i observed that when i concentrate in my inner self,inner dialogue starts.Such as i am asking a question and someone other replying.

Is this useful or i should quit inner dialogue.Is this that my inner self replying me or my mind playing trick on me?

I read somewhere that inner voices could be from inner guides.

I am afraid that this could lead to schizophrenia?

I want expert opinion on this.

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It depends on what questions you are asking and why you are asking them and the purpose of your meditation. If you are meditating to clear your mind, then inner dialogue is not usefull. But you don't eliminate thoughts with battle or resistance, but with allowing and releasing, letting go. In the book The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle says that to understand presense, to close your eyes and say, "I wonder what my next thought is going to be." He says to then wait "like a cat watching a mouse hole."


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The inner chat that you have is a result of a sequence of events, the last step of which is your inner chat.

You may think that your inner chat is completely random, which is true to a certain extent.

Inner chat appears random because the moment at which you get to notice your inner chat it seems like it just began all by itself without any urge or influence from within you and external to you.

Most psychiatrics will tell you to start talking about your problems so that they can get to the feeling and memories behind that conversation.

That is the same as someone telling you "I want you to draw what you are feeling in pictures upon this paper so that I can tell you what it is that you are feeling"

In your single attempt to capture, your inner feelings you could attempt to draw something to represent it, and during the process experience many flashing memories and feelings, that far exceed your ability to capture it in a single drawing.

In other words, the things within you that cause you to have a thought, words, sentences, conversations, expressions of passion, etc. are far more vast and complex in comparison to the resultant expression that we recognize as a random thought.

By the time, you have a thought you are catching your reaction to something that is up-until that point quite invisible to your consciousness.

Moreover, because it is invisible to you, it is described as a "random" thought.

Imagine if you walked at night along an un-familiar street in complete darkness and you had a small oil lamp to give you some light.

Let us say that this oil lamp only allowed you to see about 20feet ahead of you.

Then you could say that everything that surrounds you beyond your limited vision of 20feet is all random events.

The truth is they are not random.

They are already there; it is just that you have not encountered them within your 20-foot radius.

Likewise, because you are only aware of your thoughts when you actually "think" them you think they are all random thoughts.

You consciousness is constantly swimming in "events" in energy that are "Waiting to be thought" by you (so to speak).

Do not take that sentence literally, because on one hand "IT IS" exactly that way and on the other hand "IT IS NOT".

WE are dealing with stuff that is very hard to explain in plain language so the usual analytical arguments do not really make sense here.

Let us go back to that statement, There are "events in energy" waiting to be thought by you.

It is YOU that gives them life.

So how much you convert this into "inner conversation" or how you DO NOT ENGAGE it as "inner conversation" is completely UP TO YOU.

YOUR inner balance determines the LEVEL of inner conversation and the NATURE of this inner conversation.

If you are "agitated" or "high strung" or "easily upset" or "on the edge" your engagement with "events" and their resulting "inner conversation" will be high and you will be in constant inner turmoil.

You will find yourself constantly being upset over all kinds of things, events, people or anything for that matter.

You are self-abusing your mind with "addiction" except this addiction is within consciousness and it is just like eating food to get over the discomfort of being overweight.

However, it is happening in consciousness.

It is a state of mental misery that then attracts more energy of the same vibration, seeking further expression of misery.

The modern way to fix this is to put your mind in a drug induced haze so that you can chemically stimulate you pleasure center while masking your access to the "triggers"

The chemical wears off and you are back to where you were, and probably worse off than before.

However, you can catch yourself creating your own inner misery by learning to observe your inner chat and the underlying "attractors" of that inner chat.

Let us say that you have an innocent idea "I am treated unfairly"

That is and attractor.

What seems like and innocent statement within yourself is actually the foundation of a complex signature of attraction.

"I am treated unfairly" is not a sentence, it is actually a "feeling" and an energy signature that you converted into the sentence "I am treated unfairly"

The purpose of meditation is to turn your attention inwards so that you can observe what is happening within you at the smallest level of movement of consciousness.

You are supposed to observe your mind without a pre-conceived understanding, or expectation.

Most of you inner conversation is a product of pre-conceived understanding and expectation.

You inner expectation is the prequel to the inner conversation.

You know it by another name.

It is called BELIEFS.

You beliefs are the attractors and triggers of the inner conversation.

But those beliefs are energy signatures.

When you spend a lifetime accumulating these energy signatures they create an inner storm of constant inner dialog.

All these un-examined beliefs sit within your consciousness like a mountain of invisible attraction.

Meditation allows you to chip away at the mountain one belief at a time.

However, since the belief is invisible, you need to study the resultant "effect" that is triggered by the "invisible" belief.

That resultant effect is your inner conversation, and therefore you have to study your inner conversation to discover what hidden beliefs you have accumulated over time.

The complete release from inner conversation is what the Yogis of India strive for because it creates the conditions for enlightenment.

Basically, you are allowing the energy of creation the pass through your consciousness without engaging it with you intellect.

When you hold on to beliefs, you filter creation "All that is" into your intellect.

So the more "intellect" you have, the bigger the filter of beliefs, and the lesser you opportunity to discover that vibrationally matching inspiration is the real source of your random brilliance.

Observation of your inner chat during Meditation allows you to discover that it is so.


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use thoses stones to better your self. once there is nothing more to learn from thoses stone drop them in their proper place. if you throw thoses stones at someone fire will come out of thoses stones and burn you.

(04 Apr '12, 22:26) white tiger

you are starting your path and have found the real master you did not recognise him yet. one of those 2 is you the other is the ego. you are the master of the house the ego is the guard of the house for this world.

Jesus said, "Where there are three gods, they are gods. Where there are two or one, I am with him."

now you need to figure out who is the ego and who is the true self. and know this the choice is always yours the 3 part.

Jesus said, "This heaven will pass away, and the one above it will pass away. The dead are not alive, and the living will not die. In the days when you consumed what is dead, you made it what is alive. When you come to dwell in the light, what will you do? On the day when you were one you became two. But when you become two, what will you do?"


keep on the dialogue and solve those duality. that inner fight that you have with you. once all duality will be solve you will find the light.

i am not a divider am i?

experience and enjoy.


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