I have been looking over the last week of questions. Sure seems like there is alot of questions with negative aspects. The Law of Attraction will give you the answer, negative or positive. If we ask "why does this negative always happen to me?" your gunna get the negative attraction and answer. Change the question you change the attrraction and answer.

ask instead "how can I have positive happen to me?"

Any comments?

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The quality of your life is based in large part on the quality of the questions you ask yourself.

Anthony Robbins is a big believer in this notion. It is the reason that I asked the question, "Is whether the universe is friendly or hostile the most fundamental question?", although I don't think anyone who answered the question really "got it."

The reason this is a fundamental question is because the answer to the question will color your perception about any other question you may ask.

For example, consider the question "Is what I see on the nightly news really relevant to my life?" If you believe the universe is a hostile place, you will answer in the affirmative, and point to everything bad that happens on the news as proof that the world is out to get you.

If, on the other hand, you believe that the universe is a friendly place, then you will look at the nightly news as a distorted view of the isolated pockets of bad stuff that occasionally happens, or maybe even as a catalog of opportunities, a way to "sharpen your saw" by participating in activities that make the world a better place.

All questions can be reframed. People who are negative tend to ask questions like, "Why does this always happen to me?" instead of questions like, "What can I learn from this," or "How can I feel good about this, and become a better person in the process?"

When you see a negative question on this site, perhaps you should view it as an opportunity to steer the asker to a more productive and positive place.


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Very Good Vesuvius. I don't participate in every question here I read them if drawn to it I will comment. The universe is Generous, full of abundance, the source of love. If you have the right picture you get harmonius result. One of the earlier New Thought writer wrote it as the Law of Harmonius Attraction. If you are in Harmony with what you attract 'Manisfest' Those things will stay with you!

(10 Jun '10, 05:37) G16

This is fundamentally just an excellent post and answer, thanks to you guys!

(10 Jun '10, 19:29) Caleb 1

@Vesuvius. Nice link, thanks. I find it interesting that 1. you chose to answer your own question from another post within this question. Why not post your answer beneath your original question? 2. In your answer here you state that >I don't think anyone who answered the question really "got it."< This may be misleading to newbies or those who don't look at the original question with the answers from community members. 3. It seems to me that your answer to that other question is no different to the answer I provided in that post. Cheers...

(11 Jun '10, 14:09) Eddie

@Eddie: 1. I didn't want to be presumptive. I wanted to know what other people thought. 2. I included a link here for newbies to go to the other question and read it. 3. Yes, your question does seem to state the same conclusion, but sometimes an example can be helpful to illustrate. p.s. I have now included part of this answer as my own answer to the original question.

(11 Jun '10, 17:12) Vesuvius
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I believe that everyone is looking for improvement in their own way. Whether we take a step toward where we want or away from where we are we are moving in the same direction.

Now if we apply that toward thought progression something interesting happens to that fact. We go exactly toward what we place our attention on, so if it is moving toward what we want we move toward what we want. However if we place our attention on what we want to get away from, we move closer toward what we want to get away from.

This same thing holds for dreams, when we travel in our dreams, where we place attention we travel. So we need to look at where we focus, positive thought has positive impact, negative thought even to get away from negative brings a negative impact.


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Wade Casaldi

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