what is the best and fastest way to reprogram the subconscious mind to replace destructive beliefs and implant new positive beliefs when the old beliefs are deeply rooted?

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Misha, that is a very good question! It is a difficult task to "reprogram yourself", but not impossible. The first requirement is developing new habits that involve your Higher Power, who I call God. Some people start reading the Bible or Koran (depends on your religious beliefs). But some sort of daily quiet time with God is essential for developing a new attitude. Gather together your favorite spiritual books, and read from them- you can also buy daily books with spiritual messages for each day of the year. Sit for about twenty minutes and pray or think.

The second thing to do is develop the habit of meditation. I gave a brief outline on meditation in the recent question on meditation; look for that question, and read it. Meditation calms the mind, and helps you to see where your thinking is going wrong. The question I referred to will help you to understand the importance of this practice.

The third thing is to stick to a routine of new habits. This is hard; don't beat yourself up if you are not good at it at first. Just try to do it consistently.

I hope these little tips help you to find a new life!

Blessings and Good Luck, Jai


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thank you for your kind response-have been meditating and got the np2 software which alters brain waves to a state of hypersugestibility which is supposed to then convey your pre-recorded suggestions or affirmations directly to the subconscious mind-any experience with this? ust starting out and know it will take consistent work-any advice woud be gratefully accepted

(21 Feb '10, 19:10) Misha

Just be consistent...it pays off! Thank YOU for your kind thanks! Jai

(21 Feb '10, 20:02) Jaianniah

Or there is the lazy man's way out (It should really be used in conjunction with Jaianniah and Roy's answers).

Do nothing... wait until you catch your self having a destructive belief. That is the only hard part in this technique, the catching of your attention in a moment of daydream of destruction.

When you cath your attention, immediately ask your self "Why did I think that"? It will lead you back to your deep rooted beliefs.

What ever answer that comes up when you ask "Why did I think that"?, examine it. If it's beneficial to you, keep it; if it is not, reject it consciously. You can say something like, "I choose to no longer believe in this for it does not serve the person I am becoming."

That's it!

To implant the positive beliefs you have to use the other suggested techniques from Jaianniah & Roy.

P.S. In the beginning when you ask "why did I think that" you will most likely get some un-related nonsense. It's like riding a bicycle. You will struggle & fall for a while before you get your balance.


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The Traveller

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extremely helpful-thanks!!!

(21 Feb '10, 22:02) Misha

I'm inclined to think this is the most "natural" way.

(21 Feb '10, 22:03) Vesuvius

Thanks Vesuvius. I found that this was the method that worked for me, not because the others don't work, I am not that motivated to keep adding more and more activities to my adventures in self realization. (I am too lazy to do more than what I am already doing)

(22 Feb '10, 03:20) The Traveller
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I don't know if it's the fastest way, Affirmation,Affirmation,Affirmation.Have fun :).

Love and Light


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This works only if you remember to do them a couple of times a day...LOL! Jai P.S. It does work well! You might want to expand your answer to tell people what "affirmations" are, Roy...

(21 Feb '10, 19:00) Jaianniah

The Lion's Code of Ethics is a good example of how we can program ourselves... repeated affirmations as suggested above. The lessons just sinks in and will surface when the occasion calls for it... or just after the deed is done :)


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I think using "spiritual mind treatments" as explained by Ernest Holmes and "Science of Mind" is probably the most effective way. More info on SoM


answered 22 Feb '10, 07:21

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