Allow me to explain ...

In my early twenties before the internet was introduced I came across an individual who was as spiritual as it gets. At first I did everything possible to ignore him as I truly had no interest in his belief system whatsoever. To me it was all rubbish and just a waste of valuable time.

One day through his persistence I gave him the benefit of the doubt by allowing him to introduce me to a form of meditation. He spoke in SANSKRIT and chanted this one phrase repeatedly for what seemed like an eternity when in fact if was merely a matter of minutes. As we sat there at the kitchen table I felt like something was trying to leave my body through the top of my head and I did everything at first struggling to keep it inside of myself as I didn't know what was going on. Eventually I just let go and went with it. The next thing I knew I was looking down at both of our physical bodies sitting in the chairs. It was my first experience with ASTRAL PROJECTION. I really enjoyed astral travelling and played with it for almost 10 years travelling everywhere on this planet I mean everywhere from monasteries to government facilities and so on until I started travelling way beyond our planetary system onto spacecrafts, space stations, explored other planets and then I even traveled way beyond the 3rd dimension where I met some really cool individuals and technological advancements well beyond human comprehension.

But I stopped projecting 20 years ago because there were times when I didn't want to come back to my body anymore. I met and fell in love with a beautiful female scientist/explorer from the planet Bavvi and she like many other alien beings were able to see me and touch me and converse with me. Whereas other alien beings weren't even aware of my presence.

During that time period I also learnt how to transform negative energy into positive energy by using THE VIOLET FLAME. I was taught how to use color variances within the VIOLET color spectrum from eliminating PAIN to wiping out KARMA. I also did a citywide experiment for two weeks to test the effects and power of the violet flame on the city which totally astounded me but left me feeling guilty and so I stopped using it because I felt like I was controlling peoples free will. Years later a kind and wise Native from a nearby reserve explained to me that I wasn't controlling peoples free will but that i was merely offering the people a different and more positive choice that they weren't aware of because of all the negativity in this world.

I was also taught all kinds of wonderful things which would take pages to explain and which had not been written at that time including new philosophies and teachings and so many many other really cool things as some would call gifts but they were simply new awarenesses nothing more as I believe anyone can do these things and then some.

Then one day they wanted me to take everything that I had learnt and to teach it to others. Well they showed me all kinds of visions throughout that whole time period of things to come if I continued to walk that path. Until one day I saw the final vision where I saw myself giving two world speeches and I saw myself getting shot by an individual in a dark suit at a concert hall of sort where I was delivering the second speech. They did reassure me in that vision that the world within a 10 year span would be living according to my or should I say their teachings if I would have stayed on the path...

Now things just got real and was getting a little out of hand and I quickly put a halt to my so called spiritual journey as all that I could see ... was that vision ... and that bullet coming for me ...

So I just stopped it all and walked away from everything. I managed to shut it all down once again and convinced myself that everything went against my belief system and so I went back to being an atheist. All that I could see was that bullet ...

Now it has been 20 years or so since that final vision and I accidentally reawakened while listening to the TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS a few years back. And sure enough things started happening like the golden cross on the moon, the invisible wings thingy, the healing orange ball of light and a few other things but none of the gifts of my past so far.

But I do catch myself as others do slipping in and out trying to hold on for dear life to my silly atheist attitude as a defensive mechanism or as a large shield everytime something spiritual happens to me until recently when Januaryfeelings opened my eyes and shared some profound words of advice and wisdom which even now brings tears to my eyes because of all the foolish sufferings I had to endure during my lifetime especially within last 20 years where I gradually lost everything including my own identity and I blamed the spiritual realms, the Gods and all of those spiritual entities who were teaching me ... Because I never asked for any of it, nothing, not one thing ... I just wanted to be a normal human being ... nothing more.

But Januaryfeelings reassured me that I was indeed "denouncing everything outside of myself" and that being a true normal human being meant to ... finally embrace all of which individually defines me and embracing that I AM presence within me. Which is the true definition of what being a Human truly is.

I guess only time and total surrender will determine if i can reawaken those gifts or awarenesses I once had and if the higher realms can forgive me for bailing out on them. When I see the world for what it has become since that day back in 1996. It saddens my heart and brings tears to my eyes because maybe if I would have had put aside my fears of that final vision the world today would have been a better place to live in.

Eventhough I didn't want to be responsible for the masses back then ... I kind of feel responsible anyways for how things turned out... This Journey is definitely not an easy one.

That is why I was wondering If I was taught something from the Higher Realms many years ago and stopped because of fear can I still receive them today and would the spirits l was learning from back then would ever forgive me? Or did I lose what I had because I can no longer communicate with the same spirits of 20 years past? Everything is different now.

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would the spirits l was learning from back then would ever forgive me?

Non-physical doesn't judge so it never needs to forgive.

Or did I lose what I had because I can no longer communicate with the same spirits of 20 years past? Everything is different now.

You cannot "lose" a vibration that you've previously tuned into because you've now had experience of it and it has become a part of you. All you can really do is turn your attention elsewhere and make a different vibration dominate.

Whenever you want that original vibration back again, you just turn your attention back to it (get back to the "feeling" of it) and you'll begin reactivating that frequency within yourself.

The illusion of linear time only exists on the physical plane so if you're worried that "They" have been sitting around for 20 years watching reruns of boring old TV shows waiting for you to "wake up", you don't need to be concerned any case, they probably have Netflix up there by now anyway :)


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Thanks Stingray. I read your links which gave me a better understanding of the Illusion of linear time. It was a lot to absorb at first but I truly understand now. I even went as far as checking out some of Bashar's videos. Between what you said and his videos it helped me to remember about frequencies and how I used to resonate with different frequencies while meditating. I also remembered when I use to communicate with Higher Beings as they also resonated in their own individual frequency.

(28 Jul '18, 17:04) Moonbeam

Every color of the Chakras resonated in their own unique frequency. As a matter of fact I remembered when I used to manifest all kinds of things into my life by focusing on their unique frequencies and letting go as I knew it would be manifested into my life and it always did. And by denouncing who I truly was I created this Illusionary path of nothingness for the past 20 years which led me to years of suffering and lost of purpose and identity.

(28 Jul '18, 17:15) Moonbeam

It's amazing how everything is inter-related. I forgot so much as I truly led that path of nothingness by convincing myself that I didn't believe anymore and adopting atheism as an escape route which only brought misery and misfortune. You are so right in saying that any vibration that i was in tuned with in my past has indeed become a part of me and will always be a part of me. Thank You so much for helping me to remember a part of me which I thought was truly lost.

(28 Jul '18, 17:25) Moonbeam

I awarded you with all of my Karma points that I had because of the valuable insight you have just given me. You have no idea the gift that you had just given me and the doors you have just opened up for me which I thought were sealed tight forever. Your knowledge and wisdom have finally brought LIGHT back into my life. It's time that I embrace and accept that I AM presence as I did in the past but this time without any form of fears. Thanks again Stingray :)

(28 Jul '18, 17:49) Moonbeam

@Moonbeam - Nice to hear that the answer helped you. Thank you for the points donation but I think you probably need them more than me (it gives you more "freedom" on this website if you have more points) so I've sent them back to you :)

(29 Jul '18, 06:32) Stingray

@Stingray - Lol Yeah I realized after hehe that some of my freedom was taken away as I had no points left but I managed to get 30 points back lol. By the way that is exactly what your answer gave me more freedom back into my life. I feel like this veil of darkness was finally lifted from me after all of these years. Thanks again

(29 Jul '18, 14:50) Moonbeam
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I think you have an important path. True we all have important paths. The spiritual realm is more subtle with me. It is true that I started speaking with Angels at a young age, but they usually walked a line where I wasn't sure if I was speaking with angels or talking to myself. I have never understood why some have such vivid experiences while mine, I could pretend was imagination. Rarely I will actually hear something, but usually I sense things. I kind of just have to put confidence that things will work out. I know without a doubt that there is a spirit world. I know there is a being often referred to as God. I know the line between God and self can get a bit blurry.

I am made in God's image and have the divine spark in me. I am both god and not God. I truely create how I see the world. Why some have vivid experiences while others do not, I do not understand. Yet, I do not have to understand. I am guided just as surely, as often people say I am psychic when all I am doing is saying what I feel inspired to. You don't have to see to see, or know to know.

This aside, and revisiting this website after a break I feel this does not yet address the question. I was just guided to ponder freely before answering. My answer is that even if you were to wait a million years, the spirit world would not begrudge you the waiting. It harms the spirit world in no way for you to deny them. The one who has suffered from the wait is you.

I am picturing a NDE I read that talked about hell. The account said: It is a realm filled with souls suffering, but they only needed to ask for help to be freed. Yet they refused until the suffering was so great they called for release, 'Help me, someone. Anything.' When they were willing to leave hell they could be guided out of it.

Not that being in hell is a bad thing in the long run. It provides much contrast for the soul. There is no shame in it.

As for your fear of Astro travel and entities. I think that was answered simply and well. It would have taken me many paragraphs to convey the same statement.


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Thank you for your feedback Igot7. (I can't remember how to highlight ur name.) You sound like you are truly blessed and wish you my very best on your Spiritual Journey. Peace, Love n Light

(02 Jan '20, 22:26) Moonbeam
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