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Just want to share with you following. I know a lot of you folks are always looking for a technique to manifest things and we now all understand that we create our perception of the world or reality. Actually, it is perceptions and realities. We often refer to it in singular that one may get notion that a person has only one reality.

The fact is, each of us has several realities existing simultaneously, I personally know of 4 major ones in my life.

Now, we may be pursuing a certain goal or a dream so eagerly, we forget to check which goggles we have put on, or in other words from which reality we approach it. A dream pursuit from a wrong reality will most probably result in failure.

So one may figure that a reality check prior to undertaking any action towards our goals might be of a great benefit in assuring the most effective results. This is because in various realities your priorities might be shifted or completely different. The more you understand your own realities, the easier it will be to switch from one to another, resulting in better handling whatever the situation comes up.

First thing to do, is to recognize which realities you have in your life. This can be done easily by identifying a common indicator from one area of life. When you then want to jump from one reality to another, you use the indicator to identify your current mindset and using the indicator you jump to another reality of yours. If you have hard time imagining this using indicator, think of it as doors through which you can go from one reality to another. It's a door that help you tune you into another, desired, reality.

Lets see this on an example. For me it would be CARS. In various mindsets of mine I prefer a different car.

When I'm in a 1 - depressed reality - I would accept this car as my car I would accept this car

But I'm not in that reality right now, so no wonder I find it butt ugly.

In 2 - average state of mind - alt text

In 3 - Productive reality -

alt text

In 4 - Desired reality - alt text

I think the difference in between all four perceptions is clearly visible. And that's just cars. If you learn about each of those realities closer, you find your perception might be changed for almost everything.

Lets see what that could mean. For example buying a car 1 - depressed - come what may. Give me something that moves and gets me from A to B. I'm cool with it as long as it doesn't rain on me. 2 - average - I earn this amount of money, so I must save that amount of money and I can afford this car. 3 - productive - I really wanna make the best use of what I can get, so if I get a bigger car with more space, I can transport more stuff, increasing efficiency of my work/transportation, thus making this buy profitable. 4 - desired - life's too fun and I'm too awesome to drive around in something else than an awesome car. I gotta find a better payed job to get it

See the huge difference between average and desired state of mind? In average one I alter my DREAMS to fit my SITUATION. Whereas in desired one I alter my situation to fit my DREAMS. The difference is so ...HUGE.

And this is just buying a car, there's so much more situation that come up. Got a new job offered, a girl/guy walks up to you in a bar, somebody asks you a favor or simply you want to cook yourself a dinner.


So by finding your indicator/doors, you can easily tune into a different perception by using it (imagine it, see it, feel it, listen to it - whatever your indicator is (pictures, songs, cars, planes, flowers..etc.)). If I find myself in Honda Civic mood when going out with friends, I better make sure I get into Chevvy state of mind before entering a club. The experience will be completely different then and so much better and happier.

So think (of your indicator of reality to check it's just right), before you act (on whatever task at hand). :-)

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@Paulina 1, it's totally Okey ;-)

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I like Paulina's one sentence summary:

"Don't alter your dream to fit your situation but alter your situation to fit your dream."


"Don't change your desire to own a house to fit your current apartment situation...but change your current apartment situation to fit your desire to own a house.


"Don't change your desire to go out Saturday night to fit your current situation of no friends to go with....but change your current situation of no friends to go with to fit your desire to go out Saturday night."


"Don't change your desire to be physically fit to fit your current situation of being a couch potato....but change your current situation of being a couch potato to fit your desire to be physically fit."

...umm very interesting


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Very nicely transcribed to other situations. Almost got a teary eye when you realize it's not about giving up but giving in (as in applying yourself completely). :-)

(09 Aug '12, 02:19) CalonLan

Hi CalonLan, Thanks for sharing this for it makes good sense. Don't alter your dream to fit your situation but alter your situation to fit your dream. Love it and I'm going to tweet this.


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Paulina 1

there may be but one reality
yet as many personalities as
there are individuals with
eachs suppositions of
how it is to be for them


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