Dear all,

I love Abraham so much don't you? I had introduced to law of attraction and universe cycle of vibrations and laws through the secret but with Abraham it is something totally different it is more alive and it is : that's what I am talking about.

Following Abraham instructions and your experiences here, I get the business deal I am trying to manifest since long time. My work is continuing as I have to attract the outcome and customer for this deal to get my fruits.

I had noticed during last experiences that when everything is ready I get scared, frozen and going on thinking am I ready now, it is happening can I handle the results now and and, then fall in my self-sabotage and have to start over again.

These last months were huge work for me, I focused, like a student dealing with its exams and it showed.

I have an important interview during the coming days. I set an inexorable war on my scared success/change thoughts and I want to win them.

what can you suggest me as I really do not want to waste my efforts?

Love you all.

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

This is what Bashar calls "The Echo". It's the last remaining of doubt within you, being processed out, and allowing you to finally transform you reality. This happens because after many years of vibrating what you don't want (which formed beliefs), you are offering a new vibration, and since those vibrations are opposites - all the areas where the challenges remain will be highlighted in some way.

This is a challenge, and not a very easy one for mose people. It is looking at what you don't want still manifesting in your reality (what Abraham calls "all hell setting loose", although that sounds a bit dramatic), and with a smile continuing to vibrate appreciation. The keys for doing this are :

  1. Understand this is just the remaining doubts and negative programming presenting itself to you. This means that what you're doing is still working!! But you need to have faith in it.
  2. Understand that this is exciting!! Turn it into something positive and fun. You have the chance to make a transition to a new preffered reality! You are practicing your ability to vibrate what you want regardless of what's happening in the world without! It is a chance for you to finally change! You are reinforcing the state of being. You are truly changing. After all, if you are fooled by reality and in response to it still not showing you what you want, you go back to the old vibration of doubt and discouragement - then really this shows you are not really believing the change is going to happen. So show yourself you CAN change your beliefs, and that you CAN choose your vibration not according to what's happening around you, but according to what you want and what feels good. So be playful and appreciative about this brilliant phase of manifestation.
  3. And this is more specifically for you - I have the feeling you are creating a problem for yourself, since you are starting to focus on this problem, and explaining it, and looking for ways to "win the thoughts", as if there is any war or any enemy outside of you that is putting thoughts into your head. Do a focus wheel on this "problem" of yours. See how it actually has positive aspects! It is showing you the next pocket of resistance you have. Don't offer an unwanted vibration in response to this.

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man." -George Bernard Shaw, writer and Nobel laureate (1856–1950)


answered 25 Apr '12, 04:39

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Very nicely answered question. I agree - believing is seeing.

(25 Apr '12, 06:28) CalonLan

Great answer, and I love that last point there!

(25 Apr '12, 08:41) LapisLazuli

I appreciate this answer. I did not mean to make big deal of it although I am doing unconsciously. You mention true points and that why I am discussing it here because I want change things even that I am looking like promoting them. I am recognizing how things are happening around me and because what I was trying to manifest appears I just do not want to return to old habits of ruing it up.

(25 Apr '12, 11:20) r0la

Bashar's "Circumstances dont matter" ....the echo

Thank you for your question and thanks Benjamin for you answer :-)

(18 Jul '12, 23:24) Starlight

Benjamin, great answer, just what i needed to hear today. Thank you so much. Starlight, the video is great to watch, came right on time for me. :)

(19 Jul '12, 22:20) dreamersmiles

Fear is a belief that something "unseen" will come to pass .

Faith is a belief that something "unseen " will come to pass.

I have a little card I wrote this on ,and keep it in a pocket to remind me they are one and the same thing :-)

(19 Jul '12, 23:27) Starlight
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I'm all for what @Benjamin has posted.

Just while we're on the subject of fear and Bashar...

I watched a video back a few months ago, with a woman questioning Bashar about how she was "totally confused about which path to take." And, obviously, he responded to take the path that contains the highest excitement (duh!).

The thing was, she wasn't confused at all. She was actually just scared of one possible particular reality she may encounter upon one of these paths she had the power to take. And yes, this path did in fact hold the highest excitement.

So Bashar questioned her, more like a lawyer instead of a charitable Being,

Bashar: What are you afraid of?!

Woman: I don't know!

Bashar: Yes ya do!!

Woman: No, I don't.

Bashar: Yes ya do!!

This useless sort of communication continues for about 7 minutes. It sounds a bit startling here but it was entertaining to watch. Finally, the woman found out, or rather, revealed what she was so scared of. I don't think it really matters what her answer was, but Bashar replied with a quote that came to my mind when I read your question.

Bashar: Are you ready, for the famous, two- worded life matra? Are you sure? Are you listening? Alrighty then...

So what.


answered 19 Jul '12, 00:17

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There's always gonna be times when you're on the negative side. A little contrast isn't bad. So, if you do starting stepping backwards, just bring yourself back as quick as you can. It isn't wasted efforts and it doesn't mean you're back at square one. See what I mean? If you're generally on the right path, you're doing fabulous... don't worry about going off course once in awhile... just come back and don't get caught up in it.

Sometimes, if something really starts getting to me, ill just stop thinking. It really helps get me back on track... as soon as I can tell that I'm slipping into the negative, I just "hit the brakes". Meditate for a minute. Its really helps me a lot.

I hope that helped. Also, realize that regardless of the outcome here... you're always creating and can always change it. Stay positive no matter what:)


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Yes a little contrast isn't bad at all. You know I am accepting the cycle of my vibrations, up and down, negative and positive, no matter as I am always vibrating and creating. It is just through my mind I overcame huge obstacles and resistances to get here and I do not want to ruin all that by one single negative vibration as I did it before.

(25 Apr '12, 04:00) r0la

Just like I cut all the distances and I am on the threshold of the stage I want to climb and do the show but I feel like melting and fade away which I want to deal with seriously.

It is the old game between me and my mind and you are right I am the creator always love your advises and I think they could be helpful. Thank you.

(25 Apr '12, 04:05) r0la

And I am doing that by coming back when I am backwards and get myself in when I am out but it is good note to not feel bad when things are bad.

Just feel irritable because things are getting in the place maybe I should not be that excited and relax to play peacefully with mind. Thank you dear.

(25 Apr '12, 04:07) r0la

You're welcome. You're doing great, good luck to you :)

(25 Apr '12, 08:24) LapisLazuli

& I get what you're saying. I get worried, too, you just gotta not let yourself get caught up in it. Take a deep breath! All those good vibrations are stronger than the negative ones. They'll pay off:o)

(25 Apr '12, 08:39) LapisLazuli
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