Regarding the idea that we decide to enter life in a certain way to learn lessons or so others can learn from us - what is the point in that?

Where does this idea come from that we have to learn something these big life lessons?

Once we learn our lesson or others learn from us, then what?

Are we sure we are not creating the purposes of situations to make ourselves feel better?

Why didn't we all just choose a life where we already knew all these "life lessons"?

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Hi! Please show me where it says that we "choose" our lives.

I know this is a popular concept, helped along by belief in Karma. If I am a good person in my last life, then, when I reincarnate, I get a "better" life...or if I am bad, then my next life is one of suffering and pain...

This is all speculation. The idea that I would have chosen a life where I suffer incredible pain for the majority of its length is absurd to me. I might make good use of what the pain teaches me; I might be an good example of quiet suffering to another person; I might become a saint.

But to choose this??? Deliberately?? It is the height of masochism...

I have a niece who was born with five holes in her heart. She nearly died because she had reflux, and could not gain enough weight to have the surgery to fix her heart. After a year of intense suffering and misery, both on her part, and that of my sister and brother-in-law, I began to see that the idea that Amy "chose" to experience this was absurd. Her brain was in no way mature enough to even remember what happened to her.

Al;so, what parent would decide that experiencing the suffering of his or her first-born child was going to be some sort of "good" or "learning " experience is crazy.

I know that this goes contrary to what a lot of folks believe today- but I have thought long and hard about this subject, and have decided that no one would "choose" such a life. I have been suffering severe and intense pain for a year and a half now, and there is simply no point to this at all! I might become a better person than I would have been, but surely, I would have walked my Christian path irregardless of my pain or not.

Please, please reconsider this point of view. I think it is absolutely without sense.

Blessings, Jai


answered 05 Nov '10, 02:12

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I agree........

(05 Nov '10, 15:33) Back2Basics

You or your niece may not have chosen these circumstances. But you must surely agree that you choose whether or not to make peace with them, and to learn from them. To achieve a measure of grace, if you will.

(05 Nov '10, 17:23) Vesuvius

Why didn't we all just choose a life where we already knew all these "life lessons"?

Because that would be uninteresting.

It is clear from the nature of this life that we subject ourselves to limitations of all kinds. I believe the basic principle behind these limitations is that we are not "all-knowing." This principle creates what Abraham calls "contrast;" experiencing that contrast is what causes us to launch desires. Many of those are desires to overcome our limitations.

Let me ask you this: Is a movie more fun to watch if you already know the plot? Personally, I find movies much more interesting if I know absolutely nothing about them when I go to see them. That's why I never watch previews. The last movie I saw in the theater was "The Social Network." The only thing I knew about it was that it was a story about the founder of Facebook. I was captivated.

Interestingly, prior to the movie, there was a preview for another movie. It was one of those previews that basically tells you the entire plot of the movie. After the preview was done, I leaned over to my wife, and whispered in her ear, "Well, I guess I don't have to see that one."

Richard Bach said once that everything in life can be fit into two categories: fun and learning. The most fulfilling aspects of life incorporate both. Wouldn't it be a shame if we missed out on the learning?


answered 04 Nov '10, 17:24

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I would hope our limits and struggles are worth more than keeping life interesting....if it is all about keeping life interesting, perhaps there would be a better way then suffering, war, etc....

(04 Nov '10, 19:50) Back2Basics

@Back: Why do people watch horror movies?

(05 Nov '10, 17:18) Vesuvius

Because they can see bad things happen to other people in a fairy tale world.....and yes while they do enjoy the "scares" of it I do not think it necessarily means that's what they seek from life.

(05 Nov '10, 20:00) Back2Basics

B2B, what is better way to experience a scary movie or any other movie for that matter? By creating and starring in our own show.

(09 Nov '10, 00:01) Drham
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B2B, life is more than just learning lessons. Life is about having the experience of being in a physical form. That is why we should be having fun. learning lessons is important for those who are still trying to figure it out. But once you figure out that there is really nothing to learn then you can let go and have a good time.


answered 05 Nov '10, 00:10

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Well said, Drham. You call it "learning lessons" from outside the Vortex but "having fun" from inside the Vortex

(05 Nov '10, 09:08) Stingray


(05 Nov '10, 15:31) Back2Basics
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