I have done some horrible things in my life. I cannot tell, for I fear the consequences to my relationships and my own soul does feel forgiven. Yet, I wonder whether I would feel freer in some inexplicable way if I were to talk with the proper person about my past.

Many movies have been made about secrets, and how people fall when they do not speak. What do we do with these bad memories and secrets, ultimately?

This is my 293rd question here on IQ, and it may be perhaps the most important one I have ever asked. Thank you all in advance. Please be gentle with me, I beg.

Blessings, Jaianniah

asked 17 Aug '11, 06:28

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Ah the demons that haunt our soul, we place them in a dark corner and try to forget them yet they seem to appear when we least expect them.Sometimes just for a moment and other times it seems that we can never clear our mind of these things. The past is gone is it not? The "secrets " your question refers to are from the past.(not like a surprise party next week secrets).
Have you learned your lesson from these things?
Will you do them again?
Like the old saying forgive and forget
My demons that I have to dance with sometimes no longer give me grief because I also have forgiven and moved on. If you could hear the monolog in my head "ok I did that, won't be doing that again" and then it's on to what happening now.
Back to the question.... If you Feel that it would be a source of closure to: talk it out / confess/ admit to these secrets. Then do it . Seek someone that will maintain your privacy and confidentiality.A priest or a lawyer or counselor.


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my 284th answer ;)

(17 Aug '11, 07:38) ursixx

Are we the champs here??? LOL! Thanks for the great answer! +1>>>>>>>>>>

(17 Aug '11, 07:45) Jaianniah

forgive yourself for being human,
no doubt having made a decision, acting from impulse and what was thought at the time sufficient knowledge.
now in hindsight you can resolve not to replicate if same circumstances present themselves,
as mentioned above, having learned a lesson move on


answered 17 Aug '11, 10:00

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Another poem-in-the-raw! "forgive yourself for being human; no doubt having made a decision; acting from impulse, and what felt right at the time; acting from what you thought was sufficient knowledge; now, in hindsight, you can resolve to change; having learned your lessons, move on".....you see? you can do this!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(28 Aug '11, 17:48) Jaianniah

I had this problem as well, Jai...no surprise since we have a lot in common!

My suggestion is very similar to Bridget's in that it involved writing. I have a friend in AA and know that one of the steps is to ask forgiveness of those you have hurt. In theory this was good, but in some ways selfish I think, because perhaps some of the things we feel guilty about are best not revealed aloud. We might feel better, but perhaps the other person would be very hurt.

I asked forgiveness where it was appropriate to do so without any further harm. In the cases where it wasn't, and there were many, I wrote a letter to God. I spelled out exactly what I had done and asked forgiveness. I thought I would complete this in one night, but it ended up taking me two weeks! Yes, I was that bad! Pouring my heart out was cathartic and really REALLY helped. Afterwards, I burned the pages so that no one would find them and be upset. As the ashes blew away so did my sins. I know I have done all that I can to repair things and I feel much better; much of the guilt is gone and events behind me.


answered 17 Aug '11, 15:25

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LeeAnn 1

This solution sounds perfect! Thanks so much, dear! +1 + Blessings,>>>>>>>>>>

(17 Aug '11, 15:56) Jaianniah

You can write everything in a Journal, without much thinking of syntax, grammar and spelling, as if you were (pardon me) puking everything out of your system. Cry if you must while writing, it's cathartic. Then, if you're sure noone is going to find it, hide it and let it rest for a while. See if you're feeling better. Reread it when you feel you're ready, then forgive yourself. When you're re reading you'll notice it doesn't seem a "life or death" thing anymore, so forgiving yourself won't be so difficult as it seemed before...Then destroy it, also when you feel ready.

Quote Eckhart Tolle on Stillness Speaks:

"Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they're doing." This is valid for you too.

He meant that you weren't in Awareness when you did what is eating you inside. Jesus forgives you!



answered 17 Aug '11, 14:21

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Jesus said to confess our sins one to another as part of our process of salvation. So, there must be something to the idea of writing them down and then burning them. Thanks

(17 Aug '11, 16:03) Fairy Princess

I like your suggestion. I think it's the safest way to release the memories and their effects on the self without causing harm to others.

(19 Aug '11, 06:40) The Traveller

Thanks both! :)

(19 Aug '11, 14:55) BridgetJones09
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Next time you are in the shower, call your soul and intend that you wash your soul along with your physical body. Watch the water flow down the drain and intend that the earth neutralize the energy of that water. Feel the shift as you countinue washing your soul on a regular baisis.

Love and Light


answered 17 Aug '11, 22:57

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I like this...thanks Brian :)

(18 Aug '11, 00:02) Michaela

Nice idea, Brian!

(18 Aug '11, 02:39) LeeAnn 1

there ws once a rogue of 1st order in india, his name was valmiki. bt life took a turn and he became a gr8 saint. now, the main advantage he had that quikly made him a saint is that he was fearless. this ws his strength. and he progressed quikly on the spiritual path. we all do mistakes and blunders, and feel ashamed of them. bt if u understand god, u will feel that he will nvr be angry wid u. if u did smthn wrong, u will face the consequence, bt god is stil there. basically what i mean is that u r certainly not the worst guy on earth, and u cn start afresh, without dying,, ;-) ... what u need is to let go of the regret. and let go of the negative attachment. this way u will change towards the better, and will erase the past. search for .. antarmouna.. (swami satyananda writings) ... if u do it, it will change ur life. u will b able to etrase all ur wrong deeds.. it may not b instant like EFTs etc, bt it is certanly much much much powerful and with a wide horizon than all such external ways. once u do this regularly, u will nvr need to ask anyone for any answer, ur heart will provide u all the answers, what to do, what not to do, how to do, etc.


answered 28 Aug '11, 17:39

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abhishek mishra

I think you are very wise...I also think you like my questions! LOL!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(28 Aug '11, 17:51) Jaianniah

thnx.. yup, the questions r good, bt most importantly they compell me to answer. bt i need to ask one thing, at sm othr question, a member told me to write in normal english n not in text-speech style... so what did he really mean...? i know m typing in quite informally, so is it kinda out of place here or smthn.??

(28 Aug '11, 17:53) abhishek mishra

@abhishek mishra-please don't feel offended but i find your name extremely amusing...your doing some great work on IQ

(29 Aug '11, 03:34) blubird two

haah. infact abhishek is one of the most common names in india.. hehe.. thanx anyways. m glad that u liked the posts. its just that my posts will not have much of EFTs, Schumans and other such techniques coz i have not much of an experience in them. still i have exposed my mind to the ancient teachings and sciences of india to an extent. so u will find more of that in my posts....

(29 Aug '11, 05:22) abhishek mishra
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I think we've all done things in life that we're not particularly proud of, so you've probably done more that yourself a favour by asking this. However I also know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that in order to realize happiness you have to be willing to let go and forgive yourself.

I think BJ09 hit on a crucial point...when you realize that you made a mistake and were operating from a place where you were not completely aware of your actions then it becomes easier to forgive yourself. I think it's important to differentiate between having knowledge of something and having awareness of it. When you are fully aware of something you are operating from a higher state of consciousness and it becomes impossible to engage in unconscious behaviours that you would have done previously from an unconscious state.

What I have noticed since beginning to wake up is that the Universe/God/Source or whatever will provide an opportunity for me, by giving me a similar situation now, to choose a different option from my new state of awareness, and in this way I actually get to smile as I witness the new me choose differently... and that is empowering. It becomes easier to forgive myself when I realize that the younger me just didn't have the awareness or the wisdom to choose any differently.

I just finished watching a movie What Dreams May Come (recommend it highly) and one thing that was said jumped out at me...

Good people live in hell because they can't forgive themselves

You've got some great practical suggestions here from everyone Jai... forgive yourself and let it go :)


answered 18 Aug '11, 00:02

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edited 18 Aug '11, 01:29

Thank you, Michaela! Yes, all the suggestions were great...I love What Dreams May Come, too. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(18 Aug '11, 07:21) Jaianniah

I read in one of your posts that EFT doesn't work for you. I am wondering if you are not doing something right. When I have these haunting memories of guilt or whatever, I do EFT to eliminate them. Yes, I have to do it more than once some times. But sometimes the relief is so immediate it is amazing. Here is a script for guilt. 3x on the karate chop point: Even though I have all this guilt from when I _, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Reminder phrase: All this guilt from when I _. Of course you can add some details that only you would know. Like you can describe the guilt's appearance, location and feeling. For example: this black nausiating guilt in the pit of my stomache.

Personally, I don't trust anybody enough to open up that much with them. Some people feel better after talking. After one of my accidents, I got counseling. I just felt dirty when I left there, not better.


answered 17 Aug '11, 13:43

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Fairy Princess

Wade is helping me with the EFT. I had my first successful run just the other day! I will try what you suggest...Thanks so much! +1+ Blessings,,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(17 Aug '11, 15:59) Jaianniah

Oh, good, I am so glad to hear that you are finding EFT to work for you. It has been so cleansing for me! I am sure that if I had somebody I could trust to help me with it, I could get a lot further.

(17 Aug '11, 16:06) Fairy Princess

Haha, I should tap on my lack of trust in others! Duh!

(17 Aug '11, 16:07) Fairy Princess

Yes Fairy Princess you seem to know a lot on EFT since you use it a lot. Jai and I just had a laugh, yes tap on that lack of trust! :-) I have taught EFT and have a small manual myself. EFT is based on TFT Thought Field Therapy and the common formula that EFT uses is the trauma formula of TFT. As a matter of fact I prefer the full treatment complete with gamut point tapping eye rolling, counting and humming myself. Since you use it so much I am probably telling you what you know already. :-)

(17 Aug '11, 16:45) Wade Casaldi

I have not looked into TFT, just whatever was touched on in the lineage of EFT. I don't use the gamut. Instead, I go 2-4 rounds after the setup. I start with the top of the head, then the eyebrow, side of eye, under eye, chin, collar bone, under arm, tap my wrists together (this gets all the finger points used in the gamut), ending with karate chop point, then I take a deep breath. Sometimes I do FasterEFT.com and I often do the one handed tapping.

(17 Aug '11, 17:15) Fairy Princess

Yes yours is a little more based on newer findings I believe, mine are more based on earlier EFT. In other words, the EFT that was nearly identical to TFT's trauma formula. By the way you forgot the upper lip or don't you use that point? I do like the wrist tapping you mentioned. I'll need to try that. I do like a lot of Rebbecca Marina stuff on EFT on You Tube. I know she doesn't use the hand either except the karate chop point.

(17 Aug '11, 17:35) Wade Casaldi

I learned about EFT and TFT through the cd collection Your Wish Is Your Command. I thought if that the highest echelon of people on earth believe and use it I had better find out what this is. So I had checked out both Gary Craig and Roger Callahan and found their methods very effective.

(17 Aug '11, 17:45) Wade Casaldi

Oh, yes, under the nose, I missed that one. I do use that one when I am not doing fasterEFT.com I am not familiar with Your Wish Is Your Command. I will have to check it out. Karen Naumen has a lot of good info as does Judy Byrnes.

(17 Aug '11, 23:44) Fairy Princess
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