For example, breathing. Most of the day it is a subconscious effect. However, if I direct my attention to it I can hold it.

Another example, my eye lids. They blink without me doing anything, yet I can stop them and keep them open (for a while, but what I am saying is that I can control them consciously also).

A bad example would be my heart beat, I can not stop it with my thought (at least not most people).

Anyways, doesn't have to pertain to the body....

asked 02 Dec '10, 19:33

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Your thought is subconsciously powered, yet you can control it consciously with little effort!

Thoughts are things, and ideas created in the thoughts first, before manifestation!


answered 04 Dec '10, 01:55

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  • Your breathing.

  • Anything that you have developed into a habit.


answered 02 Dec '10, 22:48

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Everything can be consciously controlled with little effort.


answered 05 Dec '10, 11:12

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