I'm 21 and kind of young and inexperienced with Switchwords. Earlier this morning I was remembering a former high school bully who had an attitude problem amongst other issues. I thought to myself that maybe I could heal this person with positive energies and switchwords which im trying to use on other people that could need it.

I would simply use the mantra - together - divine - cancel - "Insert Persons Name Here:______"

I'm worried that this former "bully" will find out it was me who sent them the healing.I don't know what will happen from here. My point is that I would like to know if you can anonymously send positivity to others with switch words or any other form of healing.

I myself have a mental condition and i'm trying to clear up everything unwanted that i've manifested and to also heal those people who have wronged me.

My main concern is doing something that I might regret even if it's in good intent.

I don't wish harm on anyone. I just want to clean up and rid myself of the obsticles and unwanted creations.

Thank You

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I think the Switchwords aspect of your question is not relevant because Switchwords are just condensed affirmations, and a normal affirmation is really just a statement of intent anyway.

So what you're really asking is whether someone can pick up on your intent to heal them.

First off, I'd say it's generally not a good policy to help people who are not asking for help in some way. It's a bit like giving advice to someone who isn't asking for advice. I'm sure just about everyone has been in that situation (on the receiving or giving end) at some point or another and discovered what an unpleasant experience that can be for all concerned.

When people are ready for advice and they believe you can help them, they'll ask you. Only then give it to them. Similarly with (absent) healing, if someone wants it and believes you can help them, they'll ask you.

absent healing

Helping people who are not asking for help is rather disempowering to them. It's an attempt to deprive them of an experience that they are choosing to have, and an attempt to make them dependent on you for their own connection to their "Source".

Obviously, in an attraction-based universe, you are not going to be able to impose your healing upon them, but you can still get yourself embroiled in vibrational attitudes that are not healthy for you. This is because it's an implication that you believe there is something wrong with them and you are going to fix it for them.

That attitude of "You need fixing" isn't a particularly good one to hold when dealing with anyone...especially since we are infinite multi-dimensional beings that don't need fixing...and even more especially since everyone else in your reality is just a reflection of you anyway - but that's another story and not what you're currently asking about :)

I've previously mentioned my own absent healing experiences and how unexpected the results can be when not asked for. See Can we send our energy remotely to other people? And, as mentioned there, while you can send the energy, it's still up to them how (or if) they choose to use it.

Coming specifically to your question, and concern, about whether someone could sense it's you sending the healing, I've personally been able to sense in the past when specific people have held an ill-intent towards me but not when they've had a good-intent towards me. For me, that "good energy" comes through anonymously. Others who are more vibrationally sensitive than me might have had different experiences but that's just what I've found (up to now).

But I'd ask you why are you worried about this at all?

Put the absent healing aspect to one side for a moment and consider how your bully would react if you gave him/her a million dollars? Or a new car? Or some other unexpected gift?

Would they really be angry with you for doing so? :)

I've found over a few years with messing with this stuff that a better attitude to hold if you genuinely want to be of benefit to others ("heal them" if you prefer) is to Let Your Inner Light Shine. Be who you really are. Be the best "You" that you can be. Reach your potential. Demonstrate through example.

In that way, you'll inspire others who come into contact with you (physically or vibrationally) to their own connections for themselves rather than trying to fix them into place and making them dependent upon you.

As the old saying goes: "Give a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish...and you can sell him fishing equipment." ...or something like that :)


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are you not responsible of your own choice. why seek to clean the outside of the cup first clean the inside of the cup.

it is like a man that say I want to help the other man that as bad water in is cup by giving him clean water from my cup but I have a mental condition and I'm trying to clear up everything unwanted that I've manifested and to also heal those people who have wronged me.

O son of man don't you know that everything comes from the inside going to the outside and when it affect another it does the same and come back to you from the outside to the inside. You might feel wronged but that other person might feel the same way that you are. If you have wronged him repent as he should also do. Have mercy on him as he should have mercy on you. The merciful shall receive mercy. Do not do good deeds to be seen by other; the one that sent you already know before you ask your intent. So do not lie and do not do what you hate because there is nothing hidden that will not be reveal whatever is veiled will be unveiled.

Do not remain in darkness and Solve your division each Passer by as free will and is responsible of is choice. so you see judging things from the outside with out discernment from the inside is futile.

Let there be light, Be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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