It has always been said that 'The teacher will only appear when the student is ready.' Also, based on the assumption that the law of attraction works, what causes people to have stumbled upon it at different times? Some people find out about the LOA as young as 10, some 20-30, and some never do even when they are on their deathbed.

Yet if we were all non physical before we came to this world, we should have already known that the loa exists, so what accounts for the different timings when one knows or believes in the Loa in the physical plane?

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I've known about "like attracts like" for about 30 years, and I have acted on it for almost that long without actually calling it the Law of Attraction.

I've used it without consciously knowing about it my whole life.

There isn't some threshold event or psychic convergence that gets people to believe. They just become gradually more aware of their personal power over time, and more effective at using it.

And sometimes they don't. Some people live with limiting beliefs their whole lives, because they don't want to change them.

Others are intellectually curious, and want to know more about the nature of the world, and the nature of themselves within that world. They discover the Law of Attraction sooner.


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We all have different things we want to learn and teach ourselves at different stages in life and we make that decision before we even come into physical existence.

Personally, I think people find out about the law of attraction when they decide that at that point in their life, they want to make themselves aware of the numerous limiting beliefs that they hold and that people around them hold. And I think that point is usually when they are faced with a choice of going with the acceptable (to society or God) but not so happy road in life or the not so acceptable but so much more exciting and thrilling road in life.

Finding out about the Law of Attraction at such a point is then a life changing experience where we realise that everything is possible and that we can lead a very happy and exciting life.

I would also like to point out though that you seem to be assuming that only people who find out about the Law of Attraction at some point in their lives can then apply its concepts to make their lives better.

I think there are many people out there who don't know about the Law of Attraction as we talk about it on this site but still naturally do what feels good to them and achieve the same, if not better outcome than people who know about the Law of Attration.

The reason I am saying this is the best thing that has ever happened to me was actually when I hadn't known about the Law of Attraction yet but I was still very happy and leading a fun life which is why I attracted the best thing in my life.


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Pink Diamond

I am not sure but I believe that there are many ways to get there. People ask if we have read this book or that site. Can't read them all. Have to choose and go. I wonder if other people are here to live out other experiences that have little to do with Mind. Self improvement is a very worthy goal. It may seem unlikely that a life of anger or unhappiness is fulfilling but maybe it is. We know so little. I ask for an intervention. You know HP (Higher Power) please hit me in the head with a 2 by 4. After googling the site came up. I kicked it around did some manifesting and made a Donation. I might be here for a while its a hot site. I may leave if I called somewhere else. There are no rules. Live and let Live.


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I began to search when i realised that my old religion didnt contain the whole truth,or even very much of it.

LOA wasnt and isnt the main thing that im interested in. I began to study the power of the sub conscious mind after i realised i had one.

LOA came in later....or was it LOA that caused me to go on this journey?

If God is indeed ONE with his creation then it would seem a natural progression that all the many parts of His creation would begin to search for their source and the knowledge about the creator and His methods of operations and reasons for putting us here in the first place.

I beleive everyone will eventually progress along the path to the Father. Picking up many facets of His knowledge along the journey.LOA being onr of these.



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Monty Riviera

The law of attraction is a spiritual law that governs our existence as human beings. We did not manifest as human beings to learn this law, we did so to have the experience of being in a physical form and nothing else. We are not hear to learn or teach but rather to just 'Be'.


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Since we create our own reality, the timing is based upon our own reality, when we are ready to walk through that path, and learn more about who we are, what we want, and what we can do to get what we want. The timing is the simple art of continuing education, and enlightenment! And each of us will be ready at different times, based upon our interest and needs.

I was doing a course in Parapsychology, when I first found out about the LOA. I very involved in researching the spiritual nature of things, and learning in general, but I some how did not dwell too much on this subject matter, until I guess when the story and the movie of “The Secret” came out.

Now that I know so much more about the LOA, and how it works; I know now that it is nothing new, but a natural law that we have been using all along and we can now put a name to it. The newcomers to this consciousness will of course find it very exciting, and enlightening, also confusing for some, until they have come to learn that it is a natural part of who they are, and what they do naturally.

I am sure the newcomers to this subject matter will be delighted to know that the LOA is not something new, nor is it a secret, but an inborn natural ability that we each have, and use to create, and manifest our desire.


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