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I recently got promoted to Nursing Supervisor. This is a temporary position as our Supervisor is on maternity leave. This position is also slotted for 2 Nurses and I have been doing it alone, rather well! I have a lot on my plate and I do know that I am very good at attention to detail and am an asset to my company in this position. I KNOW this to be true!

Two of the nurses under me, (one of which has more education than I) have been giving me grief and spreading rumors since I got the temporary promotion. I got along well with both of them until the promotion. It is obvious by their actions that they are jealous and angry that they were not asked to step into this position.

Most days I deal with it well enough, it is wearing on me however. My desire is to go to work, do the job to the best of my ability, make a difference and go home to family at the end of the day. Lately I feel fed up with their constant criticism, childish behavior and rumors. Today send me over the edge, they fabricated more rumors and went to my boss with them. My boss, knowing what kind of work I do told me about this. She is also aware of the constant verbal negativity I deal with daily from these two individuals. The quality of my work has not been questioned by my superiors, it's those under me that are starting the drama. Grow up, do your job and go home. I am a firm believer in Karma, (a balancing of experiences is my personal interpretation) I really would appreciate some insight as to what I can do to make the most of this opportunity I have been given and cut through the negativity.


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As hard as it can be to hear, especially when it can seem so clear in your own mind that "it's them doing it to me", there must be something within you that is a vibrational match to this behavior from your co-workers, otherwise it couldn't happen.

Or, at the very least, if you weren't a vibrational match then you simply wouldn't notice it at all and it wouldn't impact your life in any way, which is the equivalent of it not happening.

So my strategy would be to opt for some self-reflection to identify what it is within you that is attracting this behavior from them and vibrationally clean that up.

Once you've done that and are emitting a different vibrational frequency, your reality will naturally condense differently around you to reflect the vibrational change and this won't be an issue any more.

See How to change my vibration and remain strong despite co-workers bullying and hating me? for information on the process.


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When u fall into that drama, u will only manifest more of it, i know it is easier said than done. What I would do is understand they are only doing this because they are afraid they will not get it. They struggle for power when they don't realize the true power is not in the promotion. So stay calm, love them, accept them, and let your performance be the voice that gets what u need. Remember if u do NOT get it, it wasn't meant to be now. Hope it helps.

love n light



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<3 Tysm I am grateful for the experience right now. The rest will come out in the wash! I will say this, my challenges as of late have led me back to my quest for higher spirituality. Everything for a reason...right! :)

(29 Aug '12, 21:17) J3nUwin
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