Whenever I'm getting close to manifesting something or when I truly realize that all of these things are real, I find myself feeling something like fear. For example, in the past I was able to conduct some little experiments successfully to prove the possibility of influencing little things, like the appearance of a free taxi at peak hour or finding many golf balls on a very busy course.

Now, whenever I'm in a situation in which I'd like to ask for something, I find myself positively excited but the excitement suddenly becomes anxiety and almost a hope that nothing happens. And it seems to me that this negative sensation then works strongly against whatever I'm trying to achieve, making it almost impossible.

I've read of similar problems, which are usually more subconscious and are related to the fear of suffering people of detaching themselves from that familiar situation. I'm in a completely different setting, whereby I have pretty much everything I want, except for some minor things, like the resolution of very minor health issues, and small increase in business success... nothing dramatic. Still, I'm in the way of my own accomplishment of these desires.

If you have any ideas on how to get rid of this silly self-sabotaging feelings, I'd be very grateful.


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Fear is often a lack of knowledge. You put out you desires with good intentions. But the what ifs start to make themselves present. These annoying little what if build upon each other and produce a larger what you have called fear. So in the three steps of Attraction you are not allowing (step 2) or better said allowing what you don't want.
So address your "what ifs" . Think through them.
Lets take business success. You want this, but a "what if" shows up. What if I become more successful I will have to pay more taxes , I will have to hire someone to work for me , people will try take advantage of my success. and so on and so forth. These are examples of "what ifs" .
Try and keep it simple,make your desires know to the universe and then let go, know that it will work out the way you want it to!
Turn the "*what ifs" around. As an example: Well I make more money in the success from my business, so I have the means to pay higher taxes, and theses taxes help the people where I live so it is a good thing.


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Very nice, thanks :) You just triggered a huge wave of thoughts I've never dealt with before. Amazing.

(03 Sep '14, 01:42) maugi

So @maugi how's it going? It's been a few days now.

(09 Sep '14, 00:18) ursixx

Is it a fear of disappointment. as in "What if what I really, really want and have invested all this time in, doesn't materialize?"

This is a common fear, and one suggestion I can offer is to focus on things you DO manifest regularly, and appreciate how well you manifest them. This awareness lets you fine tune your manifestations. Another is realizing that what you are wanting may not be large enough, or good enough for you, and that something better is just around the corner. Allow whatever happens to happen.

Fear is just a response to past habits and programming, mostly subconscious. You create in the NOW. Don't give up, you're almost there!


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Beach Baby

Chanting helps me. Chanting relaxes the vagus nerve. Try a long Voooooo sound and pause for 2 seconds before your inhale and exhale. Don't try to rid yourself of the fear just watch it transform!


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Here is what I would do in your situation.

I know that you have all that you want, and that's OK, but start regular manifesting sessions. I'm sure that there are things you can come up with to want. when you have built up such a long record of manifesting things, your fear of being a god will lessen.

what you are describing is a symptom of having mistaken beliefs in your belief system. That's something that LoA doesn't ever address, thought I found it was absolutely essential to my progress. Sometimes the best way to attack a mistaken belief is to do the opposite. Stop doing spontaneous manifestation (unless you like them) and start doing daily practice sessions.

You might also have a belief that it is wrong to have or use such powers. If you were raised in a Christian home, remember that this is the exact same technique that Jesus told us to use, and that will get rid of that limiting belief! Remember, beliefs are self-fulfilling fantasies. They are the fabric of our realities


answered 21 Sep '14, 16:21

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