If a person has completely no knowledge about being able to manifest or create but pick it up later and then stop completely, would his life end up being for the better or for the worse?

It seems that if a person has some experience with deliberate creation it would be quite difficult for him to go back to the way he was in the past and letting nature take its own course?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

You are manifesting everything in your reality every single moment of every day of your life so it's not possible to ever stop :)

But I think what you mean is a situation where someone is ignorant that they are doing this, wakes up to the knowledge, and then wishes to forget again that they are (in every way) responsible for their own lives.

I think it's probably a bit like realizing, as a child, that Santa Claus doesn't really exist - hope I've not spoiled that surprise for anyone here :) - and then deciding that the world was actually better when you had the illusion of Santa Claus and then trying to make yourself go back to pretending that he does exist again.

While you could probably do it, I think there would be a part of you that would always know that you were faking it and it wouldn't be the same "innocent" experience it was previously. So, in that sense your "innocent" life that you tried to go back to, would always be worse than before you had the knowledge.

It's a bit like in the first Matrix movie where Neo awakens to a broader reality and then goes back into the Matrix and sees the same reality he was previously used to - but now with awakened eyes - and realizes it's all just an empty illusion after all.

Personally, I think it's always a one way trip.

Once the realization dawns that physical reality is not random and chaotic but is a perfectly orchestrated reflection of our predominant habits of thought, I don't think you can ever truly hide from that knowledge again.

And why would you want to?

Knowing that you are responsible for your own reality is not a curse... it's the greatest gift you could ever give to yourself because in knowing it's all up to you, it also means no-one and nothing outside of you can influence it apart from you.

That knowledge brings all your power back to YOU


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Amen brother @Stingray! All you have to give up is the delusion that you are a victim of outside influences and take responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life! If you are responsible, you can change it.

You write the script of your life. Direct it. Cast the characters. The cameraman. The choreographer. The projectionist. The audience. And you are FREE! Free to change it at any time. Free to turn on the lights and walk out of the theater. Is that enough freedom for you?!?!

(23 Apr '12, 19:37) Dollar Bill

"Why would you want to?" Because it is tough and difficult , and feeling guilty when you know you are having negative emotions does not help that much either. Just thinking that sometimes it is still better to adapt the old saying of letting nature takes its course

(23 Apr '12, 20:13) kakaboo

You mean there's no Santa Claus?? What if we choose to believe there is? :))

(23 Apr '12, 20:40) Michaela

@kakaboo maybe you need a break. Just give it up for awhile. Relax. You're always creating and that power will always be yours... so don't worry. I "give up" sometimes... and things literally go poof... fixed. Its just the same as letting go. Don't try too hard:O)

(24 Apr '12, 00:04) LapisLazuli

Sorry @Michaela, it's just not going to work. It doesn't matter how much you try to delude yourself, it simply won't change the hard fact that Santa Claus is just the Easter Bunny in disguise :)

(24 Apr '12, 13:51) Stingray

@LapisLazuli My problem is not so much about not being able to manifest the things I want. My problem is that since I have slowly begun to think that manifestation is supposed to be 'effortless', then I always take the easy way out and avoid doing anything at all when something needs to be done.

(25 Apr '12, 10:17) kakaboo

For instance, I'm studying in university right now, but since I don feel like studying most of the time I dont, since I think that even without a degree I will still be able to get what I want in the future, but then that doesnt seem right

(25 Apr '12, 10:17) kakaboo

@Stingray...Awwh!! Now You've really burst my bubble:))

(25 Apr '12, 22:13) Michaela

Hi Kakaboo.
check this out : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF8uR6Z6KLc

(26 Apr '12, 00:46) The Traveller
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Once you understand any sort of conscious awareness, they say, "a mind expanded never returns to it's original shape." Therefore, the idea of deliberate creation will always be in the mind of those who know about it.

Another point, it's good to let go and just let things happen deliberately. kind of like looking for something you misplaced, and then as soon as you release it and forget about searching, you continue with some sort of casual activity, and behold, there it is, right where you left it.


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worse and better are 2 opposite of the same truth. and the truth simply is. know the truth and make your choice. and do not forget you are not alone in this world. it is not because people make inequity that you should go in the same way they go and think that it will solve the problem.if so you are on the wide gate of destruction.example: people make war,will you partake of this and do the same? or would you use your power and destroy all the people that do war? if so how could those children learn from those error? the best would be to make them learn of their error and make them see what their choice is doing. once they learn the truth they can make better choice. but if they do not want to see the truth they stay in their sin. and they have no one else to blame.


answered 23 Apr '12, 19:52

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white tiger

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