My life has turned upside down the last few years with me pursuing my Ascension. I have witnessed body changes and internal energy upgrades and now instead of concentrating on just 7 Chakras, I now have connecting Chakras going way below me and way above me and connecting Chakras on each side of me all with their own distinct colors. I have even seen my main Chakras change colors on a few occasions. Recently I did a complete Healing Chakra Awakening session to release all stuff I may have been still hanging on to in each of the main Chakras and for the 1st time ever ... I feel soooo Free and so much lighter then I have ever felt and now when I meditate and open my Chakras, the perimeter of my Energy Field is at least 10X bigger then it ever was and on some days the perimeter is so much bigger.

I sometimes exchange Energies with my girlfriend until we become One, sitting in front of each other (like experiencing Tantric Sex without touching one another) and I had to learn how to control it because sometimes she says my Energy can be a little overwhelming. I can't share what I can do with this new found Energy as it is a family oriented site and me being me, well let's just say .... I just have to explore every single possible scenario with my new found skills lol, but I am sure you get the idea. hehehe. I know ... My bad!!! lol

Anyways back to the topic at hand .... my cousin was laid out in bed for at least 2 weeks and didn't want anyone around as he could barely move and was in a lot of pain. He went to the hospital by ambulance and they simply gave him some meds and sent him back home but the meds they gave him only masked the pain temporarily. I finally convinced him to let me stop by and see if I could do an Energy Healing session with him and sure enough it worked but it took me almost 10 minutes to completely Heal him. Strange thing is ... a few days before going to his place, I woke up with an abscessed tooth and the pain was sooo Intense. So I put my left hand near the infected area and did my thang and within a few minutes the abscess was completely healed with absolutely no pain or swelling whatsoever (but I do have to get that tooth filled eventually). I did stop after the 1st minute or so because I didn't think the Healing was working until I noticed the swelling had decreased almost in half so I continued self-healing until it was completely Healed. I even tried fixing the infected tooth so I don't have to go and see the Dentist but that didn't work lol. I even healed my girlfriends sister who had pulled her hamstring while working out and within 30 seconds I was able to Heal her completely.

I guess what I wanted to know is ... How can I strengthen my skills even further so that my Healing skills doesn't vary everytime I try to use it? Sometimes it creates doubts within my mind and I sometimes catch myself questioning my abilities. When I doubt myself I noticed sometimes I can make matters worst instead of better for those who are looking for Healings and it terrifies me. There are days when I just want to help the Doctors and Nurses who are on the front line with this war on the covid-19 virus but with my luck I'll probably get escorted out of the Hospital by Security or worst yet locked up for being a crazy person lol. I don't really know what I am doing when I Heal others or myself. All I know I hate seeing People suffering in pain and if I can help to relieve some of their pains then I try my best by sharing lots of Love and Light into the affected area. The colors of the Light varies according to the type of Healing needed and the Healings are always permanent.

I feel really foolish sharing this with all of you and I know many probably don't believe in what I have shared here or on any other questions I have posted here but I am really really trying to understand All that I Am ... All that I Am capable of doing. I am really trying to Awaken. This Spiritual Journey has changed me in so many ways and I have been through a lot of weird experiences and many wonderful experiences and I do find it so exciting, challenging, and fun learning new things about Who I Really Am but at times it can be very frustrating ... and sometimes I feel so Alone, like I am the Outsider looking In and when I show People some of my abilities it scares them and I feel even more alienated. Like who in their right mind would ever believe half of the things I have shared with you all here on InwardQuest so far. I fight with myself everytime I want to share something here because to me it all sounds so surreal at times. Oh well ... I guess that is part of the Spiritual Journey for most of us who are looking to Awaken. I know in time I will receive all of the answers to my questions but sometimes I lose patience with the Spiritual Realm as I find it takes too long to receive some of the answers in which I seek.

Anyways ... I apologize for writing another long post. I guess I have the gift of the gab sometimes lol. I am just simply looking for answers so that I can be the most complete person that I can be ... no matter how ridiculous it may sound to some. All of Our Spiritual Journeys are Unique and Different and together We can help Each Other to make this World a better place to live in. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Peace, Love n Light.

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I really think no one on this forum can help you. At least not in this setting (online). You should really go out into the world and find a yogi, a master or anyone advanced enough you can "train" with, if that is something you wish to do.

(12 Apr '20, 14:44) Marin
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Hi @Moonbeam

It's clear to me you're already a strong healer, the question is rather why do your skills vary when you pratice ?

You speak of being bad, questioning your abilities, things getting worse and it terrifies you, that maybe you'll be locked up for being crazy ... feelings of foolishness, people not believing you, frustration and feeling alone

Search no further my friend, All these thoughts are installing doubts in your mind, as the great poet Shakespeare said "our doubts are traitors, they make us fail"... Our heavy flesh bodies live inside a spiritulized energy envelope (aura) a sort of electro-magnetic envelope that surrounds and interpenetrates it and it's through this "etheric body" that the physical body is vitalized and kept in good working order. The etheric body also communicates with the earth's magnetic field and is itself vitalized and controlled by thought.
Thoughts affect perception and therefore how we perceive reality. The aura is the most sensitive part of us and is very responsive to energies in the environment and especially directed thoughts. It's also very receptive to our own thoughts, so we can receive info from outside as well as from inside our own body and mind When you change thoughts you change feelings and also get rid of the triggers that set off those feelings in the first place. It's all to do with being aware of what you're feeling and learning how to control it all by mastering your thoughts

And here's a graoh you may find usefull. It's d├ęsigned to strengthen sensitivity and clairvoyance


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Thanks Jaz for this inspiring video. I guess I can be my own worst enemy at times with negative thoughts or when I doubt my healing abilities. I truly luv his daily affirmations which is inspiring me to create my own or even use his. I guess I worry too much about what others think which may be the primary reason as to why my healing abilities varies from one day to another. Also I am looking into Biorhythms to help me understand more about my own personal energy patterns.

(31 May '20, 09:32) Moonbeam

I do truly appreciate the research and efforts you put into answering all questions. That alone is truly inspiring. So Thank You Jaz.

Peace, Love n Light

(31 May '20, 09:34) Moonbeam

I just did a recent hip and lower back healing for a friend at his request and the healing was very successful but after a few days of him feeling great and back to normal physically he actually shared some resentment and disappointment with me for healing him because now he is in danger of losing his disability pension and now has to change his whole life. Sometimes I just can't win no matter how hard I try to help others. It's funny how life is these days. Damn if you do .. Damn if you don't.

(31 May '20, 09:52) Moonbeam
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