My birthday is may 20th 5/20 and it never really meant anything, but then my son who was supposed to be born around june 16 to the 18 came on May 20 because my pregnancy wasn't a good one. He came 1 month early without any complications and we came home 2 days later. I met my bf when my son was 2 going on 3 and he has the same birthday as us 5/20.

Sometimes I awake from my sleep without an alarm and I wake up at 520 or i happen to pick up my phone to make a call after hours and it's 520. This is about 4 times a week that I catch the time. I work at a bank and I consistently have someone cash a check or take out money and it's 520 and if its a check sometimes it's 5, 020 or 520.53 or something. That makes me wonder why this number keep appearing in my life and for what reasons.

It just used to be my birthday, but now it's a constant thing. sometimes I would be stressed and I would awake early in the morning and its 520.

I don't know what this means, but if anyone has any understanding please?

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@jaz this question is for you

(23 Feb '14, 17:00) Ilovetruth718

Interesting. Where I live the number you would see is 20/5 205. Do you see that number also? (205) @ilovetruth718

(24 Feb '14, 01:44) ursixx

No I don't @ursixx

(24 Feb '14, 07:49) Ilovetruth718

Thanks for your confidence @Ilovetruth718 ... i have read through your question and edited a few things to get into the spirit of it so to speak ... interesting question, i will do my best to conjure up a clear answer :)

(24 Feb '14, 08:27) jaz

Thankyou @jaz I appreciate it

(24 Feb '14, 12:09) Ilovetruth718

hi @Ilovetruth718, it seems to me that you have already a much better understanding of the situation now that Wade and i4cim2b have explained how they see things ... as i have already indicated it is a subject that i love and i am preparing to "download" all that i can lol

(25 Feb '14, 01:29) jaz
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Four possibilities come to mind:

  1. In Chinese Numerology 520 is a common way of saying "I love you."

  2. It could be an effect of Law of Attraction and the ever more popular theory that you create your reality based on your beliefs and the attention you give them.In this case you believe that the number 520 has some significance to your life and each time it appears, you reaffirm the belief and give the idea so much attention that it keeps coming back to you in some form or other. So the number keeps coming into your life because of the attention you give to it. Maybe it's a LOA lesson.

  3. There is some hidden meaning that will reveal itself relevant to a future event. At some point you may have to make a choice where the consequences of your decision could either benefit you or limit you. If you find yourself in that kind of situation and the number appears as part of the equation you would want to check your emotions. If negative, then the number may be a warning. If positive then it may be a sign to lean in that direction. There is a wonderful Television series Called "Touch" which shows many examples of how this works. Keifer Sutherland plays the father of an autistic boy who is continually comes up with seemingly random numbers, writing them over and over. The significance only becomes apparent as each episode unfolds. Go to project-free tv at { }

  4. The only other thing I can think of right now is to consider playing the lottery!

Good luck!


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thanks for all three i agree @i4cim2b

(24 Feb '14, 14:30) Ilovetruth718

"520 used to be just my birthday, but now it runs my life" ...

numbers are symbols, and symbols are always in resonance with what they represent.

you say that my birthday « never really meant anything » in other words you associate 520 with « worthless », you have transformed worthless into the numerical code 520, you have written a program into your mind saying that you are « worthless » and the number code is 520

We live in a world of symbols, we communicate using symbols, how else could we communicate ? The phrases that i am using now to communicate to you are simply the expression of my thoughts using the system of symbols a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z arranged and repeated in such a way so as to carry the message that i have in mind.

The real message is in the blank spaces,

« Silence is the language of god, all else is poor translation » - Rumi.

Speaking is the process of creating vibrations that carry the message of your thoughts in a recognizable form

alt text

Words are full of power, full of the power of thoughts.

The ( negative) program « worthless » is revealed again and reinforced when you speak of your son born may 20 « because my pregnancy wasn't a good one »

It is again apparent in « It used to be my birthday but now it's a constant thing  sometimes i would be stressed and i would awake early in the morning and it's 520»

It is obvious that it's the automatic self-programmed negative loop in action that « now it runs my life » as you point out.

Now comes the interesting part because you can see that the self imposed code 520 is running your life, you certainly live up to your name « I love truth ». The positive profound meaning of the symbols have been masked by the negative connotations that you have attached to them.

For example the "5" represented in geometrical form is an upright positive five pointed star, however by attaching negative connotations to it you inverse it to become a downwards negative five pointed star.

The code 520 acts as a double doorway into the invisible, the invisible is all that cannot be perceived by the five senses. In the dark, that is negative, there is always a spot of light, that is positive, it is that spot of light coming from your higher self that is revealing to you what 520 profoundly means, that numbers originate from behind the scenes and they always possess beneficial significations, it is the yin yang in action. This what is meant by the double doorway. and it is a sign that you have yet again found that little doorway of light leading to what we often name here on IQ enlightenment 

alt text


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thankyou @jaz this was very informative :)

(25 Feb '14, 07:39) Ilovetruth718

I'm telling you numerology is a dead end deal. I spent months trying to figure out why so many things about me add to 11. A lot of stuff from address, zip code, phone number, 11 letters in my first and last name, my last name all consonants add to 11 and all the vowels add to 11. It goes on and on, I had pages, and pages of what added to 11 about me. I looked up everything about 11 being a master number. I kept seeing 11:11 almost daily when I happen to check the time.

Finally after spending all that time and effort, I just said to myself forget about it!

I was set free, I really don't care now.

I considerate that time I made myself a slave to a number simply because I had to know what it meant and why.

Now I feel, who gives a care, I sure don't.

I create my future, not some mystical preset predestined future set for me.


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Wade Casaldi

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i agree as well @wade casaldi

(24 Feb '14, 14:33) Ilovetruth718

i just figured i'll give it a shot. :)

(24 Feb '14, 14:34) Ilovetruth718

yes but I don't think it was predestined. I didn't mention that when you pray life gives you signs, some people won't recognize signs.@wade casaldi

(24 Feb '14, 17:24) Ilovetruth718

@Ilovetruth718 Please don't let this turn into an obsession. It can quickly like it did on me. Keep it light and fun. :-)

(24 Feb '14, 21:47) Wade Casaldi

lol i think everything turns into an obsession when it comes to me, but your right it does nothing but lead you to expectations, and we all know what expectation leads to @wade casaldi

(24 Feb '14, 22:01) Ilovetruth718

oddly I read your answer ^ again and I couldn't grasp that all the way the first time, but I totally understand it now. I will believe and obsess over anything I want to obsess over. WOW

(25 Feb '14, 07:42) Ilovetruth718

now you realize @Wade that all that mental master number 11 programing you have performed did work ... you are now a master teacher

(25 Feb '14, 10:04) jaz

@jaz I had never thought of it that way before! No wonder I felt like a slave following because it was correct. Kind of like reading over and over, "You are a leader" then finally getting frustrated and saying, "I don't need this, I am a leader!" LOL As I just wrote this on my phone I noticed that the time changed to 11:11am almost like a confirmation. Maybe I need to rethink this, thanks jaz!

(25 Feb '14, 11:14) Wade Casaldi
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