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I've learned that one of the best ways to manifest is to have complete and total belief in your desire being in your life, in that it is yours, and having the feeling of having it now regardless of what anything around you looks like. That feels awesome, fulfilling, calm... basically all of those good things we're after anyway, and that's the whole point.

My question today is, what are some favorite or tried-and-true ways to get to that point?

I have a particular manifestation in my box of many desires that I seem to have some blocks and resistances to, and I although there have been some spectacular moments of clarity, of feeling like having it, of being certain of it, there are times when the opposite still happens. So it looks like with this particular desire, I'm still not buying it completely. I get stuck here and there when it comes to having total belief in it and -knowing- beyond a doubt that it's mine and exists already. Even though I absolutely believe this is how things work, that they exist as soon as we ask, and have total faith in several other desires, this one just doesn't quite have the same ease. Maybe it's attachment, maybe it's limiting beliefs. All I know is that I would love to feel the same confidence, ease, and joy about it! It's the one I love the most and care about the most, so while that might be part of the problem, it's also motivating to work out these issues with it.

I don't seem to believe that it's already mine, so sometimes I have fears and doubts about whether it will be, about what might go wrong or how things might not work out. I still hold on to the idea that it's possible it won't manifest. Basically the total opposite of trust and how I want to feel. I know what I want, I know how I want to feel, and I want to have total belief and trust in it. For the moment it feels a little like struggling to climb a fence. I know I can do it, but I keep getting a little snagged on the way over!

Does anyone have any favorite methods to get yourself in that total belief mode? Is the vortex enough? Are there any excellent tips for living as if you already have it or visualization that really make you feel like your desire is absolutely, beyond the slightest doubt, 100% yours and existing and happening? How do you build total belief and faith in your manifestations?

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Yes. Read Stingray's "Flat Earth Experiment" for a method. Totally brainwash yourself with intent. Watch a lot of hypnosis and NLP videos for help, or check out some of Derren Brown's content.

(14 Aug '18, 22:26) Nikulas

'easy button', no time taken
to evolve, when that desired
differs from higher self's,
a genie for every whim

be careful

(29 Aug '18, 21:04) fred
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Hmmm let me provide you with my limited understanding of reality creation. A word of caution: I am far less skilled than other and very valued colleagues here on IQ.

So, from my experience, you can't obtain total belief in your desire, you just cant't. At least not while trying to force it rationally. There can always be little doubt creeping in the back of your mind. I came to the conclusion that only beliefs people totally believe in are those adopted from an early age. Children are like sponges - absorbing everything and making it the part of what they are. They don't question the information that comes to them. It is pretty darn difficult to change beliefs that stem from an early age. Few examples of beliefs: gravity, belief in science and everything scientists say, that you need to drink water to stop hiccups,...etc..these actually highly depend on ones upbringing. I mean, you don't question gravity. Gravity just is, but surely you can question the coming of that beatiful red sports car you want. That is again, because of ones upbringing and experience one accumulated in their lifetime. Adults rationalize, analyze and doubt. Children don't doubt, they believe.

Hmm I have always wondered how would the life path of an child that was from the begining taught the principles of reality creation look like..

Anyhow, closest state to full believing would be the Vortex state. But I wouldn't categorize it as a belief per se. The Vortex state is more like a feeling of general wellbeing. So it is emotional.

My advice: Try feeling more. Stop concerning yourself with believing. Beliefs are tricky buggers. Feel your desires, like, feel the emotion that they evoke in you while thinking about them. Example: red sports car - appreciate its beauty, its craftsmanship, its agility... You'll start feeling good about your desires and because of that they will come. And plus, you will feel good. Win-win.

Good luck


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I like your advice. Thanks! Trying to force beliefs and wrestle with them to change or talk myself out of one and into another doesn't feel good, fun, easy... it's really just creating resistance around the desire, isn't it? So the advice to just let them be and feel good about what I want is a relief. It's a lot more fun and good feeling, and that's the whole idea. If we're able to feel good and not let any negative beliefs affect our happiness around the desire, maybe we start to trust more.

(14 Aug '18, 17:42) hybridmoonlight

hi, i think Marin's answer is perfect. i just want to add to it.

a week ago i did a meditation and repeted the words "i'm free" and variation of it. and during this deep meditation i came to the knowing that if im free, that i can be free not only just to do anything i want or to say anything i want, but to also feel anything i want. if im feeling good or bad or miserable, loved, protected,lonely, victimized....so thats just how i'm feeling now, and im not going to stop that streem of feeling just because of my knowledge of the LOA. NO. im gonna let my self fully experience the now - me with the now feeling because im free to be ME. the next day ,something went wrong and i had an outburst of crying which included telling how poor and unlucky i always am infront of someone close, and i believed with all my heart i was unlucky, and that even the one i opened up infront of didnt liked me. i just felt free to feel and put it out. it was like i was a little child again...only than i felt free in this way and really didnt care what will be the next response or event. complaining and crying for the sake of expressing cause i felt like expressing them. and a day after that - a menifestation i've been waiting for more than 10 years trying to think positivly only happened. i didnt wanted it at first. i had a little doubt that it will fail, but after two hours i said "ok" and this was the most wonderful week EVER!!!!!

so im not saying that this is THE way but that was the chain of events. because it wasn't really a WAY, i didn't try to do anything, it just happend. i hope it shines a different light on the LOA because for me it did and made me understand it differently, more clearly.


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For me, I like to associate my desire with positive feelings. Doesnt necessarily mean that I have to think positive powerful thoughts about it. I just focus on the feelings, like EASE My desire feels like EASE feels like FUN feels like easy to get.

I soothe and talk myself into it or I write down some good feeling words and focus on those words and my desires. So my desires gets associated with those positive feelings.


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honestly I just pray for it/about it... and if it's meant to happen, I will start seeing signs... that makes it a bit easier to believe.

The comments on here already are tremendously helpful. Marin's response blew my mind lol


answered 23 Sep '18, 23:01

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