I've read a number of old and new books about the subject of talking to the subconscious as our ally that can make anything happen (I believe subconscious and Universe are tightly linked). Of course it's very easy to demonstrate that it works, by simple exercises like asking it to tell us the name of that long lost schoolmate and the answer will pop up in an unexpected moment, soon afterwards.

What I would like to know is if anybody here has any "protocol" that works consistently, as I'm a bit confused. I can get what I want for small things (like the above example), but I'm always uncertain when asking for help on major matters.

Some authors claim that you have to be extremely exact in what you ask, while others tell you to be very casual not to impede flexibility. Some say you have to talk to it kindly as to a friend, others say you must give very firm orders, and others still instruct you to pretend you already have what you need. Some say to give specific dates, others that you have to talk like it's the present, and others like it's in the past. And the stark contrasts continue...

Can anybody share?

Thanks a lot

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Something in my "gut" tells me that a lot of the subconscious is more easily accessed by the right brain (or left brain if you are left-handed). I used to do complex chemistry problems, and would always get stuck on one, or maybe two. I would try to picture the problem as if it were written on a chalkboard, and than ask my "subconscious" to give me the answer when I woke up the next morning. (I used to stay up really late doing those chemistry problems...no calculators, only slide rules...gosh, that ages me!). In the morning, I would take another look at the problem, and, sure enough, I would see where I had gone wrong, and be able to solve the problem.

This "protocol" works for me all the time. I do not have any trouble now, asking my right brain directly for answers, but I must leave the problem alone, and do or think about something else for a while. Like a charm, the answer will pop into my head.

Lately, I have been playing a lot of Sudoku. When I get stuck, I immediately stop the game, and do something else. When I come back to the puzzle, nine times out of ten, I "see" what I missed, and can easily finish the puzzle.

As for serious programming of the subconscious, I find a combination of this AND meditation works well. I ask my right brain to help me, and then I meditate on the change or whatever I need or want to accomplish. So, if I wanted to exercise more, I ask my right brain for help, and than meditate upon the "new" behavior I am asking for. I try to do this at least a whole week or two, every day in a row. Like magic, I find myself "wanting" to do the thing that I have asked of myself.

The Corpus Callosum is the part of the brain that connects both sides of the brain, so in doing what I have described, I am really asking for messages to be passed to my whole brain, and that must, by logic, include my subconscious.

Try this. It works for me!

Great question, BTW!


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A Depiction of How the Corpus Callosum Works

alt text


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Very good answer, I would have said something very similar.

(30 Jan '14, 22:01) Wade Casaldi
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