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Wow, I started reading about law of attraction and success principles about six months ago. I work in sales (a job that one time I was told "was not possible for me") and I see more than ever the PROOF that ones thoughts create their outer world. I know two people who are the same age, education level, have the same working hours, telephone system as each other, and sit int he same office under the same conditions, yet one makes £12,000 per year and one makes £12,000 per week! How is this achievable? I'm on a quest to find out!

So I started looking at the world with "different glasses" I came across work of David Icke and some other non mainstream views and media.

My new girlfriend seems to be interested in this stuff too, so its strange how my last relationship of 5 years just ended suddenly and now Im already with someone else. Its quite a whirlwind of changes for me at the moment, as I am getting more and more into spirituality and the realms of the unknown, this is just the beginning...

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Welcome to IQ... It sounds to me that you are doing a good Job so far! Keep up that positive belief!

(05 Jan '14, 12:18) Wade Casaldi

@daviduk, you appear to be making a general statement here rather than asking a genuine question so this "question" has been made Community Wiki

(05 Jan '14, 12:54) IQ Moderator ♦♦

Yeah sorry I realised after that I had no specific question. I guess I am just confused about life at the moment and I wondered if anyone could offer some words of wisdom. I wanted to know what this website is about and who is answering the questions? Are there people out there who are going through a spiritual awakening and finding life very different recently? I was reading about the world being in a hypnotic state but recently people are starting to wake up and become more spiritual?

(05 Jan '14, 14:29) daviduk

@daviduk - "I wondered if anyone could offer some words of wisdom" - There are so many words of wisdom here. You can search for you favorite topics on the right. "I wanted to know what this website is about and who is answering the questions?" Anyone can ask questions, and the regular contributors come from diverse backgrounds of origin, religions, etc.. You will find topics ranging from manifestation, LOA, meditation, superhuman abilities, immortality, magic, & aliens. The list goes on...

(05 Jan '14, 15:59) lozenge123

@daviduk - "I was reading about the world being in a hypnotic state but recently people are starting to wake up and become more spiritual?" - Not sure, but maybe you are talking about the idea of ascension? I know that other spiritual teachers such as Eckhart Tolle have suggested that there is a general awakening of spiritual consciousness occurring on a mass-scale across the world.

(05 Jan '14, 16:02) lozenge123

@daviduk - Welcome to IQ! You have certainly landed in the right place, and look- you immediately attracted two of our deepest thinkers to welcome you! Lol nice work! Ask anything you want to know that isn't already here, and enjoy the ride. You will love it here. :)

(05 Jan '14, 16:45) Grace

daviduk, the cycle after capricorn is aquarius, a more gracious and less materialistic flow of energy, allowing the flowering of consciousness repressed for the past five thousand years

(06 Jan '14, 04:59) fred


(07 Jan '14, 09:16) CalonLan
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I believe we are all here to have an experience in divine love and the only way to experience our divinity and perfection is by experiencing that which is not love, then it is up to us to choose what we want. Many masters are available to show us the way, it is our free will that chooses love or fear. I have had my share of being afraid and now I choose to remember who I really am. Who I really am is nothing but magnificent love I am one with God. We are all one having an experience in the flesh. I used to believe that life happened to me now I know the truth and the truth is I am creating everything in my own life through my thoughts words and deeds, I am 100% responsible for what I am now creating. If I believe I can then I can and the opposite is also true. There is no hell except the hell that we create if that is what we choose, all we need do is remember from where we come and the truth will set us free. We really can be have and do whatever we want, we need only believe in who we really are. A good way to do this is to give to each other what we want for ourselves and ultimately we all want love. If you love what you do you will be successful at it no matter what. Believe in yourself and do not judge others for we all have our own divine path to take. Instead help another to see their own perfection. What we give out we get back always!


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An excellent answer, much agreed. +1

(06 Jan '14, 07:22) Wade Casaldi

Design of our bodies and the universe is in such a way that nothing happens unconnected--one thing leads to another. For example, when moderation is adopted in sleeping, eating, working, entertainment and thinking, one's body responds pleasantly, otherwise body's vital organs malfunction, and may even simply shut down! And your body does not distinguish between what you visualize and the reality. When you think of pickle, your body responds as if pickle has already arrived in your mouth. Hence Jesus equated thinking of adultery with actually committing adultery. (Mathew 5:28) Hence effect follows your action--whether imagined or done actually. This means nothing happens to anyone that he does not deserve--whether good or bad. Hence no one can legitimately ask: How the hell have I ended up on here?

The majesty of God is that He has given to humans everything for the enjoyment of life and an IMPARTIAL, IMPECCABLE, IMMUTABLE guide too: principle of CAUSE AND EFFECT to guide people. What more can he give to us? We can drive towards comfort or calamity--it all depends on the choices we make.

Hence, learn from experience and go forward confidently. Resolve in your mind that henceforth, I will not learn from my own experience as I have an ocean of experience of others in front of me to learn lesson before I choose to act.


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T D Joseph

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