What was the devastating 'secret' Isaac Newton mentioned in his letter to Robert Boyle? I came across this info in the book the The Lost Symbol .Please give your views

The discovery of Isaac Newton’s secret papers in 1936 had stunned the world by revealing Newton’s all consuming passion for the study of ancient alchemy and mystical wisdom. Newton’s private papers included a handwritten letter to Robert Boyle in which he exhorted Boyle to keep “high silence” regarding the mystical knowledge they had learned. “It cannot be communicated,” Newton wrote, “without immense damage to the world.”


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My suspicion is that the "secret" is related to the transmutation of base metals into physical gold.

There seems to have been a trend over recent times to interpret Alchemy in a symbolic sense, as in the transmutation of one's "base" (or mundane) character into a more refined "spiritual" one.

But I think that viewpoint, while valid, overlooks the "As Above, So Below" idea in that this concept must also have a physical counterpart, which I personally believe manifests itself in the creation of actual, physical gold from ordinary metal.

When I used to move in certain closed mystical circles, I did receive assurances that actual physical Alchemy of this kind has been achieved and witnessed. Though, it was my understanding that this was only with the aid of considerable spiritually-based energy input from the Alchemist themselves.

I have a suspicion that Newton may have uncovered, or been involved in, a more usable physical alchemical process.

As to the "immense damage to the world" comment, one only needs to think what would happen to the world's financial systems if one of the rarest and most precious commodities that exists was suddenly available to all.

Just my two cents...or two ounces of gold :) ...I don't have any evidence for this idea beyond my own intuition.


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Hello Sayantan

For me the "secret" is the discovery of the power of the human mind that applied consciously can influence the physical world ... let's be clear about this and understand that with our thoughts we influence our lives whether we are conscious of it or not ... it is an automatic self adjusting process that is inherent to the entire physical world with or without the existence of humans ... nowadays we name it ... the law of attraction

have fun bb2 :)


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blubird two


yes @blubird two Isacc Newton discovered the infinite power that humans can put into action through scientific use of the law of attraction ... L&L

(26 Jan '14, 07:42) jaz

It might have been the knowledge of nuclear power. Einstein also said something along the same lines that nuclear power will be dangerous to the whole world before he passed away.


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@kakaboo it is mentioned in the question that the knowledge is MYSTICAL ,so it has nothing to do with nuclear power.

(04 Dec '12, 09:45) Sayantan

@Sayantan When people dont understand something fully, sometimes they would treat it as mystical. Before the Wright brothers invented flying devices, people thought being able to fly was a mystical power which they could never achieve. The concept of quantum physics was also thought to be mystical to many people before this century.Thus in 1936, I would not be surprised to think Newton might have treated nuclear power as "mystical". This is just my opinion since the possibilities are endless

(04 Dec '12, 09:52) kakaboo

I say the truth that very few can accept and that very few are ready to learn. The light shines in the darkness but the darkness does not understand it. Even Nicodemus did not understand it


even jesus's disciples did not understand it


and many others will not understand it. Some that seek and strive to find the narrow door will find it. It is also revealed in alchemy and meditation


but for me jesus was a greater master because he knew the father. the pure of heart will see God.


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white tiger

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Hi it's a sunny day today and I feel like updating one of my old postings under one of my previous pseudonyms "blubird two"

I reckon the devastating 'secret' Isaac Newton mentioned was his discovery of the effects of the universal law of human magnetism, the power within.

He discovered that energy is polarized, a 'secret' already known since the beginning of time under different names depending on the doctrine, examples of which are the principle of correspondence, balance of spirit and body, heaven and earth, as above so below, etc

or putting it in everyday language 'how reality and energies interact' and that humans continuously and automatically communicate by emitting and reciving energy and interact with their reality, with matter, whether there're conscious of it or not

and those that are consciously and scientifically using their ability to perceive, understand and evaluate things common to all humans can control their lives.

Metaphorically speaking Isaac Newton discovered and cut loose from the devil and it's manipulative energies :)

alt text

I don't know if if all this makes sense to you but it certainly does to me, anyway have fun :)

Here's a little "something" I'd like to add



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It must be understood that Isaac Newton was from a time when the world was believed to be flat.

Just look at all the inventions that Leonardo DaVinci wrote about in code so that he wouldn't get in trouble or that it wouldn't ruin the world in the wrong hands.

If we look at it this way, what he once feared may destroy the world might be something we today widely accept.

Case in point, just look at how widely the theory of evolution is believed. He would have been burned at a stake as a blasphemous heretic if he said something like that.


I found the letters and they are big time! This clashes with Albert Einstein's theory of Relativity so it is still to this day something not taken lightly by science. Young Isaac Newton discovered the aetheric existence of reality long before Nikola Tesla found it.

This discovery later influenced the scientist William Reich and Dr. Royal Rife.

Here are the links.





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if humans were fish then the devastating 'secret' Isaac Newton mentioned in his letter to Robert Boyle would be that "all fish live in water" ...

(28 Jan '14, 04:48) jaz

@jazz LOL yes, I love that, excellent analogy!

I can't understand why Einstein was so against it, but apparently it messes with his theory of relativity as he said.

(28 Jan '14, 10:34) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi yes give only to the level of understanding that the person is able to receive. if a cup is full how can you add to it with out making it overflow and spill? by adding little by little with out passing the edge. that measure is very narrow like a razor edge. how can someone know him self among the many? is it by what he as been teach? is it by what he understand? Do you know the truth? the truth is a faithful and trust worthy ally. know what is in your sight and nothing will be-

(28 Jan '14, 11:42) white tiger

hidden from you. one should not stop seeking until he find, nothing covered will remain uncover. something need to be cover until the seeker is ready to discover, when the seeker is ready things will uncover them self and he will discover the truth. depending on where one walk on the razor edge some will find there path and some will in delusion be on the wide road on one side or the other of the path. then you will ask what about the door? you see at the end is the beginning all reach their-

(28 Jan '14, 11:58) white tiger

own door for their next step on their journey, so it is better to stay in the beginning.

(28 Jan '14, 12:02) white tiger

It is like a factorial zero http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mfk_L4Nx2ZI to know that there is one it takes one to notice it. if there is no one to notice it or to see it, it is there and it is not there. you where one(0) and you became two(∞), what will you do?Whoever has something in hand will be given more, and whoever has nothing will be deprived of even the little they have. Will you ask your self who is the greatest in the kingdom?

(28 Jan '14, 13:13) white tiger
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