I was searching around inward quest when I found a post on persistent prayer and how it works. I was wondering if this could work in the same way persistent focus and action towards a goal then surrendering it to the Universe to handle with a quik release works in the same way.

To me persistent focus/action on an outcome is another form of alignment. What most people forget is the missing piece (the surrender/release) after you've put all that energy into it.

There are much easier ways to get aligned than what I've mentioned but this method to me would resonate more with people who don't have as much experience with letting go and who just started there spiritual journey.

I would imagine that this approach of persistence and release are powerful because your physical action towards the goal is getting in alignment with what you want followed by a quik release and giving it to the universe to handle from a place of surrender.

This is kind of like the story with the rubber band being stretched to it's limit and then snapping back in to place after letting it go.


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Thanks. I'll have to look into this one.

(01 May '15, 01:06) MrFeelGood
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Taking persistent physical action towards a goal up to your minds limit to align , then letting go/surrendering it to the universe to handle with a release. Does This work?

Yes, this would work.

But now let's remove the words in bold and look at your statement again...

letting go/surrendering it to the universe to handle with a release. Does This work?

This would work just as well and you've just saved yourself some pain and effort :)

All that the persistence bit is really doing (from a reality creation point of view) is clarifying your Step 1 desire. But you could do the same thing by just writing out a request for what you want


Depending on your emotional attitude during the persistence phase, you can also classify it as Step 3 also. This is what Bashar's Find Your Highest Excitement approach is about but here you are taking action purely for alignment reasons, not to make anything physical happen.

Both focus and allowing are required for the manifesting process but the focus part happens automatically in the moment you decide you want something - so it's optional.

In the end, it comes down to your belief system. If you have ingrained beliefs that say persistent focus/action (let's call it "hard work") is necessary before you can allow yourself to have your desire then you'll have to do the "hard work".

There's nothing wrong with that approach. But, for me, personally, I find it easier to turn it all around and dispense with the "hard work" belief instead :)


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@Stingray- Oh, how I wish that everything I did came easily because of my beliefs. But I waver in my beliefs- Sometimes, I fail to apply all the rules of manifesting. Or I forget to do it with everything . They say that Faith is a gift. I am trying to be faithful to this, but sometimes, I am unable to believe. Than what? Persistence.Thank you so much for being here. ♥Jai

(01 May '15, 06:06) Jaianniah

I was reading my old diaries last week and I have a nice example of how easy it is to manifest by just letting go with no action at all. I had noted in my diary that I had a crush on a big TV star. I wrote that in an interview he had stated he shopped in a supermarket across town from where I lived. I made a note to shop there and look out for him - I never did I just forgot all about it! About 5 months later I met him through work. He actually asked me out for a coffee...

(01 May '15, 11:02) Yes

.... I had a boyfriend so declined but that is a classic example of a manifestation that happened effortlessly. I even forgot to take the action - to go to the supermarket to look for him. I just asked (writing in my diary) and let go and, through work, he manifested in my life. This was before I knew anything about LOA. You could class that as a 'big' manifestation. :) And, yet, I did nothing but write down what I wanted and forget all about it. The universe did the rest.

(01 May '15, 11:06) Yes

@Yes- I would be interested to know your exact state of mind when you were thinking about the big TV star. This is a "for real" question- I never seem to be able to put out the right energy or vibes or whatever to manifest. @Stingray, help!

(01 May '15, 11:26) Jaianniah

Hi @Jaianniah, I had seen him on TV and he caught my attention. Later I read an interview with him where he mentioned the area he lived in, in the same city as me, and I thought wouldn't it be nice if I went over to his area and bumped into him. I wrote a few sentences about it in my diary. State of mind was probably relaxed desire, lightly wanting Abraham calls it. I then let go (by completely forgetting about it) He came into my life about 5 months later, not where he lived but where I worked.

(01 May '15, 12:42) Yes

@Yes-This makes sense. I remember that, when I put Wade's name in a box, I did so almost lightly, humorously- not with grasping determination. I needed you to remind me how I felt, and you did. Now I remember. Thanks ever so much. ♫♫♫ Jai

(01 May '15, 13:31) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah Glad I could help you! :)

(01 May '15, 13:34) Yes

Thank you stingray. I agree with this one. Letting go all together is ultimate for me. Iv'e been trying to help my younger brother manifest his goals in a way he would understand. I introduced him to energy clearing. Who knows he might advance to understanding the art of letting go completely. But for now he has a lot to know about himself and a long way to go on his spiritual journey. Thank you

(01 May '15, 15:18) MrFeelGood
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There is a lot to be said for persistence. If you have a boulder, and desire to move it to the top of a hill, you must carry the boulder up, or try to slide it, or roll it up. Each foot up the hill, you create more and more of what is called in physics potential energy.

alt text

Ants are terribly into persistence, of course! Ever try to have a picnic on the ground? They are known to carry huge loads much bigger then themselves all the time. Of course, they are hard-wired to push on. We have a choice, because we think. But, plugging away at a task- being consistent as well as persistent, can really pay off, for you will be creating a sort of spiritual potential energy.

Now, it is important to set goals, and to try hard to achieve them. Have you ever looked into a day planner system? These systems are hugely into goal-setting. Again, breaking a task into small and achievable steps almost guarantees the achievement. But do not forget that spiritual potential energy. For we are about to release it.

Once we reach the top of the hill with our boulder, we stop for a breath. We have achieved our goal. Now what? The boulder is poised for action.

alt text

One little nudge, and the rock will fall, and all that potential energy is converted into kinetic energy. The same with the goal you set. When all the steps are completed, you now convert the potential to kinetic, and...let 'er rip! With our spiritual potential energy, the results are greater than if we just sat still. I believe in persistence. But I do not believe in obsession. Obsession never lets go of the outcome; the outcome never arrives for the obsessed.

Our goal manifests because we were persistent in our discipline. We moved the rock. and pushed the rock. Then, we let go. Simple? I think so. Easy? Never!

alt text

Blessings to all,



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@MrFeelGood- Do you ever have this feeling that there is nobody at this site but Us?

(01 May '15, 00:48) Jaianniah

Kind Of. I don't know what to make of it. Thank You for your answer.

(01 May '15, 01:04) MrFeelGood

@MrFeelGood- and @AllPeople- This site used to be much more active. I do not know what to make of it, either. You are welcome- thanks for asking.♫♫♫♥♥

(01 May '15, 01:10) Jaianniah
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Of course it would work - and that's exactly how you get most things in your life. Why is this even a question?

If you are learning to drive would you not do exactly that? You'd practise persistently as much as you can, then let go of the desire of result at the time of the test (because otherwise you may get yourself stressed) - and voila, you have passed. Or you haven't - but it doesn't matter anyway, because you are just going to repeat the same process.

If you want to learn German, would you not practise every day in any way you can, and wouldn't you get better and better in the proccess?

Where you can take meaningful action - you must take them. That's why you were given the brain - to decide what action to take and how and when. I challenge you to learn driving without ever practising driving, and to become fluent in German without ever practising a word of German. Yes, someone at a ultra-high level of consciousness may be able to bend those rules - but I am prepared to bet a very large amount of money that it's not going to be you.

If you are prepared to spend a few reincarnations to get to a stage where you can master everything without doing any actual work, then absolutely, go ahead.

For example you may finally learn to drive using your mind alone without doing any work (in "Matrix" style) - eventually, in the year 3065, after reincarnating six times following this life. But if you want to learn driving this year or be fluent in German next year, then there are better alternatives around.


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