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I have an unformed idea that is coming into formation as I write. I recognize that, like Napoleon Hill, I have a virtual group that helps me concretize ideas. This group, this morning, are the people of Inward Quest.

I am asking for your input regarding the following concept of RESISTANCE.


It seems to me that we humans are seeking balance, equilibrium. We consider "negative behavior" patterns as something to neutralize. Could "resistance" be the force we have been using to compensate for negative behavior patterns?

On one hand, we may have an idea that we would like to be SUCCESSFUL. But we consider that we are not. For the sake of this example, hold the idea of "Successful" in your right hand.

This right hand is pushing towards success. Why is it not happening? Because in your left hand you hold all the reasons why you are not successful. SO the right hand is pushing and the left hand is resisting. You are maintaining a state of balance.

Your "like" of being successful is balanced by the compensatory "dislike". You feel a dynamic tension, and as you push with your right, "successful" hand, you push back,or resist with your left hand. The more you build up the strength of the right hand, the more you compensate by also building up the strength of the left.

The two balanced opposing forces of Desire and Resistance result in a state of "equilibrium".

BUT then the mind steps in and says, "I want success!" The equilibrium is upset, unbalanced. Confused. You cast about for answers, but the answers are not to be found in the physical -- outside the Vortex -- world. Looking in the physical world leads to struggle and the struggle leads to a higher level of discomfort as the physical mind seeks to find physical world answers and the two opposing forces get bigger to compensate.

Maybe the "Crash and burn" of the new desire balances by, "let's have one more pizza before we go on this damn diet" comes into play ans we try to forget about the new desire.

But then the mind, our little bitty part of Source peeking through our consciousness, works to "neutralize" the negative force and all Hell breaks loose. The forces are unbalanced.

It is like if you got used to walking into a 30 mile per hour headwind. You began to focus your muscles to push against that headwind (balancing forces). You develop a pattern that balances the headwind, so you can walk forward, and suddenly that headwind was stopped (by your mind desire) you would fall on your face. Ouch!

So we have a problem, a problem that we, here, are beginning to recognize here on Inward Quest. How do we get the goodies that are on one side and disempower the balancing force that has kept us from 'going there'?

Let's call this force that is opposing our getting the goodies, "Resistance". It's easy to say, "Give up the resistance." Yup, easy to say. Not so easy to do, or we would have flipped that switch a long time ago.

Forgive my beating this metaphor on and on! I am trying to state a fourth dimensional answer using three dimensional logic. Can't be done. So what do we do?

I submit that the answer(s) to this dilemma may not exist in our physical, three dimensional consciousness / world. But they do exist in our Vortex, the closest we can come to the 4D realm.

Our Vortex is the sweet bridge between our slice of consciousness and whole of our consciousness, our Source.

We must raise our consciousness, our vibration, to the place where the answers exist. Where the 3d mind connects with our 4d mind. Then we have easy answers. Answers that were always there, but we were making so much noise, so much clatter, trying so hard to find 3d answers that we could not hear the real and simple answers.

For the few who are still reading this ramble my point is that we need to understand that we have two balanced opposing forces. Removing one of these means we still have to deal with the other. And that balance can only be found at a higher level, i.e., in our -- in the Vortex.

Seek your Vortex for your answers. Then come out and enjoy. You can Experience and Enjoy, once you have found your Truth.

Someone please help me here, I feel much too wordy for a such simple truth that I am trying to describe. Anybody who can boil this down into a sentence or two?

EDITED:My curiosity in the Question above is that we know what we could do to be happier, and yet we meet resistance when we begin to implement change.

But what is it that pushes us to return to rote ineffectual behavior patterns? Consider an inner structure that is sort of working. It is sort of balanced. Our mind sees a better possibility. We decide to move toward that possibility, yet we regress.

Maybe quitting cigarette smoking is a better analogy. I don't smoke, having given it up along time ago. I did not "quit" I just replaced with better strategies.

I had a hard time beginning to smoke. Cough, hack! But I persisted and was finally able to smoke and look cool! My body at first resisted smoking, then it compensated and I was able to smoke just fine.

After a few years, I began to think that smoking was not healthy for me and decided there were better health strategies to pursue. But by then the COMPENSATION to smoking was in full effect! When I stopped for a short while, my body began to get the jitters. I put on weight. Nerves got raw. A myriad of other effects seized me!

Was this a reaction to not smoking? Or was it just a reaction of my body that it had all these ways of compensating for the previous smoke and these compensating responses and defences were giving me adverse reactions?

Was this "resistance" to my mind wanting to give up smoking, or my body's natural reaction in still having smoking compensatory strategies in place? So do we placate the compensatory strategies by going back to smoking, or do we work on the compensatory strategies?

I submit that working on the deeply buried subconscious mind compensatory strategies with the conscious mind, by itself, is very difficult!

I suggest that we realize that we can have deep rooted behavioral structures that are hard for us personally to change, we got to bring in the Big Guns. The Source!

And that we can hack at the branches all day long with little effect until we go for the roots. And the roots may lie in compensatory strategies. If you spend you time and effort working on the problem, you may be ignoring the roots, the compensatory strategies you have in place to balance the problem.

asked 16 Sep '12, 08:32

Dollar%20Bill's gravatar image

Dollar Bill

edited 19 Sep '12, 04:25


yes i can put that very simple.the light is the truth,the resistance the lie is the darkness. make the 2 in to one remove the division and you will have all the truth and the darkness will go away. you see Bill balence always exist and your free will also,so who made you believe,that balence was stoping you from having what you want? the only thing stopping you is the darkness. make sure your light is not darkness or how great is that darkness.

(16 Sep '12, 10:29) white tiger

light give you what you need,and you see darkness push you to get desire often not nedded,that is where the balence is your mind. What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul? so let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

(16 Sep '12, 10:39) white tiger

if you do not have the full truth how can you properly split that piece of wood and find me there?

(16 Sep '12, 12:12) white tiger

Well said, @white tiger. Your words have depth. You may be better able to see the Truth than others.

There really is no source of Darkness. Darkness is the absence of Light. There IS a source of Light. There is where we must turn. Darkness does not rise at night. The Sun goes down!

(16 Sep '12, 19:12) Dollar Bill

The openings to Heaven and Hell are adjacent and not well marked when you are in the Darkness.

(16 Sep '12, 19:14) Dollar Bill

there will come a day,when you will go above and when you will not need the light of the sun or the moon,on that day you will see the light of truth that has no darkness the father the alpha and the omega.

(16 Sep '12, 19:23) white tiger

Ooooh, I like this @white tiger! How else can we see the Truth unless we have the Lighth of God?

(17 Sep '12, 06:20) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill - I like that: There is no darkrise.

(17 Sep '12, 09:14) Grace

well dollar bill to answer your question: How else can we see the Truth unless we have the Light of God? by being born of water and getting to know the living one in your presence made in the image of God. and after born of the spirit you can go above to see the father. You should not be surprised at my saying, 'You must be born again.' "I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit.

(19 Sep '12, 01:09) white tiger

you see if you do not understand the living one in your presence inward that is you(spirit),then how can you understand the living one in your presence outside of you? it is pretty logic is it not? “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle”

(19 Sep '12, 20:44) white tiger why do you think that the one that comes from above is above all? to help you out you need to be born of water and spirit to enter the kingdom of light. being born of water is the process to know your self(the living one in your presence inward:spirit) and coming in full understanding of the truth. you purify your self by the truth it removes the darkness from your self,and then the 2 can become one.

(19 Sep '12, 20:51) white tiger

worshipping in spirit and truth is such worshipper that the father desire. Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. 24 God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”

(19 Sep '12, 20:53) white tiger
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What you are talking about is you have to hit solid rock bottom before you really decide to change with no resistance to the change. You have to hate where you are so much that anything that even resembles it you outright reject. You no longer say, "Well just a little" because when you reach this point, even a little of what got you where you want to leave, is too much!

Then and only then all resistance breaks down as you are totally sick of where you are at. You have a strong, genuine, sincere resolve for real change. This gives you the drive to do it with no looking back, no backsliding at all because you want nothing to do with where you were.


answered 16 Sep '12, 14:04

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited 16 Sep '12, 15:59

I agree that we reach a point where we want something better. What we need be careful about is the myth that we can change ourselves, alone.

To put this in the Christian terminology, do you feel you can defeat Satan on your own? Even if you hit rock solid bottom, can you defeat Satan from there, ALONE? Or do you somewhere in your life realize that you, alone, can not defeat Resistance? Or do you need to bring in a Higher Power?

Are too many Christians naked except for the Helmet of Salvation?

(17 Sep '12, 06:44) Dollar Bill

My point is that we ALL, CHristians, Muslims, Buddhists, whatever, have access to a Higher Power. In conjunction with that Power, we can do great things. But the Great Things are NOT really the miracles "we" can materialize. The Great Thing that we are ALL seeking is bonding with that Higher Power.

On earth, seeking that Guidance, that Inspiration, can allow us to better bring in that Presence, and make our lives happy, here and now. Alone, you will keep hitting that "rock solid bottom."

(17 Sep '12, 06:52) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill yes God is a big part but I was talking about the point when we finally decide to choose a different way than what we have been choosing. I have had some of my greatest enlightenments from times when I hit bottom. Deep depression, or very sick it is the point where I decide I can't take it anymore and decide to do something different. I guess we can say it is the point where the ego self is defeated, we decide we need help. So then we stop saying poor me, and turn to give it to God

(17 Sep '12, 11:07) Wade Casaldi

I think that people hit rock bottom so to speak, before they change or see the light, is because by then, it has become a recognizable pattern. It is when we recognize the pattern, that we begin to realize it is our thoughts and our feelings about those thoughts that are creating this reality. We don't notice the pattern until we look for it. We don't look for it when things are going great, we look for it when we don't enjoy our experience, so we can get off that track.

(17 Sep '12, 11:13) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess yes exactly like a breaking point of clarity. :-)

(17 Sep '12, 13:26) Wade Casaldi
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It is more like you are a person walking toward your goal. However, you have a bunch of little children grabbing your legs and weighting you down. Each child has their own reason you can't reach your goal. "You're not smart enough," "You're not fast enough," etc... This is the resistance. Eliminating these limiting beliefs won't make you fall on your face, but looking for them might. It is easier to use being happy to float you to the place where all your desires already exist. Eliminating limiting beliefs as they pop up instead of looking for them.


answered 16 Sep '12, 10:49

Fairy%20Princess's gravatar image

Fairy Princess

edited 16 Sep '12, 16:05

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi


"Your not smart enough," "Your not fast enough," is that not judging? lift that stone and you will find me there. if you cast that stone,you will be stone to the same mesure or even more.who is with out sin to cast that stone? you should worship in spirit and truth,not in should walk a mile in someone shoe to know the truth about someone else,then when you have the full truth,there will be no need to cast stones,let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

(16 Sep '12, 12:10) white tiger

@white tiger That is not suppose to be her, but why she can't take care of the children at her feet, you missed her point.

(16 Sep '12, 16:08) Wade Casaldi

@white tiger- It would be lovely beyond words if, for once, you spoke with your own voice, and not quoted from whatever Bible you use all the wrong parts....and not just the harsh stuff...I, for one, would like to get to know the real white tiger...not someone who hides behind Scripture.

(16 Sep '12, 16:55) Jaianniah

wade casaldi: i did not miss annything remove the judgement and the false belief that she is not doing things right according to the child reasonning. is there anny resistance left? poor children of humanity that are stuck under that stone,they hate it and continue to do the same,they are cut under those stones and continue to cast stones at each other.

(16 Sep '12, 17:58) white tiger

jaianniah:i always speak with my own voice but you are not able to follow,i use knowledge that is from the bible or the codex that is logia but you do not understand the message even after 2000 year. i use all the right part why do you say that i use the wrong part?because you do not understand the message? then why cast that stone at me? or judge me from being wrong? think about this if someone do not use the right road or does not know how to read a map then how can he cast a stone at someone-

(16 Sep '12, 18:07) white tiger

for being wrong?is he not in a position that is the same or even worse? then he should have stay in the beguinning and not cast that stone,would he not?you see if the blind leads the blind they will both fall. the light came to the world but the darkness did not understand it. and they continue to do the same.if your light is darkness how great is that darkness? i am he that say that to you with my own voice.wrighting this i did not use anny book or go search anny where on the net.

(16 Sep '12, 18:19) white tiger

Dear White Tiger. Thank you for that beautiful example of stone casting.

(17 Sep '12, 19:03) The Traveller

well traveller i did not cast anny stone but only told the truth. and if you have followed what was next you have seen that it was the same. has i have said.but i am not surprise none can accept our message, it is writen in the bible yet even religious people still cast stone after 2000 years,and they claim with their lips to believe in jesus but their heart is far from him.they are doing like the pharisees.they seek their own self rightenous,they see the speck in their brother eyes but they do

(19 Sep '12, 01:37) white tiger

not see the beam in their own eyes. so you see they have to lift that stone and properly split that piece of wood. but they have free will and are responsible of it. they can chose the wide door or the narrow door. experience and enjoy.

(19 Sep '12, 01:41) white tiger
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I believe that something else is going on.

Until now, if you were physically successful now and you wanted more success, all the "know how" was already available in the collective consciousness.

when I mean physically successful, someone who has lost everything and is about to commit suicide is just as successful as someone who is living a million dollar lifestyle, because the success I'm talking about is the ability to materialize what you believe is true.

However, right now 4th dimensional connection is opening up and all that we know is now counterproductive to remaining successful.

Therefore, the resistance has more to do with this "unknown" factor in the energetic dimensions.

It is a paradox in energy.

Wanting things creates internal resistance until what is wanted exists.

Yet at the same time, this resistance is what keeps what is wanted away from existing.

Internal balance says let is exist within you and be at peace while being guided towards it.

Higher awakening says want nothing and you shall have everything.

How do we bring these two concepts together?

Here we are trying to pay our rent, put food on the table, stay happy, and find a realistic point of balance where our 3rd dimensional responsibilities are in harmony with our 4th dimensional activation.

So maybe resistance is the simple dis-harmony within the complex unknown.


answered 16 Sep '12, 15:53

The%20Traveller's gravatar image

The Traveller

edited 16 Sep '12, 15:55


@The Traveller - many definitions of "success." For me it has little to do with "being able to materialize.." it has more to do with how happy you are on a daily default basis.

(16 Sep '12, 18:26) Dollar Bill

What is that you value? Certainly i like abundance. But, an abundance of what? The drive for "success" is manifested how? Money? to win? to overcome? What I have found after MANY MANY years is that i value peace above all. Thought that money, winning, and to overcome would give me peace. Not so. Seeking peace, gaining understanding, tasting knowledge, will without doubt give success, if in no other thing than to show what you value. My Love. Do Et Des.

(17 Sep '12, 17:46) Brett Rinker

totally agree Brett Rinker what will you bring with you?once you drop your clothes to leave this field. so let there be light, be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.

(17 Sep '12, 20:06) white tiger

@Bret Rinker and @white tiger - Yes Peace, Joy, Harmony, are certainly higher vibrational states. Closer to God, to Unity, to Source.

These are the states of being that we get when we reach out to our Greater Power. But we are no more seeking Peace than we seek lower vibrational manifestations such as money, or other material things.

We are God-seeking missiles. Your focus, our focus is higher than Joy, Peace, Abundance. We get all the that as by-products of seeking our Higher Power!

(19 Sep '12, 04:17) Dollar Bill

But if we just seek "things", be it states of mind, word combinations or physical things, we will continue to feel, ultimately, unfulfilled.

Only God can give us Complete Fulfillment!

(19 Sep '12, 04:21) Dollar Bill

That's exactly what I'm talking about Dollar Bill. (It's not obvious in my answer, but that's the basis of it) I too believe that "seeking anything" (especially more than what is possible "right now") ultimately causes resistance, or what I would like to call internal tension. This is especially true now because the time between "choice" & "effect" is getting shorter and shorter.

(19 Sep '12, 12:18) The Traveller
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Heya, Dollar Bill!

Here's some phrases that might help:

Let go and Let God. (Especially this one!)

First Things First.

Think, Think, Think.

But for the Grace of God Go I.

"Perhaps there is a better way-we think so. For we are now on a different basis; the basis of trusting and relying upon God...." The Big Book Sound familiar?

Just a thought from a fellow friend of Bill W.

Love you,



answered 16 Sep '12, 15:52

Jaianniah's gravatar image


edited 16 Sep '12, 16:47

@Jaianniah - "Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him." If this could be done perfectly, we would no longer exist here. We can always come closer, however, and we do on a daily basis.

(16 Sep '12, 18:20) Dollar Bill

@Jaianniah - if you could see @white tiger through God's eyes, whom would you see? He has a perspective. A valid perspective. So do you. So do I. So does Wade. So do we all. You can't walk a mile in white tiger's shoes, but God can and God does. He can't walk a mile in your shoes, but God can.

We do not bond person-to-person. We can only deeply bond as person-to-God and through God to that person. All else is Mummery. Illusion. Maya. Samsara.

(17 Sep '12, 07:07) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill, What I am getting from your premise is that we need to replace our fears with ideas that make us feel safe and secure and at peace in order to attain the "things" we desire. In other words, desiring to connect more with the good and less with the not so good (although all relative).

I think (and am learning) that this can be attained gradually (life is a process right?) through focusing our minds in the Now and being Present. Being Present relieves of us the pressures of Life and refocuses our mind. It's easy to get caught up in patterns of thought. This is why, when we sit to meditate, the mind can often wander. We think about work, relationships and the future. None of which have to do with the present moment. Observing these patterns and not reacting to them is what will eventually free us from them. In short, positive thought and action will come out of awareness in the present moment. Negative thought and action tend to come from old patterns of desire and thought. Becoming aware of what we are really thinking throughout the day, allows us to make conscious changes that may otherwise continue to go unnoticed and keep us in an undesired state.


answered 19 Sep '12, 09:46

figure8shape's gravatar image


Observing these patterns and not reacting to them is what will eventually free us from them. very good comment i would add learning the full truth will set you will not fall in the same pattern or darkness because you know where it leads you. let there be light, be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.

(19 Sep '12, 21:00) white tiger

An unconscious drive to change paths??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????:0) paths??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????:0)


answered 17 Sep '12, 17:54

Brett%20Rinker's gravatar image

Brett Rinker

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