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Please share some stories about your visualization and how it manifested. The Law of Attraction is intriguing; it is always fun to read about other peoples' successes.

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Jack Brown

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Yes, it can be fun to read about other peoples' successes however don't forget that the Law of Attraction operates in your life every single moment of every single day so every waking moment in your (or anyone else's life) is also a success story.

  • If you're driving to work and another driver cuts you up in traffic, then shouts, swears and rants at you as he passes...that's a Law of Attraction success story.

  • If you are on the verge of financial bankruptcy and today you are spending your last dollar on a hamburger and, as you are about to bite into it, it slips out of your hand and falls to the floor...that's a Law of Attraction success story.

  • If your children return home from school and blame you for the bad day they have had...that's a Law of Attraction success story.

  • If you are walking down the street, get distracted for a moment and then trip over a piece of street garbage and break your leg...that's a Law of Attraction success story.

Okay, I'll stop there - I'm sure you get the idea...and the hamburger one is actually a true story for me :)

The point I'm making is that there can be a tendency for people to think they are just living their lives from day to day with random things happening to them...and then every so often they can focus in some way and the Law of Attraction manifests something amazing.

But if you look around in any moment in any day of your own, you'll see a perfect correspondence between what has happened to you and how you were feeling about it when it happened.

Sometimes they are things you wanted to happen to you, sometimes they are things you would have preferred happened differently.

But there are no exceptions you feel and what you get is always a perfect match. that's intriguing to me :)


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I absolutely agree with your answer Stingray, we are playing the premier role in our own law of attraction series! I enjoyed the way you posed this answer.

(02 Mar '12, 20:46) eclectic1

@Stingray- This is a great answer. For anyone that thinks they are Not Manifesting please read. You are manifesting perfectly. :)

(30 Oct '12, 13:33) Satori

My visualization and how it manifested? Well, we moved into our newly-renovated house.I waited to feel how it should be furnished. Then, one night, I got the feeling of the style and type of furniture it required. I sat there and started visualizing it piece by piece in its designated place. As I did this, I literally felt as though there was something being drawn out of my head and I kept on concentrating on the visualisation (my eyes were open) as if the pieces were already there. A day later, it started happening. My husband, whom I hadn't mentioned anything to, had gone and bought the furniture I visualized!

Thank you, namaste


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Sweet!! (nice points, me 1107, you 1710)

(12 Nov '10, 19:01) jim 10

I was away this weekend with a youth group (as a leader). We had an activity, then we were going to overnight in a school gym . We had a packing list of things to bring.Which I shared with all the members of our local group among them was a cup to have a warm beverage in the morning ..
Well guess who forgot their cup? With the dim prospect of not being able to have my morning coffee.. I thought well I will have a cup of coffee in the morning. One way or another I will get a cup
After a restful nights sleep on a concrete floor (sarcasm). The lights are turned on and about 20 feet away from me,under a volley ball net that's hung on the wall is a blue ceramic coffee cup. Appearing all most grail like to me.alt text
I had my cup of coffee and was tempted almost to take it home with as my new favorite coffee mug but i decided to leave it so the next person that needed to manifest a mug would find it.
So to quote A-H

When you understand the Laws, then you understand that it is not more difficult to create a castle than it is a button. They are equal. It is not more difficult to create $10 million than $100,000. It is the same application of the same Law to two different intentions.

--- Abraham

So take those little manifestations that appear and know it's simple and it works!


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@ursixx - Love this story. The idea of no coffee or tea in the morning is very scary.... ;)

(29 Jan '14, 09:55) Grace

Here's one of my stories. I started seriously thinking and focusing on wealth and abundance in 2008. I mean everything I could listen too, read, and discuss about wealth I did. Unfortunately my wife wasn't on the same page and seemingly unrelated arguments and fights occured. We have been married for 13 years by 2008. In 2009 we seperated and I moved out. I continued to image wealth, happiness and abundance in my life. I even wrote a paragraph on "what being rich means to me."

I was content with my job and had no intention of looking for different work. AND, I continued thinking about happiness and abundance. In 2010 I was at a meeting with my boss and a couple of collegues. My boss was trying to get ahold of a past employee to let him know about a position that was available at another company. I happen to know someone that probably knew how to find him. My boss asked me to find out if I could. Right there at the meeting, I called someone I thought would know how to contact this past employee. As I was on the phone, my boss mentioned that everyone at the meeting was more than qualified for this position at the other company. Then my boss asked, casually "are any of you interested?" It was like my hand moved on it's own and raised in the air. He asked "are you serious?" I knodded my head in enthusiasm up and down, because I was still on the phone.

Well, I'm happy to say, I interviewed for the position, was given an offer, I accepted and have now been promoted, make more money, and I'm happy. I continue to this day to image what being wealthy looks like to me. I am now a member at a winery where I can invite up to 6 people to go wine tasting with me. That is part of my image, to be around like minded people and host get-togethers with these people. The winery is a great atmosphere that I enjoy bringing friends to.

Well that's one story that is positive, and it continues. I have negative attractions also, put no one needs to hear those.


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I wrote down on paper and put in a manifest box about getting a promotion and in the location I wanted it to be. (2 months ago)

I got the promotion yesterday to the place I wanted.

This is just the beginning!

No such thing as luck just love.



answered 12 Nov '10, 18:14

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jim 10

Way to go Michael! Congratulation!

(12 Nov '10, 18:48) daniele

I shifted a storm away the other day! Yes, it is not much, but that's the part that amazes me most of the LOA. The small things.

If you really want to remove a cloud from your life, you do not make a big production out of it, you just relax and remove it from your thinking. That's all there is to it.
Richard Bach.

The thing is, I had to speak with a friend I have abroad via Skype, and I don't go online during thunderstorms because once a lightbolt burned my modem, and was close to burne my pc as well, so I stay away from the computer during thunderstorms.

But I wished to speak with this friend so badly, or else I should have to have waited to the following week...Two hours before my call, the storm started.

I said: "Look, I am going to take a nap. You have two hours to shift from here to somewhere else! Please and Thank you!"

When it was time for my call it was sunny!!!



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I like playing with the weather too. It can be surprisingly responsive to your thoughts

(18 Nov '10, 15:05) Stingray

Well, I didn't know that! But I felt like a powerful sorceress afterwards! :)

(18 Nov '10, 15:14) BridgetJones09

the next time winter came, shortly after I started playing around with this stuff, I would always think of beautiful weather. Sunny days with a slight breeze, slight rain with a refreshing, crisp feel... that winter we did not have one snow storm or very many snowy days at all. The temperature bounced from 30 to 60 degrees farenheit every other day. Very unusual for my town, haha :)

(28 Feb '12, 19:46) LapisLazuli

@Stingray- how do you shift the weather? Please explain

(03 Mar '12, 03:10) Nikulas

@Nikulas - These days I would just make an instant request (If we want to manifest things faster should we start small to build up confidence?) but in the past I've tried things like focusing on clouds and making them vanish. Why not ask this as a new question? Weather is very responsive to human thought and I'm sure others have their own methods.

(03 Mar '12, 05:15) Stingray
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I believe that I've been doing this sort of thing for a while now without realizing it or knowing what it was. My friend has told me that I have a very powerful ability to manifest things, and she tells me of times when she manifests as well.

My success stories are small ones, since before I've never tried to manifest consciously.

  • I remember before I started to drive, the car I really wanted was a black jeep grand cherokee laredo. When my parents bought me my first car, guess what it was? The exact make and model of the car I wanted and I had never really talked to anyone about it. It was used but I had that car until a few years ago. :)
  • A lot of times I would say "I wish we would have <insert some="" food="" here=""> tonight, I'm suddenly really craving it." And it would happen. It would usually be something we wouldn't normally have, and I never really told anyone about it.
  • Several times I'd think of something I'd need or want and I'd get it within a day or few. It will just happen to find me. My parents or whoever will say "I saw this and I was thinking of you" sort of situations.
  • I think the weirdest manifesting situation that I've ever experienced was when I was a child. I really really wanted this purple sparkling My Little Pony. Her name I think was Sparkler and she was see through with dark purple hair and glitter in her body. My mom would never really buy me things I wanted just because I wanted them. All my toys were usually used. I think I remember bugging them about this particular pony for a while but even if they were going to get it for me, it would have been a birthday present or for Christmas.

I used to dig around in our couch looking for loose change or weird things that fell under the cushions. I'd even shove my hand into the tightest recesses of our couch. Well, one particular day, which was probably the weekend, I just so happened to be shoving my hand around in the couch again (I guess I was a weird kid? lol) and I felt something stuck far into the back. I thought this is weird. I reached in and got a hold of it and pulled it out. Guess what it was? It was THAT pony. I still to this day have NO idea how it got into the couch. My parents didn't know because I don't remember them ever telling me that it was some sort of prank. I doubt it was because it was a mail-order only version with a special mark on the cheek. This was completely out of the blue.

Nothing has ever happened to me like that again as far as I know. Regular stuff manifesting happens all the time, usually from some flippant statement made by me either by myself or offhandedly to my husband. Even he's amazed at some of the stuff that makes it way to me.

I have a 100% belief in the power of manifesting and that it works.


answered 30 Oct '12, 10:59

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I dug around in couches when I was a kid too. Found lots of goodies. I also used to look under and behind vending machines for money.

(30 Oct '12, 11:47) Fairy Princess

@Halcyon The small manifestation stories are just as meaningful as the perceived "big ones." Just try and learn to appreciate them as much as you can and nothing will be held from you. By the way, manifesting the Jeep doesn't sound like a small manifestation to me when talking about physical objects.

(30 Oct '12, 12:20) Cory

@Fairy Princess That made me laugh! @Cory Oh, I didn't mean that the manifestations themselves are small, but the stories are! Sorry about the confusion. Each time a manifestation happens, it's always amazing to me, big or small. :)

(30 Oct '12, 12:33) Halcyon

@Halcyon I understand. Thanks for the clarification.

(30 Oct '12, 13:18) Cory
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As Stingray has rightly pointed out above, everything that happens to you everyday is a Law of Attraction success story.

However, I would like to expand on deliberate use of Law of Attraction techniques in relation to particular issues in our lives. The major turning point in my life several years ago was when, through the use of a combination of "EFT" and the "Focus Wheel" methods, I was able to cure a health issue that I had which I thought was incurable.

My health problem helped me really internalise the fact that everything that happens to me is in relation to my dominant state of being. But what it also helped me realise is that it does not matter what has happened or what my reality looks like at the moment, I always have the power to change my reality at any point in life.


answered 31 Oct '12, 06:54

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Pink Diamond

Mr.Brown,This may or may not fit neatly into your question,but I will offer to give you something to think about,sense there seems to be so few responses to your question,which frankly amazes me. Two years ago we had a severe hailstorm in my area and soon thereafter I noticed a number of new roof constructions taking place. I took a not to careful look and not find what I judged to be anything more than normal wear and tear.Some time later a friend who is in the construction industry asked that he take a look at my roof as he had replaced several roofs in my neigborhood. I declined as I had already concluded no damage.More time went buy and once again he asked that he be allowed to check out my possable damage Once again I declined I actualy believed that many of the roof replacements were the result of people taking unfair advantage of the ins.companys.More time went by .How hard can ones head be? Finally what I consider intuition kicked in and told me to do what I should have done in the first place,so I called and told him to check it out which he did and found that there was considerable damage not only to my roof but to my sideing and awning over my front porch as well.The damage estimate was $12738.It was submited and when the adjuster checked it out he took pictures to prove it,and said he agreed completely with my contractor.Had I not finally listened to my higher self all this damage would have fallen on me The insurance co.approved my claim.I am slowly but surely learning to seek devine guidence when I find myself unsure of what I feel is the proper course of action to take.If I may offer anything of value it would be this.Lean not to your own understanding,which is too often tainted by false programing,but ACT in faith.Believe, trust that guidence will come and it will from a sourse that we may not be too familiar with,and never will be until we put it to the test.I hope this long and drawn out message encourages you to make the necessary effort to find the power that Truth reveals.What do you have to loose,other than doubt,confusion and frustration.-----Your friend and fellow traveler on this fantastic journy called life.---Don


answered 03 Sep '10, 19:35

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Don V

You speak from the heart, nice story! In the late seventies, and early eighties, before the book “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction was published and stirred up interest, many people talked about good luck coming to them, their special guardian angel, their fairy godmother and her magic wand, and their genie on a carpet. Today we talk about vibration match, energy, vortex etc; but it is all good, all things shall pass away, all things shall become new. Although the LOA is not new: it a part of all of us, who we are, since we all attract what we want.

(04 Sep '10, 00:09) Inactive User ♦♦

Interesting story. I actually thought your story was going to turn out that you discovered the contractor had visualised the bad weather so that he could guarantee plenty of work for the coming months... maybe he did!

(01 Mar '12, 08:03) Vibrationsrus

I've been studying conscious creation for 10 years, however it's only in the past couple of years that things really took off for me and I started working on deeply buried issues that were preventing me from finding happiness. Here are my biggest successes:

  • I always wanted to be self-employed. Last year I was made redundant from my lousy job and decided to set up my own business selling jewellery with healing properties. It's been a great success, especially considering my business is so young. I have a flexible schedule, I attract amazing customers, and I truly enjoy "work" (except for me it's not work, it's more a lifestyle than anything else)
  • A few months ago I started visualising being on Oprah talking about my business, just for fun. A little while later, I was contacted and asked to do a live interview on an internet tv station. It went well, and I got lots of new customers :)
  • I wanted to find a studio to work in but I couldn't afford it. Suddenly my mother agreed to pay the first 6 months of rent on a studio. I found the perfect place for a good price, only 15 minutes' walk from home.
  • For the past few years, my love life has been miserable, but things have turned around (especially as I worked with self-love and feelings of worthiness), and I am now dating my dream guy. The relationship is only a few months old, but I know that my love life is just going to get better and better (whether we stay together or split up). We are long-distance, but because my work is flexible I can go visit him for 5-6 days, once a month.

Those are the big ones.

Writing this down felt good :) Feels good to acknowledge that all that hard work had results. For those of you out there still struggling with manifestation, don't give up. If you keep trying, you will get there eventually. Find a coach to work with if you can. Also, unless you're generally a happy person, just a few minutes of visualising each day may not cut it. LOA is about changing the entire way you think. It's about hard-wiring yourself to instinctively be optimistic and appreciative, even if something apparently negative happens to you. If you're as pessimistic as I was, this will take some time and patience. It's also about developing true self-worth and self-love, and dealing with any underlying issues that are blocking you from receiving your desires.

I don't have it all figured out. I still have some major goals to work on, particularly financial ones, but I am truly enjoying the journey, whereas only a year ago I often felt like giving up.


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The four examples given above before the responses are nothing short of ridiculous. They are certainly not "success" stories -- although they certainly can have happened. The hamburger story, for example, is a story of disaster and it would only be a success story if it turned out subsequently the bankruptcy wasn't needed. Bankruptcy is long-term financial ruin, and no personal beliefs can change that.


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Ana 1

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