How do you feel about it? Should the Sacred be Secret?

Thank you, namaste

asked 12 Nov '10, 12:55

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I think everything, even the Sacred, must be of the public domain.

Who is the one to decide who is entitled to know the Sacred and who isn't? Religious leaders? They are holding too many secrets from us already, besides being so divided between them that I don't think they can be good judges of what's fair or unfair, Sacred or unholy.



answered 12 Nov '10, 13:57

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Well said! Thank you

(12 Nov '10, 16:03) daniele

I think trying to keep things secret has only exacerbated the problems of humanity over the centuries.

We are all worthy of divine love and knowledge and although that may have been obscured from our view by religious leaders etc., it can never really be kept secret from us because we only have to go within and realize that's where the Sacred resides, and so it is always available to us.


answered 12 Nov '10, 14:40

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All knowledge is actually accessible by all of us at any time we want as we all stem from the non-physical conciousness who knows all.

So, somebody cannot actually keep something a secret from us unless we let them. We can choose to "download" any information we want by just tapping into our higher self at any point in time.

Therefore, there can be no secrets.


answered 12 Nov '10, 14:58

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Pink Diamond

Certain Sacred traditions should be keep from young people or numb skulls whom might hurt themselves. With enough research you might unleash your Kundalini. Then you might go nuts or worse. Many say you to have be initiated before receiving the next level. Practice then more initiations. The are many sacred traditions with serpents and dangerous drugs. They are helpful to some to become enlightened. Manny are not ready for the next level even if they have been studying for years. Many students have studied under a Master. To get information you could jump to the last secret and the last stage of mastership. The lesson would be meaningless though. Much occult and spiritual secrets should be keep out of the mainstream . If you want to know esoteric secrets study under some Order. The Government is always going to lie to us, but huh, they are getting caught more often. Companies lie to their stock holders, they are getting caught too. The public should be told the truth about how we are reprsented. Anyone not representing our values need to be removed from their position.


answered 12 Nov '10, 19:38

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Tom, you bring up a good point! thank you

(12 Nov '10, 20:57) daniele
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