Surrender is a big word in my life right now. How do you feel when you totally surrender? Do you go back and forth in a state of surrender? (I do...yep, a work in progress.)

At times, when in a state of surrender, it feels as if I just don't (mainly) care what happens. It's not a negative state, it's just a "whatever" kind of state. Can anyone relate?

What helps you with the surrendering process?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@figure8shape, I wonder if feeling neutral about things is something like what you are feeling? That may be a better way to understand it. I was reading a lot of good advice on this thread, and it made me think of your question:

(14 Sep '12, 22:40) Grace

It seems when you say, "Can anyone relate?" the answer is, "No." We seem to not be understanding your question, care you clarify the question a little more for us all? Maybe you will get better answers.

I am trying to relate and understand. :-)

(14 Sep '12, 22:50) Wade Casaldi

@Wade, it's a highly neutral state, is more of what I am getting at. A flippant type of mindset-without the negativity. I hope this clears any misunderstandings. Thanks.

(14 Sep '12, 23:44) figure8shape

@Grace, thanks, I appreciate the link to the thread. Nice comment.

(14 Sep '12, 23:48) figure8shape

@figure8shape oh the releasing mindset I think you mean. When you release the request and don't worry about it because you have the faith it will be done. You do not give it anymore thought, you just trust and know so there is no worry or wonder. It will happen when it happens, it will get here when it gets here. This is like letting go of the envelope to drop it in the postbox. We forget about the letter and just know it will be handled so we do not give it another thought.

(15 Sep '12, 01:31) Wade Casaldi

who are you fighting against? if you say no one,then why do you need to surrender? i will say this once you do not need to surrender and you do not need to win then you will be in balence with your self and with other for your self,and eventually other will do the see you are responsible for your choice not for the choice of other. but if your light is darkness,then other do the same,but if your light is light then other will also become light,yes it takes time but eventually they will-

(11 Oct '12, 00:47) white tiger

overcome all for them self and for let there be light,be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.

(11 Oct '12, 00:49) white tiger
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When you surrender, does it feel as if you don't care?

I would say that is a good way to put it. Especially if the definition of "don't care" has a positive and empowering vibration attached to it. The definition of those words are the key to the whole thing. There is a negative way to not care and an empowering way. It just comes down to a choice of which definition we prefer.

As an example...

If I saw an elderly person laying on the sidewalk because they fell and I said "I don't care" and just kept right on walking, for me that would be a negative definition and something that I would never actually be able to do.

If I was walking down the street and that same elderly person said you are stupid for wearing a striped shirt, what do you think of that and I said "I don't care and you have a right to your opinion," that definition would be coming from a place of empowerment. If you can define your definitions the way that you prefer, then it will become much easier to actually believe and trust in fully what you say and do.

I see the words "I don't care" and "whatever" as empowering in my life. That's because I define them in a positive way that works for me in the right situation and at the proper timing depending on where my vibration resides.

What helps you with the surrendering process?

Realizing who I really am in this reality of space and time. Knowing that I am pure positive energy consciousness having an experience in a physical body.

Not caring about what anyone else thinks about me or my beliefs. It's my own personal creation so when someone tries to push my buttons I just say whatever, and go on my way having fun and living life.

Understanding that I am a being of infinite possibilities that gets direct evidence of my thoughts and emotions through the mirror-like reflection of this 3D reality.

Knowing that I do not have to fear annihilation or death since there really is no such thing as death. It is just a shift of focus and perspective and the emotion of fear just locks us in anxiety and worry which holds unnecessary resistance in our body.

Surrendering is simply the letting go of resistance to who you truly are. We are not these illusionary things that we think we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. It is all frequency and vibration waves matching up to other similar waves. We are much more powerful than we actually think we are, and that has helped me learn to surrender in a much less resistant way.

I find all of these concepts very exciting, and in that idea of excitement, is a very powerful tool to help with surrender. Follow your passion and joy.

This life is a game that we chose to play. Learn to surrender from the things you have been told is true and define your own truth the way that you prefer. Realize that you can mold every single day like a piece of clay and build the sandcastle of your dreams by just letting go and realizing that you are pure eternal energy that will never die.

I feel ecstatic when I surrender in any circumstance. I can feel the weight of the world lift off of my shoulders and feel the energy fluctuate throughout my body. It could be summed up by saying that once you surrender totally it is the same as untangling a garden hose. Once you allow the kink to be released, your vibration can flow unimpeded in any and every direction throughout this beautiful green and blue garden we chose to experience.


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@Cory- You are super wise and so down to earth, very, very electrifying answer that explains the elixer of stress free living.

There are often characters portrayed in anime and western movies that appear to be caught in the worst, nastiest, seemingly 'impossible' situations, and all they do is sort of "let go and let god" as the saying goes, and things always turn out fantastic in the end, which also adds to their coolness.

Bashar's got a saying as well, similar to 'whatever'= "So what?..."

(15 Sep '12, 04:40) Nikulas

@Cory, appreciating your wise insight. I will carry your comment throughout the day. Thanks so much!

(15 Sep '12, 10:24) figure8shape

@Nikulas, "So what" actually creates a good feeling for me. Thanks!

(15 Sep '12, 10:26) figure8shape

@Cory - I've read this answer several times, and each time I see your reference to an untangled garden hose, something releases and lets go in my lower back. Your answer really resonates, thank you.

(15 Sep '12, 10:39) Grace

@Cory- Another Gem, thank you:)

(15 Sep '12, 16:49) Satori

@Cory - Positive vs. negative versions of "I don't care"! I must say I've had similar questions on my mind for a while, and this post really cleared it up for me. For some reason, it wasn't until I read your post that I was able to see that there are two versions, or vibrational states, associated with not caring. Can't believe I couldn't see it before. A lot of things really just fell into place for me. Thanks so much.

(15 Sep '12, 20:20) lozenge123

@figure8shape - Thank you for asking this question!

(15 Sep '12, 20:21) lozenge123

@lozenge123, It's good to know that in my inward quest, it helps another :)

(15 Sep '12, 23:24) figure8shape

This answer deserves more votes

(16 Sep '12, 03:41) Nikulas

I appreciate all the positive feedback from this answer very much. You are all welcome and I thank you all as well. Getting benefit in whatever way you do from this answer only reflects back to me that I am on the right path in my life in this moment. I enjoy feeling the energy flow and all of you assist me with that every time I log into this wonderful website. Appreciation and gratitude all around:)

(16 Sep '12, 23:31) Cory
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When you surrender you still care but you don't mind. Actually you care much more than when you where in the state of resistance. When you surrender to what is, you still feel compassion, love, etc towards people and situations in ways you never experienced before which means that you care even more, but you no longer judge and think about these feelings and people and you are not concerned about the outcome of the situations that you face.

The sign of being in the state of surrender is no suffering. You may be in challenging situations, situations that are considered dreadful and unbearable by the world, but you do not suffer. You just face them peacefully.


answered 15 Sep '12, 06:49

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@nima excellent yes don't mind is always a positive. I see now what she was trying to say. I agree with this, not minding is not letting negative things get to you.

Example: someone just voted me down, I don't mind, I am still in my happy place. :-)

(15 Sep '12, 10:15) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - I am with you in your happy place, and voting you up because it makes me happier to d so!

(16 Sep '12, 08:47) Dollar Bill

@Wade Casaldi & @Dollar Bill: I voted up both of you because it makes me happy to see you both happy :)

(10 Oct '12, 07:23) nima
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I get what you are saying about the word surrender. This can conjure up a lot of different definitions to different people. For example in people who are very action-orientated this surrendering could be interpreted as accepting defeat. 

Once you understand and have belief in how the Universe truly works the concept of surrender takes on a new positive meaning:)

The act of true surrender for me always feels empowering.You stop trying to making something happen in a certain way or in a certain time-frame. You just let go and accept the Isness of the present moment.

When you surrender your effectively getting out of your own way and trusting and allowing the Universe to deliver what you want when the time is right for you. Most times in people this letting go just happens automatically, because the resistance they hold towards not having what they desire becomes too much.

I would say if surrendering doesn't feel good to you then you are still holding on to something. 

Surrender is to surrender to this moment, not to a story through which you interpret this moment and then try to resign yourself to it.

Eckhart Tolle


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@Satori, this helps me undrstand. Your last sentance would be the test, wouldn't it? Thank you.

(15 Sep '12, 09:31) Grace

@Grace - Yes, if the Now moment feels good to you then your being who you truly are and your a vibrational match to everything you want. In other words, get in the Vortex :)

(15 Sep '12, 10:06) Satori

@Grace, I agree. My "whatever" comment was directed as a feeling of empowerment and neutrality, and releasing the idea of attempting to make something happen. The more I surrender, the more I somehow trust and gain even more empowerment. It's actually very interesting. Thank you for the feedback.

(15 Sep '12, 10:33) figure8shape

I wonder if it's possible to surrender and give up and still not having your desire come even you have put down the oars and just enjoy your life?

That would seem kind of contradictory wouldn't it?

(08 Oct '12, 13:18) Evolutionary High

@Evolutionary High - One of the things that keeps me in this cycle is that many times, deeply felt desires are manifested as soon as you let go of them. Knowing this, when I decide to give up, a part of me says - Yes, that is exactly what will do it, good idea, go ahead and give up! That puts me right back into expectancy, and it starts all over again.

(09 Oct '12, 20:08) Grace

I typed the frustrated comment above then checked my email. This was waiting for me from AbeQuotes:

In the moment that you are able to thank yourself for where you stand, you'll turn, you'll go with the flow and those dreams that you have been dreaming will not be illusions in your bed. They'll come into full-blown manifestation and they will wrap their arms around you and they will lick your face.

Abraham-Hicks Boston Ma 5/27/06

Hahaha! Cute! Made me feel better, so I thought I'd share.:)

(09 Oct '12, 20:22) Grace
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When I "surrender", I feel better because I have given my troubles to God. If I haven't done that truly- truly surrendered- then I feel like you say: a "whatever" kind of feeling. It is more like a stalemate than a surrender in that case. I think that surrendering should be a freeing process. I guess I learned this when I quit drinking long ago- I surrendered my alcoholism to God, and in surrendering, won great things. I guess you should look at whether you truly have surrendered or if you just have given up.




answered 14 Sep '12, 18:41

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@Jaianniah - I can't tell the difference between surrendering and giving up. Can you elaborate? I think I'm about where @figure8shape is right now.

(14 Sep '12, 18:51) Grace

@Jai, Thanks for your feedback. So, are you saying that the feeling of "whatever" is not truly surrendering? If so, please explain further.

(14 Sep '12, 20:40) figure8shape

@Grace, I don't feel that I am giving up, I feel more like "if it happens, it happens, if it doesn't then something better is bound to come, yet I'm fed up with thinking/wondering (&/or worrying) about it", and that's where the "whatever" feeling comes in".

(14 Sep '12, 20:42) figure8shape

@figure8shape - Yes! I'm ok with whatever happens now, mostly because going round and round the same tired old circle of thoughts has me so fed up, I just want to think of nearly anything else.

(14 Sep '12, 21:13) Grace

As far as I am concerned, true surrender is a giving up a problem forever- preferably to God...whereas feeling "whatever" means that you are still involved with the outcome. Does that help? Jai

(14 Sep '12, 21:31) Jaianniah

In other words, "Turn it over" and let the outcome be up to God- otherwise, you have no peace. If you really want something, you must BELIEVE in it with all your heart. If it does not come, and you surrender, many times, the thing that you wanted will then manifest itself because you let go. it is odd, but true!

(14 Sep '12, 21:38) Jaianniah

@Jai, thank you. I didn't realize how murky my mind was on this til it was brought up.

(15 Sep '12, 17:08) Grace
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When we are in such a depressed state of mind that we do not have the energy and basically feel we don't have the energy to deal with it anymore, we feel like, "I don't care, whatever. I could be hit by a truck; I don't care, leave me alone." We cannot give up and must keep up the fight!

If we give in, Satan wins, we feel turn away from God and feel what is the point, everything sucks whatever. You could be told your neighbor's house is burning down and say, "Fine, whatever, I don't care." That is a deep state of depression!

Don't give up, keep praying, as it says in Luke 11:9 Keep asking and keep seeking, keep knocking in other words don't give up! Turn it over to God, that is how you should surrender, surrender to God not the world, not to the problem. We don't want to say the problem won it has beat me, I give up whatever.


answered 14 Sep '12, 21:44

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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade, It's not about being depressed (for me). We all go through things in life and desire manifestations (quickly) and for things to go our way. What I am asking is: In that feeling of "surrender" are you "caring" about the outcome, or not? (Because I believe one can desire an outcome, yet be ok with it not manifesting.) And if one is ok with "whatever happens", would you say that's also surrendering? I hope I made it clearer. Thanks.

(14 Sep '12, 21:53) figure8shape

To totally surrender, is to release the emotions attached to it. Everything is vibration. We attract by tuning in to the vibration of what we want. As long as we are in the vibration of wanting, we are not in the vibration of receiving. Our natural vibration is in alignment with everything we want. It is our beliefs, which are emotions about our thoughts, that create the resistance to being in vibration with what we want.

For example, it is the natural state for a cork to float on water. If we tie a bunch of weights to it, it will sink. If we put enough weights, limiting beliefs, it will sink to the bottom. As we remove the weights or limiting beliefs, the cork begins to rise. It will only rise as much as the weights we take off. As we get closer to the surface of the water, we have access to better and better things, depending on the beliefs we dropped and the beliefs we still have.

When we release the limiting beliefs and we move up, we begin experincing things like excitement and expectancy. These don't need to be attached to particular desires, just a vibration that expects good things, and is excited just because.

The weights are hooked to the cork with a hook. Pockets of air in the cork is what gives it it's bouyancy. We don't have to know what the limiting beliefs are to release them. We just inject the cork with possitive supporting beliefs. The air pockets expand and the hook has nothing to hang on to, so it just falls off.

How do we inject possitive beliefs so the limiting beliefs will fall off? This is the age old question. People have been seeking this answer forever. People have also been finding ways to do it, but sharing answers has been difficult. Now with the internet, people can share their discoveries with people all over the world. So more people have access to more help. Ideas can grow faster with more input available at the touch of a button, or a click of a mouse. I have been able to study different modalities and combine ideas and concepts in a short period of time. There are many great methods out there that help many people. I personally found them lacking in some way. So I combined everything I learned and came up with what I call Two Hands Touching. I have found it to be helpful for many things.

When I use THT with affirmations, it install new possitive beliefs.


answered 15 Sep '12, 10:45

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Fairy Princess


@Fairy Princess, you commented "As long as we are in the vibration of wanting, we are not in the vibration of receiving." I am typing this up and putting it on my mirror as a daily affirmation and reminder. Thanks. Nice comment!

(15 Sep '12, 17:40) figure8shape

@figure8shape Glad I could help.

(15 Sep '12, 17:42) Fairy Princess

Surrender and whatever In my LIFE is..... Letting go! Letting GOD! LEt THY WILL BE DONE! Let the weak say IAMSTROOOOONNNNNGGGG! And then GOODNESS and LOVE manifest along with Faith, hope mercy ect xo


answered 15 Sep '12, 17:13

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@Azitram, Thank you. Love you BFF. So glad you made to Inward Quest :)

(19 Sep '12, 10:10) figure8shape

To me, "surrender" has to be defined as several people have so well said. It is not waving a white flag and turning yourself over to enemy forces.

It means giving up the idea that you can, through struggle, MAKE something happen.

It means walking in consciousness with your complete Self (Source, God, Allah, Brahma, Universal Mind, whatever), and allowing that partnership to simply and easily guide you to your greatest Joy.

My first car was a "straight shift". I could put it in gear, take my foot off the clutch, engage the starter motor. It would not start, but it would creep slowly, arduously along, until the battery went dead in few feet. Struggle.

Or I could push down on the clutch, start the engine with the starter motor, and go faster and easier. But I needed to 'surrender' the idea of using the starter motor for propulsion and engage the higher power. A small effort with the starter motor leading to a much more powerful result.


answered 16 Sep '12, 09:10

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Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill - I like your comment and fully agree: "It means giving up the idea that you can, through struggle, MAKE something happen." Indeed. Well said. Thank you.

(10 Oct '12, 09:45) figure8shape

Since there are so many incredible answers here that are worth their weight in contemplation I am going to keep this answer as short as possible (and also because my angle is slightly different).

I believe that surrender is the opposite of karmic contemplation (LOA reference).

Therefore, with time, surrender can be measured by examining if the need for surrender occurs before or after the fact.


answered 15 Sep '12, 18:07

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The Traveller

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