and raved ones) don't teach, only life experience teaches :)



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@Stingray Isn't it super tricky to 'clean up' something so subtle and ingrained?

(16 Jan '17, 17:54) Bluebell

@Bluebell - Do you find it "super tricky" to take off your uncomfortable shoes? :)

(17 Jan '17, 03:01) Stingray

@Stingray- A GOOD rant! And a necessary one...It's only taken me nearly a decade to figure out that that "daily alignment" is really important!

(17 Jan '17, 06:36) Jaianniah

Thanks @Stingray :) You are most likely right that I will look back at this months from now, and see how it fit in with my vibrational reality. It doesn't make sense to me now, because the "flavour" of the event (fear/powerlessness) doesn't fit the negativity I was feeling before (impatience and frustration at the worst). But it could be that there is something subtler and deeper that I'm not consciously aware of right now.

(17 Jan '17, 13:31) cassiopeia

You've inspired me with the daily Vortex alignments. It's easy to forget, and easy to let daily "vibrational alignment" become about the manifesting, and not the Vortex. So, I think it's time for me to go back to the basics of appreciation :)

(17 Jan '17, 13:32) cassiopeia

@cassiopeia - "easy to let daily "vibrational alignment" become about the manifesting, and not the Vortex" - Yes, there's a bit of a trap there that took me years to stop falling into :) Because there's no obvious immediate detriment to using external conditions to feel better (instead of pure back-to-basics alignment), it's soooo easy to gradually drift into an out-of-the-Vortex default stance as conditions change without realizing it. It can take a crisis sometimes to wake up again:)

(17 Jan '17, 17:12) Stingray

Oh, @Stingray - I risk being seen as obsessed and/or a serious admirer (and I'm not one to put people on pedestals) but - what would Inward Quest be without you and your awesome answers that contain so much wisdom and irony and make me laugh so hard? :) Thank you for being here.

(18 Jan '17, 04:49) spacemetalfantasy

@spacemetalfantasy - "Thank you for being here" - You're welcome, of course. I guess these days I hang around here somewhat to gawk at the fascinatingly creative ways people come up with to dispute the existence of Law of Attraction...reminds me of fishes trying to dispute the existence of water. Admittedly, I don't know that many talking fishes...and most of them are too busy anyway debating Sophistry and analyzing the metaphorical significance of James Joyce's Ulysses.

(18 Jan '17, 13:32) Stingray

@Stingray: "reminds me of fishes trying to dispute the existence of water." heh, one of my favorite jokes. Little fish to the guru fish: "What is this ocean you keep talking about?" :D

(18 Jan '17, 18:27) Delphine
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There are three types of thinking. Positive attraction that pulls positive events into our lives, negative thinking that pulls negative things into our lives and then flatlining, which is what most people do. When you flatline you aren't pulling positive or negative events to you, you are simply taking life as it is happening to you, instead of having life work for you. when we flatline we are leaving things up to chance. Think of it this way, you are on a canoe and if you nagivate it yourself you can steer it where you want to go and you will have a smoother ride and get to your destination faster, if you are flatlining, you are leaving the journey on the canoe up to where the current decides to take you, you will float into calm waters and sometimes into rough waters. It's possible you are taking control of your thoughts and have them in alignment with your feelings and followed by inspired action, but you also may be flatlining. When we flatline, the events in our lives are dictated by the mass consciousness of everything around us. Also pay attention to the root of your feelings, is it coming from a truly positive place or a negative place? When you trace your feelings back in that way, you start to see where they are really coming from. Impatience for example comes from a lack of belief or fear it will not come,so does forced or obsessive thinking. This is just an example of root feelings and their underlying cause. Pay attention to how you feel, that is the most important of all, because that is the subconscious mind and that is the part of our mind that the Universe connects to.


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Thank you @JLW-W - you've given me some food for thought. You are right that I may have been flatlining a bit, I was getting so caught up in wanting to manifest, that I had been neglecting the simpler arts of cultivating love and appreciation.

(17 Jan '17, 13:50) cassiopeia

It's an easy thing to do and with practice you will do just fine.

(17 Jan '17, 13:59) JLW-W

This has happened to me in the past. Like you, that time really tested my faith in LOA.

Broadly speaking, and without knowing any specifics, there are the following possibilities:


You tried to manifest something, and the universe is taking the path of least resistance to get you what you wanted. The path universe takes can often be traumatic. It's also possible that what you were trying manifest is better manifesting ability. So far you have done well when conditions were good. Now your inner being wants you to vibrationally deal with a period when the conditions are not so good.


Even though you are proficient in deliberately applying LOA, you have indulged in some negativity, by your own admission. When people who are habitually in a good-feeling place let themselves go a bit, they often get shaken up by some manifestation far worse than the mild negativity of their thoughts would justify. I have experienced this myself, and the only possible reason I can put forward for this is that your inner being is telling you to sit up and notice, and stop slacking.


You haven't elaborated, but has this occurred as a by-product of a manifestation? I.e. something you successfully manifested, and then you have concluded that what you have just manifested is actually a hand grenade with the pin off? If this is the case, then this is quite common, and it is only your interpretation of the thing rather than an actual, physically bad thing.


Finally, it is my opinion that LOA as practised and discussed on the Internet actually makes people weak, overconfident and unprepared for serious upheavals. In the past I have experienced this helplessness myself, as you are experiencing now. The biggest fear someone can experience is not that of death, but something much more existential - which is the loss of faith. Because we think nothing bad will ever happen to us if we think right, when something 'bad' does happen, it leaves us a) completely confused, and b) unprepared to deal with the situation, because we find ourselves at the bottom of the EGS once again - and we have to learn to get up the scale all over again.

As a further complication, most people (myself included) overestimate the quality of their own thoughts. That may also have played a part. In other words, what you may have thought of as a phase of mild negativity, may not actually have been so mild.

For times like this, you need a back-up plan. My fall-back position was to forget about LOA completely for a while and read up on and practise stoicism instead. This gave me a lot of relief, and once back up the EGS (around pessimism), I resumed my normal vibrational alignment practices.

Updated on Jan 19, 2017

@cassiopeia, Abraham tackled scenario A, in a recent seminar (Asheville, October 15, 2016). Someone had three houses burnt down before they could move to a really nice and large house. Abraham said this happens when resistance is high, but the desire is even higher. Something like this happened twice in my life. In both cases the situation resolved and the new reality emerged within a month or so. If your difficulty is lingering on for much longer than a month, then it may not be a case of 'A'.


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@cod2- What a great answer! YES!!! Sitting around, "yanking" on the "handle" of the "Universal Slot Machine" is not what Manifesting is at all about!

(17 Jan '17, 03:23) Jaianniah

@cod2, thank you, love this answer. It's good to hear others have had these experiences too. I think in my case it's either A or B. However as I said to Stingray, the "flavour" of the event was very different from that of the negativity I was experiencing before. So it could be A - the event was (kind of, with a bit of imagination) in the same general area as a big desire I am trying to manifest. Hopefully it will become clearer to me as I go along.

(17 Jan '17, 13:39) cassiopeia

I agree with everything you said in your conclusion too. Anyway, it's made me feel a lot better to hear from others who have been in the same situation, and to be reminded that I'm probably not seeing the situation as clearly as I think, and that more will become apparent as time passes, and as I get back into alignment. Good idea about the back-up plan!

(17 Jan '17, 13:40) cassiopeia

@cassiopeia, I keep a daily log of all my observations, realisations, challenges and setbacks, which helps me go back to any time in the past and get a feel of what my vibration was like at that time. I highly recommend it. That way you can quite easily come back to the current period, and work out what you were thinking in the run-up to the event, and what eventually happened.

(18 Jan '17, 03:03) cod2
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The answer to your question may be contained in how you asked the question....Let me show you:

"I fear that maybe there is randomness to the Universe, that there are some negative events that just happen, that we can't prevent or prepare for no matter how emotionally and spiritually healthy we are. This has led me to fear that the....."

I have always been one of few people on Inward Quest who has maintained a very different point of view from many people on the very subject that you you are addressing: There is randomness in the Universe...i.e. S**t Happens.... Even Forrest Gump knew this.

I cannot believe that all the people who are murdered, raped, injured in car accidents, etc. asked for these events to occur in their lives! Some may, in one way or another, but not ALL. I have been arguing this point from the first day I began my own "Inward Quest". But FEAR can bring on some pretty nasty stuff. If you do your part, many less "negative" manifestations will happen to you. But things do happen that we do not ask for! Who in their right mind would "ask" for an F4 tornado to happen to them? One hit our house when I was nine, in what came to be called "The Palm Sunday" tornado outbreak, which totally destroyed three homes right across the street from our own home, and did damage to ours on a lesser, but still scarier, level.

I refuse to hold to the belief that little babies in their cribs "attracted" Hurricane Katrina. For that matter, I refuse to believe that I did that. But I do drive a car, as do millions upon millions of other Americans, and the result is helping to raise the level of CO2 in the atmosphere. ALL OF HUMANITY TOGETHER HAS THE POWER TO SET THE TONE OF THE PLANET, FOR GOOD OR ILL.

And your fear will attract more of the same. Remember, once a great Man said, "Fear not; For Behold, I am with you!" This statement isn't just Christian. It is Everything! Whatever you call the Force of Good, it IS with you if you are Aligned with it.

Cass, go back and read some of your own (very good) answers to others here on IQ. This will help you to remember who you were before this "thing" happened to you. You did NOT DESERVE OR "ASK" for what happened to you. but you are making lemonade out of lemons, so to speak Your post is an answer to a prayer- an intent, if you will- that I have asked for myself and Inward Quest- to get back to what I used to be, and what I was capable of doing. When really bad things happen, it often fires people up to overcome the bad, and make things better. Katrina was a very bad event, but I saw such good come of that horrific storm. A newer, better, MUCH stronger bridge was built in place of the one that was destroyed between Ocean Springs and Biloxi. Perhaps you could help other people who have been through what you have been through.


I believe in you. But I am glad you came back to IQ. We need all the women we can get! (LOL!!!)



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Thanks @Jaianniah for the words and the encouragement :) I don't think that people ask for bad things to happen either. I've had some pretty bad things happen to me that I never deserved or asked for, but looking back, I can see how they fit into the vibration I was holding at the time (often a vibration I had inherited or picked up from others). My theory was that, like JLW-W said in her answer, that unless we are deliberate about our vibration, we get affected by mass consciousness...

(17 Jan '17, 14:03) cassiopeia

... and especially the consciousness of those around us, and that's when the Universe seems random. That to me, explains why children would go through horrible things, unless they are lucky enough to be taught these principles from the beginning. My experience made me doubt that though, since this experience was so out of the blue for me. But all these answers have taught me that I don't know the full story yet.

(17 Jan '17, 14:03) cassiopeia

And you're right that good often comes from adversity. So that is what I will focus on now, making lemonade :)

(17 Jan '17, 14:03) cassiopeia

Jaianniah, there is nothing random in the universe. It only seems that way from our limited perspective. This Seth quote is a classic. As Seth sez: Choose your side!

Seth: "Amid the mad scramble, you do make your own reality. I admit that this sounds too simple, but you will not be caught in an earthquake if you do not want to be; and no one dies who has not decided to do so.

You make your own reality, or you do not.

(18 Jan '17, 01:53) Delphine

(cont.) "And if you do not, then you are everywhere a victim, and the universe must be an accidental mechanism appearing with no reason. So that the miraculous picture you have seen of your body came accidentally into creation, and out of some cosmic accident attained its miraculous complexity. And that body was formed so beautifully for no reason except to be a victim.

(18 Jan '17, 01:54) Delphine


"This is the only other alternative to forming your own reality.

You cannot have a universe in between.

You have a universe formed with a reason, or a universe formed without a reason.

And in a universe of reason, there are no victims.

Everything has a reason, or nothing has a reason.

So, choose your side!"

Conversations With Seth, book two, appendix 4, page 233.

(18 Jan '17, 01:54) Delphine

@Dalphine- I do not "create" reality, God does. That is my personal belief... BUT-- I do choose from an early age which side, or alignment I will have with His reality. I understand that either Everything has a purpose, or it does not. The word "Universe" has come to replace the word "God" in all sorts of places. Perhaps Intelligent Design would be an "easier" and less threatening idea to face, but each person here has their own belief system.....

(18 Jan '17, 06:48) Jaianniah

-cont. I try very hard to leave each person here to his or her own belief system, for at the center of ALL is either a desire to do good or not; a desire to find what works for oneself. I have had experiences which can only be described as mystical, and I have felt Him and His Great Love in all. Did I see Mary when I was 24? I will not absolutely know until my death what is absolutely true. But I have left this forum before because I have had people try to persuade me from...

(18 Jan '17, 06:54) Jaianniah

-cont. what I believe. I do think that IQ is richer when ALL points of view are allowed to be put forth.... This is how it began, and I chose to come back because I believe that IQ is all the richer when we try to find common ground, rather than "persuade" someone from beliefs they hold dear. I do think that Free Will reigns; I do believe that all of us are all the better when we seek the Source of Goodness and Energy from which we were created. The idea of God just works for me; I love....

(18 Jan '17, 07:03) Jaianniah

-cont seeking His Will and trying to do better. Do I "make" my reality? Well, I certainly can either make my own life Heaven or Hell, that is for sure. I DO believe in alignment, and that good coming from good. But sometimes, bad things do happen to good people, and at what age do you assign responsibility for those bad things to their recipients? This is where the argument falls apart for me.

(18 Jan '17, 07:12) Jaianniah

Jaianniah, it is pertinent to remember that we create challenges for ourselves before reincarnating into our lives. Therefore, even the little baby will have chosen that challenging experience. btw, a pint-sized body does not equate to a pint-sized soul. There's no negotiations on ycyor. Seth said somewhere "if a brick falls on your head and you die it's your choice." No one dies that's not ready. As in there are no victims unless you choose to be one. Anyway, we do have this in common..

(18 Jan '17, 14:55) Delphine

(cont.)...I too believe in surrendering to God's will. "Not my will but Thine be done." This comes from absolute trust in my own Divine nature (I am God also). Oh, and I am totally willing to believe you saw Mary. Why not?

(18 Jan '17, 14:58) Delphine

Another quote I feel is apropos, from another of my favorite (non-channeled) sources, The Challenge of Fate by Thorwald Dethlefsen:

The analogy "as above so below" is applicable only if we are willing to recognize this universe in its entirety as a cosmos (Greek: kosmos = order). A cosmos, however, is governed by laws and there is no room for chance occurrence. Chance occurrence, being something unaccountable and random, would transform every cosmos into chaos.

(18 Jan '17, 18:49) Delphine

(cont.) Science also relies most of the time on the laws of nature, yet at the same time does not shy away from the concept of accident. If you drop a stone from a certain height it does not fall at random but in accordance with law. If this stone hits Mr X on the head, Mr X has not been hit at random by a stone, but also in accordance with law. Neither the fact that a stone falls on Mr X's head nor the time when this happens is accidental.

(18 Jan '17, 18:50) Delphine

(cont.) And in fact, no one is ever accidentally ill, nor accidentally hit by a car, nor accidentally born to poor or rich parents and so on. I repeat: there is no accident. Behind every event there is a law in operation. We may not always recognize the law at first sight, but this does not permit us to deny its existence. Stones fell even in the days when people had not yet discovered the law of gravity.

(18 Jan '17, 18:52) Delphine


It is ironic that those professional defenders of accident, statisticians, actually prove with methodical precision how untenable their concept of accident is. A statistician believes that when you throw a dice it will be pure accident whether it shows 3 or 5 or any other number. But if you throw the dice often enough, the sum total of all numbers yields a law-abiding graph, which we call average distribution. What a miraculous phenomenon!

(18 Jan '17, 18:53) Delphine

(cont.) The sum total of a series of individual random occurrences reveals a law-abiding structure.

When we build a computer it represents in itself a small cosmos: it is built according to laws and its functioning is dependent on the observance of such laws.

(18 Jan '17, 18:53) Delphine

(cont.) If we solder into its circuit a few transistors, condensers and resistors which are not in accordance with the laws governing the circuit design, then these built-in random elements will transform its entire cosmos into chaos and the computer will stop working properly. The same applies to our world. With the very first random even our world would cease to exist.

(18 Jan '17, 18:54) Delphine

Jaianniah@,you don't have to believe something only because other people or some entity says so. You believe whatever you want to believe and your reality will "act" accordingly - other people will believe something else and their reality will "act" accordingly. What is key here is that we may believe in whatever we want to and our own life will show the results of that belief. This is difficult for people to understand because people are convinced there is only one Truth or Reality.

(19 Jan '17, 10:06) VitoriaRegia

Jaianniah@ (cont.) There is not. There are as many truths and realities as people on Earth. Also, if there are parallel universes, there are as many truths and realities as people living on these parallel universes. I think it's our instinct to try and convince people that our reality is "the" Reality - because if we get enough co-creators we can build more of the reality we believe in. I have been reading your stuff and I sometimes relate to it a lot.

(19 Jan '17, 10:14) VitoriaRegia

Jaianniah@ (cont.) I feel - it may not be true, just my feeling - that you feel underappreciated sometimes. There will always be those who appreciate us and those who don't, those who agree with our views and those who don't. I think that it matters more to be true to ourselves and accept the consequences of Law of Attraction in action than to try to force some belief system through our throats. That said, I must say that I do believe in God, Creator, and also that we are a 100% responsible

(19 Jan '17, 10:21) VitoriaRegia

Jaianniah@ (cont.) for what happens to us. God must be a Busy Guy, creating universes, and He doesn't have the time to take care of all - and I suspect it's not His intention to do so. He created these laws and systems, like Law of Attraction, so that those universes take care of themselves. You see, this is my own idea, and I am presenting it here because some may profit from it. I don't care to prove it right or wrong and I don't care people won't believe as I do.

(19 Jan '17, 10:26) VitoriaRegia

Jaianniah@ (cont.) I only care about the fact that it makes sense to me, makes me feel better and in peace. I love God more than ever since I gave up the idea that "if God truly exists, we should be living in paradise and no bad things should ever happen". For me, the idea of God has nothing to do with whatever happens. Earthquakes happen and kill thousands - should I hate God because of that? I don't understand this reasoning anymore.

(19 Jan '17, 10:29) VitoriaRegia

Jaianniah@ (cont.) I hope you realize that you don't have to believe what other people believe and other people don't have to believe what you believe. Everybody will have their own results in their lives as a kind of evaluation of their own beliefs. We don't have to save others, they don't need to be saved. All we need is to get to know who we are and love ourselves the way we are and others the way they are.

(19 Jan '17, 10:35) VitoriaRegia

Jaianniah@ (cont.) I apprecite you and I hope you keep participating here on IQ. I would also invite you to read my questions and give your opinion on those. I would be very grateful :)

(19 Jan '17, 10:41) VitoriaRegia

Excellent points @VitoriaRegia and I agree. I especially resonate with: I love God more than ever since I gave up the idea that "if God truly exists, we should be living in paradise and no bad things should ever happen". For me, the idea of God has nothing to do with whatever happens. Earthquakes happen and kill thousands - should I hate God because of that? I don't understand this reasoning anymore. Exactly. We have to trust there is a bigger picture, and all is appropriate.

(19 Jan '17, 16:27) Delphine

Oh, and I appreciate you too @Jaianniah. Post on, please. I know I was a little aggressive in countering your beliefs here. But I know that ultimately no beliefs are "wrong." Whatever we choose to believe is right--for us!

(19 Jan '17, 16:45) Delphine

@Delphine, I totally agree with you on this: "We have to trust there is a bigger picture, and all is appropriate." This is a good answer for the question ;)

(20 Jan '17, 10:14) VitoriaRegia
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perhaps a construct of
manifestation believing
it happens all within one
human lifetime is the error


answered 17 Jan '17, 06:03

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""that" it happens..." I think would be better- from one poet to another...But, as usual, you say it well with as few words as possible!

(17 Jan '17, 06:40) Jaianniah

Thanks @Fred - who knows, maybe it was some past-life karma that brought this on...

(17 Jan '17, 14:05) cassiopeia

cassiopea, action sets into motion a return, perhaps there is other purpose we chose to be here now that was covered in reentry and not found yet. he does believe it is an inward quest

(17 Jan '17, 14:45) fred

@Fred, I don't like the word "error" and would prefer "misunderstanding", but... I like the idea that we should never give up our dreams, that we should even hope for them to manifest in the next life-time and keep preparing for that against all odds. All we need is patience :)

(20 Jan '17, 10:24) VitoriaRegia

Victotia, imagination prepares future possibilities, actions taken eliminate possibilities

(20 Jan '17, 14:42) fred
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From the stoic Seneca...

'You are unfortunate in my judgment, for you have never been unfortunate. You have passed through life with no antagonist to face you; no one will know what you were capable of, not even you yourself.' We do ourselves an immense favour when we consider adversity an opportunity to make this discovery - and, in the discovery, to enhance what we find there'


answered 16 Jan '17, 16:33

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I was going to post something along those lines. Great quote, thanks. In the Law of One channelings (Ra through Carla Rueckert), they speak of "catalyst", defined as: a stimulus for growth, something that presents a challenge and an opportunity to learn a lesson. I've experienced a lot of catalyst in recent months. I can see how it's stimulated my growth and learning of lessons.

(16 Jan '17, 18:04) Delphine

However, these days, I'm choosing to live in Easy World. ;)

(16 Jan '17, 20:56) Delphine

@Delphine Do you find that you can only see how it helped you to grow when you are looking back on the situation? I can never see any positives or feel like I am growing at all when I am going through something difficult. Only in hindsight.

(16 Jan '17, 21:55) Bluebell

@Bluebell, yes, I was able to discern how I was growing through the difficulties. In between meltdowns, I understood that I was being tested on my faith and trust in myself and the universe. I had been writing a lot of haikus like this one:

Forget "playing safe," accept safety's a given and set yourself free

Well it is one thing to toss that off, but when you encounter events that feel unsafe, rubber meets road :)

(17 Jan '17, 02:34) Delphine

I could also relate to what the caterpillar goes through in its cocoon: Cocoon time for me-- breakdown, pressure, it's awful... yet it's wonderful

Still learning acceptance, non-resistance, forgiveness, unconditional love. I've been tested big time.

Another term for this kind of experience is "chemicalization."

(17 Jan '17, 02:44) Delphine

@Delphine 'Well it is one thing to toss that off, but when you encounter events that feel unsafe, rubber meets road :)' this is exactly what I'm going through and you've given me a fresh & new perspective on it, thanks!

(17 Jan '17, 02:52) Bluebell

"Catalyst" and "chemicalization" are synonyms for the upheaval that can take place when you've been working with your understandings re the LOA etc. I'm sure cassiopeia (who began this thread) is experiencing it also. https://books.google.com/books?id=gTKrAQAAQBAJ&pg=PT47&lpg=PT47&dq=metaphysical+chemicalization&source=bl&ots=4sIULBWufp&sig=2e4S9N-XLbuycNDOxFp1I4h5P4o&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwixmJ3O1sjRAhVC3GMKHc7jAH4Q6AEIUjAJ#v=onepage&q=metaphysical%20chemicalization&f=false

(17 Jan '17, 02:54) Delphine

@Bluebell, glad we are on the same page with this, and glad I could give you a new perspective! :)

(17 Jan '17, 03:02) Delphine

Thanks @Bluebell and @Delphine. Yes sometimes we do need a catalyst. I've been wanting to level up spiritually for a while now. Hopefully I will be able to look back and see how this fit in with my journey (I'm sure I will, but it's often hard to imagine in the moment!)

(17 Jan '17, 13:53) cassiopeia

@Cassiopeia I hope so! I feel you got lots of good energy flowing on this thread, I hope you feel it too :)

(17 Jan '17, 15:15) Bluebell
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