My life is full of indecision and procrastination, I am experiencing a harsh reality with my life crumbling all around. I don't want to go into detail as I do not think I can type any words that express emotions anywhere close to those I feel. I am truly lost, in every meaning of the word. I have no evidence that show's me anything is real anymore. If you think I am depressed you are mistaken, for I have the burning desire and the immeasurable will to live/understand/succeed.

My question is; I have been saving money to act upon inspiration, but it has occurred to me that the things I would like in my reality and working towards manifesting ( saving money to travel to a teacher ) should come into my life from me following my highest joy ( being with my friends and family ) Why should I work a horrible job to be able to travel halfway around the world by myself and live away for a few years just to learn something that I could be learning already in my own epic house from a teacher perfectly suited to me who I have befriended surrounded by friends, family and experiences that I so badly crave to have, if I was already manifesting the life I deserve. But that is not the life I have manifested for myself and I would like to know why it isn't and how do I make it? do I just carry on killing myself or is it possible for me to follow my higher joy? which most of the time I don't even know what is.

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Make no mistake lastplacefavourite, the life you are living full of indecision and procrastination, is the life that you have manifested ... that is what your highest joy is bringing to you ... we all follow the principle of pleasure, so, ask yourself, what pleasure does this way of living bring to you?

(25 Jan '13, 13:14) blubird two

It brings me no pleasure at all hence why I am complaining and struggling to find a solution, The only thing I can think of following your train of thought is that I somehow enjoy the situations I have manifested which isn't true as I find it painfully frustrating being a victim of these circumstances. Thank you for your reply blubird two.

(25 Jan '13, 13:33) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite The simple answer is yes, it is possible. If it is not pleasing you, try this instead: . I'm interested to know why you want to "travel to a teacher". What is it that you want to learn?

(25 Jan '13, 15:35) flowsurfer

Thank you for your reply @flowsurfer, I would like to learn QiGong mainly but as well as Shaolin Gung Fu from a Shaolin monk as I do not believe anyone other than one is qualified to be teaching the training. Could you please give me an overview of the video posted as I do not have a spare hour at the moment, although I will check it out as soon as possible. Cheers.

(25 Jan '13, 15:53) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite Is there any particular reason you want to learn this or is it just because you think it's cool? Here is the overview: You are free to have whatever you want in this world but to do so you must fertilize the state by entering it with your imagination. Not observing it but actually entering it. Once fertilized, it will germinate and be born in due time. What we call reality is created by imagination.

(25 Jan '13, 17:18) flowsurfer

@lastplacefavourite While I would never judge any desire as more or less valuable, I think you might find what you are really looking for in these things by studying this material: . I only mention it because you say you want to learn from a master in the comfort of your own home. This is not a Shaolin monk but it is my impression that everyone that performs incredible physical feats anywhere, uses these exact same principles and all else is just cultural baggage.

(25 Jan '13, 18:00) flowsurfer

@lastplacefavourite I gave you that first link because in that lecture, it deals with doing this for the sake of going somewhere. It also talks about conditioning your desires so you don't "sell your soul to the devil" so to speak but get what you want in a way that is acceptable to you.

(25 Jan '13, 18:44) flowsurfer

@last placefavourite - yes i know how you feel ... from your question i get the impression of a tangled heap of emotions and of course in this situation it is difficult to see clearly, when i say say this must bring something positive back to you, i mean it is a compromised pleasure, the best possible given the situation :)

(26 Jan '13, 05:49) blubird two

@flowsurfer yes I have always been drawn to chinese culture and these subjects fascinate me so it isn't just the main principles I'm after, when I said in my own home I didn't mean it quite so literally I just meant without having to stay in china maybe being taught by a travelling monk. Thank you I will definitely be watching the link.

(26 Jan '13, 08:27) lastplacefavourite
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I highly recommend that you read the book Acres of Diamonds.

It is about a framer that thought the grass was greener elsewhere. It wasn't.

Another book I highly recommend you read is The Alchemist.

This is an adventure out around the world looking for enlightenment. You'll never guess where he finds it after all that travel and searching.


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@Wade Casaldi - The Alchemist is a great book. Don't know that I would have "got it" ten years ago, but the perspective is a poignant one now...

(25 Jan '13, 20:33) lozenge123

@Wade Casaldi Thank you for your answer, I have wanted to read the alchemist for some time now and I am glad you mentioned it. I understand that enlightenment is to be found within and I look forward to advancing more spiritually. This question was more about a life choice, what road to the same result.

(26 Jan '13, 08:42) lastplacefavourite

@Wade and @lozenge- would you mind spilling the story quickly of The Alchemist? Curious, and now it has my attention but I am in a cycle where I am quite limited for time and wouldn't be able to read the book in the near future.

(26 Jan '13, 11:42) Nikulas

@Nikulas it is a very good book. It tells the classic story of a boy searching for answers wherever he goes.

This story has been told over and over again all through history in one way or another. It is even found buried in the Tarot if you look at the cards in order.

A good movie with this story is The Circle of Iron (The Silent Flute)

The answer is revealed in Alice in Wonderland, "Wherever you go, there you are."

(26 Jan '13, 13:44) Wade Casaldi
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Why should I work a horrible job to be able to travel halfway around the world by myself and live away for a few years just to learn something that I could be learning already in my own epic house from a teacher perfectly suited to me who I have befriended surrounded by friends, family and experiences that I so badly crave to have

That is the question I would ask you. Why do you think things have to happen that way? Your view of your reality is that things can only happen this way, and then when they're happening that way, you're upset that they are. Allow yourself to identify what you truly want and be open to any way that it can happen beyond what your ego can perceive.

Usually, being with loved ones is not actually your highest excitement. It does bring you joy, but what ACTION can you take that excites you? If you do not enjoy the job you have, choose something more exciting (without doubt and negativity). Abundance does not have to come from money, and money does not have to come from a job that is not favorable. If you see no other way around travelling away from your loved ones, think about what good could come from it. Would you spend time away from your loved ones if you knew it meant you would land the job of your dreams or meet the love of your life?

None of these are supposed to be answers to your challenge, but hopefully it will reflect that there are other ways to look at things. You are only seeing things from one perspective, while others are available should you choose to look at things from a different angle.


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Thanks for your reply. This is what I do not understand; I do not believe that things have to happen that way, I fully understand that everything is one and one is all and I truly deserve whatever I desire and because of this I fully expect that it will manifest in any number of ways from the least likely possibilities and from places I cannot realise due to the limitations of perspective from my physical self, so why is the opposite still manifesting? what lack am I putting energy into?

(25 Jan '13, 14:20) lastplacefavourite

I would love to choose a job that is more exciting, unfortunatly I cannot think of a job that is attractive to me that I am able to do without spending years learning something. Which is not an option. your right being with loved ones isn't my highest excitement my highest excitement would be to live a self sufficient lifestyle within a community of loved ones providing for each other freely, sharing and caring, learning and exploring.

(25 Jan '13, 14:27) lastplacefavourite

Which is impossible seeing as the world is so far gone in the opposite direction everything is against me doing this, there is no land that isn't owned, all land has law, it is impossible to be fully out of the system that we have created for ourselves because we were too weak to admit we have the power to govern our own lives.

(25 Jan '13, 14:32) lastplacefavourite

It is impractical to believe that none of it effects me and that I can objectively observe it from my reality because that comes crashing down when I get arrested for living in a forest and deemed insane. Believe me I would not want the material things I desire if it wasn't a route to achieving my dream, If I had the money I could buy my own island governed by its own law.

(25 Jan '13, 14:32) lastplacefavourite

There are communities that do just that , my daughter is moving to one in Costa Rica and there are associated ones worlwide . The minimal cost of permanent accommadtion to purchase there is about $1500 , in a pay it back lifestyle, so you see it isn't impossible :-)

(25 Jan '13, 18:16) Starlight

@lastplacefavourite What you describe sounds illogical to me. I don't say this to judge, I am merely saying you are using words without thinking about their actual meaning, so you are describing a contradiction. For example, it seems to me you want people to provide for you without asking for anything specific in return; this is what the structure of modern capitalism is meant to do, and does. People share, care, learn, explore, provide for each other, etc, in the world we already live in.

(25 Jan '13, 20:22) flowsurfer

@lastplacefavourite As @flowsurfer said, this is not judgment, but read through the things you posted, and you can see many negative beliefs that you are absolutely sure of. "I would love to choose a job that is more exciting, unfortunatly I cannot think of a job that is attractive to me that I am able to do without spending years learning something" Right there, you're placing restrictions on how things can happen, as if to say "I can't think of any present that I would like to receive that

(26 Jan '13, 05:41) Symbiotx

doesn't fit into this box! "my highest excitement would be to live a self sufficient lifestyle within a community of loved ones providing for each other freely, sharing and caring, learning and exploring." Not only are you saying that you don't believe a harmonious community is possible, but you actually say that it is impossible given the circumstances of the world. "If I had the money I could buy my own island governed by its own law." Everything that I'm reading from you is about

(26 Jan '13, 05:44) Symbiotx

circumstances. If things were like this, then I could do what I want. Things are not like this, so I can't do what I want. If I had this, then I could do this. I don't have that, so I can't do that. You see, you're limiting your reality. You are manifesting perfectly that things are impossible. Circumstances DON'T matter! Only state of being matters. Stop looking at the world as if what you want is out of reach because of how far away you are. Appreciate what IS at arms reach, and

(26 Jan '13, 05:47) Symbiotx

it will lead you to what you want, or something even better. And as another note, I still don't think you're identifying your highest joy. Yes, being around loved ones is wonderful, but what would you DO that most excites you. If you had all the money and love you could ask for, what would you do. Sure you might hang out for a month or two, but what are you truly passionate about DOING? If you act upon your highest excitement without judgment or expectation, it will lead you.

(26 Jan '13, 05:49) Symbiotx

@Symbiotx Thank you for your thoughts, Today looking at this again I can clearly see I was far from my vortex and writing out of frustration. My answers as you have pointed out were in my question all along and I can see clearly what thinking I must change to start manifesting the correct state of being. This is after all what I was asking for help with and it has highlighted problem areas. I wonder how you can change easily these negative restrictions I place on things.

(26 Jan '13, 08:34) lastplacefavourite

@flowsurfer I understand your perspective of why it is illogical but that is because I haven't gone into full details of anything. I have been thinking for a while now of a new system where everyone has what they need already available to them and everything else would be trade. Far from receiving something for nothing or anything in particular.

(26 Jan '13, 08:39) lastplacefavourite

@starlight I understand there are such communities and I have looked into a few of them, unfortunately they are still governed by the country they reside in and thus affected by the state of affairs of the world around it.

(26 Jan '13, 08:46) lastplacefavourite

@Symbiotx I would build this community and then no one would need a monetary system, it is not my greatest passion but everything I speak of as an ambition is part of my pathway to my true passion, my highest joy. If I had everything and was just hanging out, I would take some natural hallucinogen's and create art and music, pondering ideas and theories, inventing new machines and technology, experimenting with reality. Maintain high fitness levels, increase intelligence, explore spirituality.

(26 Jan '13, 09:11) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite I heard of a guy who goes on DMT trips and paints his visions. I imagine he sells those paintings for a living. You spoke of living in a forest. So what exactly is this everything you want to have? There are people who live on almost nothing and save 90% of what they earn. They then retire early and do whatever they want with their lives without money worries. I doubt what you want is to live in a communist society because they suck.

(26 Jan '13, 10:50) flowsurfer

Not quite communist, something new, that works. Everything else is just things, it would be nice to have but I dont need it. I would love to sell art to get to where I want to be but I wouldn't be able to due to my actual skill level.

(26 Jan '13, 11:06) lastplacefavourite

My dream job would be a Drum and Bass DJ/Producer, lots of travel, lots of raving, lights, music, lasers, smoke machines, glowsticks and people from all over coming together to let go. I am not very good though so that is unlikely to happen without a few more years practise, one of the reasons travelling to learn annoys me is because I have to leave my decks behind.

(26 Jan '13, 11:07) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite You sound very double-minded. On the one hand you want to live in a Shaolin monastery to learn indian martial arts and chinese spirituality. On the other you want to be an international western-style partier (probably not an official word but you get my meaning). Do you want to sell art "to get to where you want to be" or do you want to sell art? Who exactly is the person you want to be? Do you know?

(26 Jan '13, 11:52) flowsurfer

@lastplacefavourite "Everything else is just things, it would be nice to have but I dont need it." What else? You didn't describe anything. Do you want food? What kind of food? How much? How easily? Do you want clothes? Housing? Electronics?

(26 Jan '13, 11:55) flowsurfer

It seems I have confused you with a lot of different information about myself, I'll have a go at sorting it out. I want to learn the shaolin style kung fu for fitness and so that if I ever need to fight for protection I can, qigong is for maintaining health and controlling the energy that flows through our bodies. I would love to play and make music for people to party to, as it is one of my loves.

(26 Jan '13, 12:03) lastplacefavourite

I would like to not have a job and just be able to live, growing my own food (raw foods), build my own house, help others do the same. I understand I can't just jump to that from nothing though, so I am learning things on the way that will shape me to the me that I want to be when I get there. Clothes can be made of hemp and for someone to show me how to make them I'll help them build a house next to mine!

(26 Jan '13, 12:09) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite The other day there was a painter on TV. He was actually not a painter (supposedly) but a channeler. He channeled famous painters and would paint in about five minutes. It sounds to me that you are looking for wisdom in the past. Shaolin kung fu masters as far as I can tell are not more fit or skilled at combat than an MMA fighter or a Marine. Qigong is simply the cultivation of imaginative focus. There is nothing you will learn in the east that you cannot learn at home.

(26 Jan '13, 12:18) flowsurfer

Yes electronics is where it starts to get complicated, I would still want to include electronics, we have advanced technology to that point it would be dumb not to use it. But energy would have to be free, so it means building a free energy system like Nikola Tesla. If a scientist wanted to help me with that I would be their assistant for as long as they deemed appropriate in return for the technology, of course they would get there own house as well and the community starts to build.

(26 Jan '13, 12:23) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite Farming is not as easy as it sounds. That is the whole reason people have jobs; because it's easier to work for food than to grow it. Building a house is very tough too, even if you are buying a lot of supplies (do you know how to make a nail?). There is also clothing I imagine you want to wear, and probably some kind of ceramic objects to manage the food. Do you really think you would have time to learn kung fu, practice qigong and play music if you have to do all that?

(26 Jan '13, 12:24) flowsurfer

@lastplacefavourite None of what I say is to discourage you from what you actually want, it's just to clarify it. A certain degree of wealth is probably closer to what you want than building some kind of utopian tribal society.

(26 Jan '13, 12:27) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer I understand that I can learn in other ways but I have chosen the ways that I would like to from my interests over the years. An MMA fighter has learned to fight and trained his fitness, Shaolin monks do so to divert energy and train there body's like they do their minds. There is almost no kung fu in MMA because they all got destroyed by the kick boxing and grappling/takedowns. Farming is easy, you can feed a family from an allotment.

(26 Jan '13, 12:43) lastplacefavourite

Building a house is a challenge but still accessible especially with all the different techniques you can use to build eco houses now. Personally I would prefer more plain clothing, and ceramics can be replaced with wood if there is no clay available. How do I learn to channel the greatest DJ's ? I understand a Utopia would not be easy, but you did ask me what would be my highest joy.

(26 Jan '13, 12:46) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite Even if you had free electricity, you still need electronic equipment, which is not at all easy to manufacture if you are living in a forest. If farming is easy, why don't you do it? I think you need to understand better how modern society functions and how the structure of capitalism and free trade allows for all that we have, not only on a technological level, but on a level of logistics. Consider the possibility that the society you want is the society you already have.

(26 Jan '13, 12:56) flowsurfer

You would have time to do all those things and more once your already set up and running, farming just needs to be maintained taking up maybe 6 hours of your day. Surely it isn't easier to work for money to then buy food, I would just cut out two middle men, your boss and the supermarket and just plant some crops and fruit trees. Hemp can be grown and used for so much as well it is as if it was put here for us to live in harmony with.

(26 Jan '13, 12:56) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite 6 hours of your day is for all intents and purposes a regular job, except you only get food in return, not all the other things you can buy with a job, like electronic equipment. Food is cheap; even where I live, which is a third world country, I could buy more and better food with the lowest level of job available than I could ever make on my own; and the food is available 24/7 in an amazing variety.

(26 Jan '13, 13:02) flowsurfer

Sorry I didn't mean just in a forest when I said that yesterday, I was just giving the example that I can't just say I'm going to leave this society and create my new one and walk out my house to somewhere better. Electronic equipment and the means to manufacture it has already been invented, It just needs a lot of stuff doing to it to make it more sustainable. I'm not saying there isn't holes and flaws, But if great minds of the world came together to work them out it is all possible.

(26 Jan '13, 13:04) lastplacefavourite

Most of my vegetables do come from our family allotment when the british weather provides, we grow herbs for seasoning on window sills. If I had land I would have fruit trees and bigger crops.

(26 Jan '13, 13:06) lastplacefavourite

"Consider the possibility that the society you want is the society you already have." This is true, the wrong people are just in control, leading us to do everything for the wrong reasons and in the worst ways.

(26 Jan '13, 13:09) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite Great minds of the world already came together to work out the flaws. The result was the modern society we know. There is a technology developed to create electronic equipment but it is complex and requires a wide web of logistics and capital investment. You can't just go "to the forest" and build an iPhone. It requires mines in the Congo, power plants in China, shipyards in Europe, farms in Brazil, all tied together by common interest. Try and see your ideals in the world.

(26 Jan '13, 13:15) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer Sorry I just dont see why you need any more than you can eat or an amazing variety of food, I'd be happy eating a bowl of slush that contains all the essential vitamins and nutrients. Besides how does that food get to you? by air? by lorry? polluting the environment with poisonous gasses.

(26 Jan '13, 13:18) lastplacefavourite

I'm trying to say the world could work without anyone having to buy anything, Say I wanted some new decks. I find the people that make them and find out what they would want in return for some, I then go off and find whatever that was if I do not already have it or can't offer it as a service to them. They want a chunk of clear quartz crystal for the direct drive mechanism's I go find someone who mines it and help them transport it in return for a chunk more than big enough to cover the cost.

(26 Jan '13, 13:22) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite The middleman exists for a reason which you hinted at in your comment, "when the british weather provides"; it makes sure there is food available at all times, not just "when the british weather provides". You don't need any more than you can eat, you can choose exactly how much food you want when you want it. You can do the slush thing if you want, there is nothing stopping you. Polution? So you don't just want this for yourself, you want to impose it on the whole world?

(26 Jan '13, 13:23) flowsurfer

@lastplacefavourite What do you have against money? Seriously, why do you hate it so much? Why do you find barter preferable? Money is one of the most liberating inventions of man.

(26 Jan '13, 13:31) flowsurfer

When the weather doesn't provide the storage units you have filled with food in the summer will. Ah yes I forgot most people don't care about our planet, of course I want to impose it on the world if not everything will keep going on as it is getting worse and worse until the earth gets pissed off enough to kill all humans off and start fresh. I want To live and survive long enough for our species to evolve again.

(26 Jan '13, 13:32) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite That is what supermarkets are, storage units that you can go into and get what you need, without having to worry about things like refrigeration, security, pests, etc. Money is just a "points" system that keeps track of how much of the contents in the supermarket are yours as opposed to someone else's. If you want to impose this on the world, I'm sorry but I'll have to oppose you because I don't want to live in your world.

(26 Jan '13, 13:39) flowsurfer

Do you understand how money actually works? how it is all numbers now, any actual money ran out long ago. It is all a system of increasing debt benefiting the elite family's.

(26 Jan '13, 13:41) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite Trust me, I know how money works. What conspiracy theorists don't understand is that the manipulation of the monetary system is just a more efficient way for Caesar to enslave you. Without it, Caesar would still enslave you, life just wouldn't be quite so nice. The way out of this is to understand Paul's teaching; the King is given his power by God and we should not resist him because God is within us and to do so is to fight with ourselves. Paul conquered the two Romes.

(26 Jan '13, 13:48) flowsurfer

Don't be sorry for opposing me @flowsurfer after all that is the duality of life itself. Ok so find a way of making the "points" system work so that it benefits everyone not the top 1%, I'm not saying my way is the one and only right way nor am I saying any of these ideas are complete. You asked and made points, I was just trying to explain how I may have reasoned an idea.

(26 Jan '13, 13:48) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite As far as I can see, it already does. What do you think should be different?

(26 Jan '13, 13:55) flowsurfer

@lastplacefavourite Right, I understand your explanations. I'm just trying to point out how they may be on one level contradictory and on another not really what you want. You are refusing to see what you want in the world around you, even though it is there. You can probably have what you want in this world; and are using the idea of another type of world, in which you could NOT have what you want (going from rave to rave) as an excuse not to. Are you going to carry your storage units with you?

(26 Jan '13, 14:02) flowsurfer

@lastplacefavourite Money gives you the opportunity to focus on "your highest joy" instead of having to spend 6 hours farming, another 6 hours getting other stuff, and then the other 12 sleeping in an exhausted state and then never working with music because you have to kill the pests destroying your crops. Money makes life simple and easy. Start loving it. Do you love farming as such? Then do it on a larger scale instead of working at your regular job. Do you love building houses? Do that.

(26 Jan '13, 14:05) flowsurfer

I can only speak for what I see, the monetary system as it stands is not beneficial for everyone.lucky to have a job as they are rare for people in my age group in my area. I work for minimum wage barely enough for me to run my car (which I need for work) just enough to buy my clothes and with some spare for perishables. The rent for any properties in my area is more than I earn a month before all of the additional taxes and costs. Everything is overpriced and you get taxed any time money moves.

(26 Jan '13, 14:07) lastplacefavourite

I would be better off if I claimed benefits, got a random girl pregnant and sold stolen scrap.

(26 Jan '13, 14:11) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite I completely understand what you are saying but it's not the fault of the monetary system, at all.

(26 Jan '13, 14:12) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer Help me get some money then please! I would love to use the world how it is to my advantage but I cannot as I am stuck in a cycle of debt, cannot manifest a wage big enough to help, can't win the lottery, can't think of an ingenious way of making money. I realise all these cant's are not helping but neither is any of the techniques I try to apply for LOA. I assume you mean it is my fault if not the monetary system, could you explain how?

(26 Jan '13, 14:17) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite Minimum wage jobs are meant as starter jobs, they are just so you have some independence. The equivalent in the old days was working for your parents; which is why it doesn't include enough for renting your own place. You have a car, that is more than most people in the world have. I don't have a car. If I want to go somewhere I need to walk or use a collective transportation system, or get a ride from someone. Do you really need the car (since you say it eats up your wage)?

(26 Jan '13, 14:19) flowsurfer

My car was bought for me so that I could get this job. If I sold it I would lose the job and then be back to square one, seeing as there is no other jobs in my area I would have to drive to a new job so I can't really get rid of the car. All the jobs I am skilled for are minimum wage, I didn't get the best grades and after school I went to college to get a certificate no employer cares about.

(26 Jan '13, 14:26) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite I am not saying it is your fault, though on one level, it might be. Speaking on a purely rational level, it is the fault of nature, not the monetary system. The monetary system is just an elaborate way to organize barter. So I ask again, do you really want to engage in farming? In construction? If you could barter those activities away, would you? Which activities would you want to barter them away for?

(26 Jan '13, 14:32) flowsurfer

@lastplacefavourite By the way, the only one I know who speaks of "following your highest joy" is Bashar. I don't like Bashar but maybe you don't understand what he means. He means follow the course of action that excites you the most at any particular moment, not as an end objective. If that is taking a shower, take a shower. If that is going to work, go to work. If that is sleep, sleep. Bashar is strict on the "don't expect anything" idea.

(26 Jan '13, 14:36) flowsurfer

@lastplacefavourite I don't know much about britain, but is there no public transportation linking your home to your work?

(26 Jan '13, 14:41) flowsurfer

Engaging in those would be necessary but I would want to and would enjoy doing it. I would build a house with someone so they could teach me a new skill, for example making hemp into fabric. I would turn someone's soil while they showed me how to make a bow for hunting. I would clean someones house if they were to lend me some tools.

(26 Jan '13, 14:42) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite Doesn't the thought that you just need to make more money feel better than the thought that you have to change the entire world?

(26 Jan '13, 14:43) flowsurfer

It is an easier thought, but am I just supposed to sit back and be swallowed up in all that I see wrong in the world or can I put my mind together with others and do something about it before we all get tracking devices implanted in our skin? Is it wrong to have ideals? There is public transport but it is cheaper for me personally to drive. Like I said everything is overpriced.

(26 Jan '13, 14:51) lastplacefavourite

You can get paid to do all those things, in proportion to the availability of people who are willing and able relative to the need for them to be done. You can also hire teachers and borrow tools. The monetary system doesn't prevent you from doing those things, it just makes them far more efficient. So what prevents you from farming for a living, or cleaning houses for a living, or building houses for a living?

(26 Jan '13, 14:52) flowsurfer

Oh yes I do understand that is what bashar means, I have just taken to using it to describe the situation I would be content in. Quite confusing for everyone else I now realise.

(26 Jan '13, 14:54) lastplacefavourite

Did you just say it is cheaper to drive? That is odd. Why do people use public transportation? Have you considered permanent emigration, not just to learn Kung Fu but to actually find a new home?

(26 Jan '13, 14:57) flowsurfer

The government stops me from doing that as it is illegal for me to just set up shop somewhere as everywhere is owned. The monetary system stops me from doing that as I cannot earn enough to own the land and start doing it. I'm not qualified for any of these jobs or can afford to achieve the qualifications. I could probably get a cleaning job but it would pay less than my current one.

(26 Jan '13, 15:00) lastplacefavourite

You are not in charge of saving the world. Let that burden go.

(26 Jan '13, 15:01) flowsurfer

Unless you plan on killing off most of the earth's population, you can't get away from the fact that the entire world is claimed by someone and most of those claims can be enforced. I'm sure you wouldn't want other people setting up shop in your land.

(26 Jan '13, 15:08) flowsurfer

In terms of how to make money, the only suggestion I can give is to study this book: One thing I know for sure: dreaming of communism does not bring wealth.

(26 Jan '13, 15:11) flowsurfer

who is going to save us? maybe everyone just needs to pick up their little bit of burden, yes it is cheaper for me to drive but that is because I am already driving, because my car and tests and learning were paid for me. Petrol is cheaper than a bus ticket. For everyone that doesn't drive and uses public transportation often I am sure that they can get a deal for a season ticket but that still breaks even with my spending. it costs me £4.50 to do a £6.50 bus journey. My car is very economical.

(26 Jan '13, 15:12) lastplacefavourite

I wouldn't want communism, I dont see how I am being communist? thank you for the link to the book.

(26 Jan '13, 15:17) lastplacefavourite

It sounds like you can pay for a round-trip with 90 minutes of work a day. How many hours do you work per day? You said it could barely keep your car running, that doesn't seem to be anywhere near the case.

(26 Jan '13, 15:21) flowsurfer

That was an example of a bus journey to the closest city. I drive as my job not just to and from.

(26 Jan '13, 15:23) lastplacefavourite

What you describe is the exact, literal description of communism.

(26 Jan '13, 15:25) flowsurfer

I was under the impression that communism still had a dictator. Surely its different if its enforced or just an available option for bailing us out of the mess we are in.

(26 Jan '13, 15:26) lastplacefavourite

See, you are confusing me now. Okay, so you drive AS your job. And you have to pay for your own fuel? What exactly is your job? Sounds like a pretty bad job. Are there not better minimum wage jobs?

(26 Jan '13, 15:27) flowsurfer

Communism is the ideal used to sustain socialism. A dictator promises to create communism through socialism because supposedly you cannot go to communism from capitalism because capitalism is like a cancer that sustains itself, it is natural and has to be destroyed through socialism. The path you are walking on is the path of socialism except you don't yet understand where it leads.

(26 Jan '13, 15:33) flowsurfer

Delivery, I get some fuel expenses. But due to town driving bringing more wear I have to replace tyres and broken parts regularly. I also have some bad luck for driving over nails. I'm sure there are better jobs but like I said I am not qualified. The reason I am still in this job is because I get tips. Like I mentioned earlier my wage covers my car as well as other things, also it is staggered over different months. I dont have to buy clothes all the time nor do I have to repair the car.

(26 Jan '13, 15:34) lastplacefavourite

so what are the bad points to communism? I do not have something against democracy by the way, just the way that it is abused.

(26 Jan '13, 15:36) lastplacefavourite

You tell me. There is nothing stopping you from creating a communist society, except the fact people don't want to live in one.

(26 Jan '13, 15:43) flowsurfer

I want to understand why people prefer to live in a society where they are treated like rubbish? its like an abusive relationship where a wife gets beaten but they dont want to leave the man because they are in love with them.

(26 Jan '13, 15:50) lastplacefavourite

Go to the amazon. Many of the natives live under communism. Their communities are "self-governed"; which means they can bury children alive because they think they have an evil spirit without being worried about the police sending them to jail or outsiders coming in to save them.

(26 Jan '13, 15:58) flowsurfer

But that wouldn't happen in the west, We have already advanced past superstitions like that. Help would be provided for an 'evil spirit' rather than killing the individual. More and more of the amazon is being destroyed by the west every day, soon those natives wont even have a home.

(26 Jan '13, 16:10) lastplacefavourite

Read the book and apply its advice.

(26 Jan '13, 16:47) flowsurfer

The amazon isn't being destroyed "by the west", it is being converted to more productive use by people who, like you, are searching for free/cheap land. Even then it is not really happening like that.

(26 Jan '13, 17:48) flowsurfer
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Some say that you must cleanse and purify and ask for the mysteries of the Holy Spirit to show you the wonders above any earthly realm. A Joy found that way will be your highest Joy.


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