When a need seems to remain, or even have grown, after being fulfilled, does it mean that this need is not the real one, but that there is an "hidden" or "unseen" need that you don't see (which in this case is not fulfilled)?

Is this the reason why you don't succeed to feel pleased and still in need ?

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Abraham says that it is the nature of life to expand. We expand by launching desires, fulfilling them, and then launching new desires in a never-ending stream of desire-fulfillment expansion.

True fulfillment, for the most part, lies not in the achievement of dreams, but in the pursuit of them.


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You are quite right Pierre. When a need remains even though you thought you've already fulfilled it,that means it wasn't. You have to look deeper, maybe from a different angle, to get to what that need is really all about.

thank you, namaste


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agreed, not fulfilled so still sending messages of need more; unless the need was too selfish

(04 Nov '10, 22:05) fred

I would agree with Vesuvius here. I think it is just a case of you having fulfilled that need has caused you to want the thing again or want something even bigger. Just like once you get your first car, you now want a nicer car.

You will always feel unfilfilled at any time in life because you are always launching desires from your current set point and as desires manifest, your new physical reality causes you to lauch even more desires.

It is true that the pleasure you get from a desire manifesting is not as much as you previously thought it would be and very short lived.

This is because most people do not realise that the real thrill should derived from the journey, from the point the desire was launched to the point the desire manifests in physical reality. Because this journey involves the greatest vibrational change. And they wait till the desire manifests in physical reality before they let themselves experience that joy.

If people learned to enjoy the ride more, then they would feel a lot less unfulfilled in life.


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Pink Diamond

For me it is all in the Want versus Need aspect.

All I ever need I already have.

All I ever want is something totally different because for me Need implies lack but Want implies desire. And as others have said, Desire and the manifestation of them is a beautiful process. It is fun to witness the change in vibrations and catch the alignment so to say. But the second my wants become needs I feel myself experiencing a setback.

You always have everything you would ever need and everything you can ever want is yours for the taking as long as it is in your Vibrational make-up.

Much Love



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jim 10

I would call it a Phase that would pass, until you desire something else of a greater magnitude, and intensity, and this process could repeat it self, over, and over. It is just like a kid with a new Toy.


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may not have a meaning, per say, but a cause, whether a belief or a respite from empiteness


answered 16 Nov '10, 01:39

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