Are there certain cultures or ethnic groups with a lower/higher quality of consciousness?

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Since we're all part of the one consciousness, I don't think it's fair to say that some cultures are higher or lower than others.

As individuals we are all at different stages on our journey and some are vibrating at higher frequencies than others - none better or worse, since each of us plays a unique part in the overall big picture or evolution of our species. I think this same theory can be applied to groups or cultures - some are evolving at a greater speed than others, but once again none better or worse than others, just all part of that Divine order.

From this perspective, it becomes soo easy to accept everyone just as they are, because we are all right where we should be.


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"some are evolving at a greater speed than others" - which ones do you think are more evolved?

(10 Nov '10, 17:23) Back2Basics

Not for me to judge. I think the greatest thing I can do is to be concerned with my own evolution and hopefully be an example to those I come in contact with :)

(10 Nov '10, 20:25) Michaela

Nice Michaela, very nice.

(10 Nov '10, 21:24) jim 10
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Thank you for this great question. I had not thought about it in that light but maybe we all have in other ways.

I think it is quite possible that the answer is yes. There might be other cultures that vibrate on a more harmonious frequency than most. And who it might be might sound surprising.

People or cultures we sometimes refer to as "third world" in underdeveloped countries might actually have an advantage. To obtain a higher conscious one might need a less cluttered and less over worked mind and body. Living with what you need, food shelter and more importantly better family units creates an atmosphere just right for cultivating work on your inside and consciousness. A simpler life. A lot of these cultures are close with nature, honor the earth and its creatures. They manifest the joy they want and we assume they are miserable.

Of course all cultures and groups have some that stand out in their vibrational skills and these are our teachers and guides.

Thats my 3 cents :) (none of my theories have been quantified)

Mucho Amor



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jim 10

I like it! Mucho Amor!

(12 Nov '10, 09:28) daniele

Many of our great teachers have not been from western cultures. Not sure about the masses. India for example. The masses could have many characteristics. There is a huge diversity there. Many ethic belief in one country. It would unfair to say whose higher or lower. Their belief are not usually for us. Our beliefs do not work for them. The great ones tell the whole planet is evolving. I hope they are right.


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I suspect that the Native American culture has a lot to offer. We've managed to ignore their wisdom regarding the natural world to our detrement Maybe we could take the time to look at the "Great Spirit" concept. There is some truth there that resonates with me. Gary


answered 11 Nov '10, 04:35

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Gary 1

I would say from the perspective of one people, one nation, one destiny, and one consciousness, we all have different gifts, and talents, different strengths and weakness, and that as a whole we use these gifts to help and compliment each other in the same ways. I see each gift, or talent, or strength, or weakness, as equally important to the other, because it is of the same value.


answered 12 Nov '10, 03:14

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Very well said Vee!

(12 Nov '10, 09:30) daniele
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