When we are in the vortex, all is well. So, if we are in the vortex, can we also notice what we don't have or our unfulfilled desires? Wouldn't this be a paradox? How can we be in the vortex and have unfulfilled desires at the same time?

asked 31 May '12, 13:35

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Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess, what is the vortex?

(01 Jun '12, 06:38) SR7

It is what Abraham call the state of happiness, I guess.

(01 Jun '12, 07:27) Fairy Princess
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When you are Vortex-aligned, you can certainly notice what you don't have...but you don't care that you don't have it :)

The reason you want any physical manifestation anyway is because you think that once you have it, it will make you feel good/better.

Since being Vortex-aligned is the best you can possibly feel in that moment then, in that alignment, you've effectively achieved what all those physical manifestations would have brought you anyway.

But, as Paulina has pointed out, no-one can stay in the Vortex all the time (because the Vortex is not a static place) so eventually you'll find yourself "kicked out" of it by the natural process of launching new desires that you have not yet aligned with.

There is nothing paradoxical about feeling good and still having unfulfilled desires.

After being satisfied after eating a delicious meal, do you get upset because you know that there is still uneaten food in the world and you will soon be hungry again? Or do you enjoy the pleasure of the moment, and look forward to eating more delicious meals in the future when the hunger returns?


answered 31 May '12, 16:39

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Yes, you always notice what you have and don't have. Unless you attempt to close your eyes and use your imagination only, and even then, certain pictures or thoughts - the same way that external environment - can remind you of things you don't have.

But when in happy state of mind, your the approach towards the lack of things is different.

(01 Jun '12, 07:58) CalonLan

When one is in the vortex one is feeling good and when one feels good ones mind is positive and not bothered with what we don't have.

Feel good and all you want will be attracted to you. The problem is no one can be in the vortex all of the time so when one is feeing good make the most of it.


answered 31 May '12, 16:20

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Paulina 1

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