Why is the Law of Attraction not mentioned in the media? If Law of Attraction is so scientific and accurate then it must be offered as solution to every life problem

We claim that LoA is scientific and not some hypothesis. If it's a law, like gravity, then it must be equally applicable to every single human being regardless of them believing in it or not. And like gravity (a universal law) nobody should be able to refute it so how come people refute it as not being a law? Can we have some experiments supporting our claim of LoA being a universal law and finish this debate of law or no law once and for all and post that spread this powerful law to every single human being and help mankind live a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

why aren't scientists and scientific community coming in open and supporting this wonderful movement as I believe this could be the best service we can do to God by serving the mankind.

Can you suggest some authors who have written some books or websites providing experiments to prove that LoA is indeed a law and any problem be it related to money, health, love, relationship, national or anything can be resolved just by altering theway we think.

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Some of the most brilliant scientists in the world have already come forth with studies and experiments that prove the power of consciousness and intent to directly influence physical reality. For instance, Roger Penrose and William Tiller. Why their findings haven't been embraced by the majority of the scientific world is an interesting question...but a cursory glance at history reveals that this has always been the case. As Tiller states, they are seeking self consistency, not the truth.

(13 Apr '14, 17:10) lozenge123

I imagine people asked similar questions during the time of Colombus, I.e., if the world is indeed round, why isn't that notion being embraced by all the great thinkers in the world at this time?

(13 Apr '14, 17:23) lozenge123

it is interesting how much weight is put on the observer to be able to see, especially since, for now, it may be an 1/8th of creation

(16 Apr '14, 05:53) fred
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Can't you disprove gravity with anti-gravity?

In the same way, if you say that Law of Attraction is just fantasy and wishful thinking then that is what it will be for you.


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The law of attraction has been known under many different names and it's effects have been brought to light throughout history, a good example is the old family Bible. Nowadays the law of attraction is largely rendered public.

So how come it seems to have so little effect? because becoming aware of the law of attraction and deepen your understanding of it is an individual process ...

The media is a means of communication that reach large numbers of people such as television, internet, radio, newspapers. All these means of communication use written or spoken languages, pictures, music etc ... what are words and sentences but strings of symbols arranged in a particular order, the same goes for pictures and music they are symbols arranged in a particular fashion.

To most english speaking people chinese is an incomprehensible mass of symbols that don't mean anything ... to most chinese speaking people the english language is a load of gibberish; a language is something that we learn and is thus just another belief system.

So words don't mean anything, however you are alive and life is life and cannot be studied by scientific means, science uses symbols and is thus yet again just another belief system.

So why am i writing these words if they don't mean anything? because whilst you are reading these words you are silent and attentive and that's exactly what you need to train the consciousness to a higher state of spiritual insight and calmness. Awareness, consciousness are just words that don't mean anything, awareness cannot be practiced, you don't become aware because you want to.

The extent that you're aware is the extent that you're alive, if you're not aware of something it cannot exist in your experience, only that which you're aware of exists in your experience. Awareness is you, you are awareness. You can become aware as an individual through simple methods, that way the very way that you perceive the world becomes different, the very way that you exist and experience your existence is different simply because your awareness has included more possibilities into itself.

Awareness can be compared to a light bulb, imagine that you have a 20 watt light bulb that light's up a certain area around you, greater awareness would be like replacing that light bulb with a 100 watt bulb which allows you to expand your area of perception ... it's an individual process no one can do it for you



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jaz, you address many valid points, yet he would say the extent one is aware also depends on perceptive capabilities, one cannot see what one cannot see. how clear and inclusive does one keep receptiveness, is there recognition of the archetypes

(15 Apr '14, 14:49) fred

yes fred, perception and awareness are interactive and without limits

(16 Apr '14, 01:19) jaz

perhaps, enhancing the search of our spirits impulse to know

(17 Apr '14, 05:37) fred
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You switched your question instead of elaborated on your question. I will for now at least answer your header question.

The law of attraction has been in the media.

Larry King did a big 2 part special on, "The Secret."

Ellen Degenerous did a special on "The Secret."

Also last but not least Opra Winfreed did a big 2 part special on "The Secret."







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We do see it in the media, but unfortunately it's mainly revolved around the blockbuster movie "The Secret." Which lacks information and people are walking away with no results and calling the LOA a joke. It makes the cast (Ester Hicks, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, etc) look bad. Apparently Ester Hicks stated that a lot of what she said was edited out of The Secret. There's only one thing that fuels the media and that's money. They want a topic that will attract lots of viewers to their show. This makes their advertisers happy, which means they're making money and getting good ratings. That's it! That's all! They couldn't care about anything else or helping society or their fellow man. It's a shame but they really don't care.

The scientific community does know about it, I think they call it the Placebo Effect? Scientists don't really jump forward because it could cost them their career. The scientists that come to my mind that openly talk about it are Greg Braden and Bruce Lipton, but they left their scientist jobs long ago to write books and speak at public events (for money). It seems all the people who publically teach and speak about the Law of Attraction are motivational speakers (for money).

Why don't other scientists jump forward with this knowledge? Again, it will damage their careers. A good example is the Bosnian Pyramids. It was known to young scientists starting their careers not to get involved in any way with those pyramids because they will get a black mark beside their name which will pretty much ruin their career. Ruined career equals no money, no grants, no pension, and have to work at McDonald's to survive! That's why you don't see many top professional people working on the excavation in Bosnia, it's mainly volunteers.

But there is hope! Just look back 30 years ago, nobody talked about the Law of Attraction. We have come a long way. It maybe another 30 - 50 years for the media to openly broadcast in the way you question. Remember, there's still a lot of people who think there's an old man with a long white beard sitting on the clouds in a robe who runs this earth, to them the Law of Attraction is nonsense.


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@Eldavo My answer answered the media part, yours the scientific part. Good job, I like this answer. + 1

(16 Apr '14, 01:09) Wade Casaldi

Good team work! lol

(16 Apr '14, 12:45) Eldavo

I do not know of anyone actually claiming that Law of Attraction is scientific, at least not anyone who understands what it means to call something scientific. For something to be considered "scientific", it has to conform to the principles and methods used by science. The individuals who have applied its principles and have proven to themselves that it works, is the only evidence for the reality of Law of Attraction. A far as any scientist is concerned; LOA is just one more faith-based concept, one that will have a hard time passing the rigors of the scientific method.

Before any major media news flash of some new scientific discovery can happen it will have to go through a process that begins with an OBSERVATION of some phenomena such as gravity. For LOA, the scientist might observe how his desires appear to manifest when certain mental and emotional conditions are present. He will then have to come up with a way to explain what he thinks is happening and why. This unproven explanation for what he observes is called a HYPOTHESIS. The scientist then uses his hypothesis to make PREDICTIONS about what will result when he TESTS his hypothesis. After many tests by him and others who can verify his hypothesis, and the results remain consistent, the scientist can formulate a scientific THEORY. Theories in science are not necessarily universal truths. They are subject to changes based on new data, often discovered because of technological advances. An example of this happening was when Einstein's theory of gravity updated Newton's, with the discovery of general relativity. In science, a newer theory does not disprove the old, it only enhances it. To summarize, the scientific method adheres to a process of:

Observation > Hypothesis > Prediction > Testing >Theory

That is what has to happen before it makes the six o'clock news. We may know that Law of Attraction is how we create our own reality, however it would be hard to predict and test it and get the consistent results from a variety of sources, as is required by the Scientific method. Even though it is always working in everyone's life with or without proof and regardless of the individuals' conscious awareness. Therefore, it remains a matter of faith, along with life after death, reincarnation and religion.


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