why am i sabotaging my success subconsciously ? I am having trouble maintaining my success by reverting back to my old ways, why ?

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Persistence is the key - make a resolution to never give up. At times it will feel as though you are going backwards. As LeeAnn pointed out repitition is a key factor and when you combine this with determination and get up and dust yourself off every time you fall, your results will begin to change.

Remember you didn't develop all your old ways in a day so you're not going to change it in a day. Sometimes the hardest part is not the learning of new ways but the unlearning of old ones. Make that resolution to never give up and eventually things will begin to change and the enticement from the old way of being will, eventually, subside.


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It's not easy to change your way of thinking or your actions. Much of it is ingrained habit, and what you will easily fall back on. In my experience, it takes time and a lot of tedious repetition of the changed behavior, actions or thoughts. But don't give up. Keep going and you will see progress in the right direction.


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Anything that gets into the mental undercurrents will be seen through to a finish, regardless of external circumstances or conditions; and it is with difficulty that the course of these currents is changed when once they have been placed in full positive action.

It is highly important therefore that we permit nothing to take action in these undercurrents that we do not wish to encourage and promote; and for the same reason, it is equally important that we cause everything to take action in these currents that we do wish to encourage and promote. These undercurrents, however, act only through the subconscious, and are controlled by the subconscious. In consequence, it is the subconscious which we must understand and act upon if we want the power of mind to work with full capacity and produce the greatest measure possible of the results desired.


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What do you gain by keeping the thought that you have trouble in maintaining success? You need to redirect your thinking toward your success instead of focusing on your thought of "trouble in maintaining success." Your mind can ONLY think of ONE thought at a time and your responsibility in your life is to consciously and deliberately choose which specific thought you want to entertain, you must rise above your habitual thought by refocusing on what is most important to you in your life moment by moment, because your habitual thought wants control and it wants to stay the same and perhaps for you to stay successful there is some fear there that you are not ready to face. Remember,YOUR DESIRE TO SUCCESS HAS TO BE GREATER THEN YOUR HABITUAL THOUGHT!! There is always a better way in doing things when you LOOK for it.Please STOP looking for the things that are no longer useful to you, if success is what you want then LOOK for success!


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@ Michaela and LeeAnn1 you are assuming to defeat a habit with an opposing force of another habit, while there is much easier way out to go about it. See Bashar's comment on habit:

"The only reason it seems difficult is because of what you define a habit to be. Let me offer our definition of a Habit.

Habit..something you do, that you don't know you're doing. Once you know you're doing it, you don't have it anymore - its gone. When you know you have a habit, that does not mean its the beginning of the process of changing it, it means its the end, you don't have it anymore.

If you appear to keep doing it, that's because you have a definition of Habit that says this is difficult, now that I am aware I have this habit I have to go through some lengthy process full of struggle, in order to divest myself of this horribly difficult behavior pattern, I know this is just going to take years and years and years."

So in fact it is your own belief that something is difficult to change, that makes the change appear difficult. So what that you have been doing something over and over for years. The very moment you become SELF-AWARE of you doing the thing, you recognize your ability to CHOOSE. Thus, from that moment on, it is no longer a habit, it is a choice of your most desired preference. And if it is not, you will CHOOSE something else.

Subconscious automation is really in other words then only lack of self-awareness.


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