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I thought I'd put this out there in case it helps someone. I've been thinking about all the things in life that come easily to me and have been trying to emulate that attitude in other areas, including finances. In my search I came across this text. I think it is a fantastic representation of someone in perfect alignment with money. It embodies so many of the manifesting techniques right here on IQ.

It would feel awful to read this text if you're feeling low about finances, but I thought it might help someone who has cleared a lot of resistance toward money and is trying to stabilise a new attitude. Maybe some of the statements can be morphed into Focus Blocks? It's just more stuff to play around with.

It's from here:

It feels great. Of course it feels great. How could having money feel anything but great. Oh I don't mean to imply that it solves all of life's problems, but it certainly takes the pressure off many of them.

Such as I never worry about how things are going to get done. I just know that they will get done. I never think about how much anything costs. What a waste of time. If I want it, I can have it. It's pretty simple.

I don't tend to spend money just to be spending it either, that's for those newbie millionaires. Buying stuff just to prove who has the most money, who can wear the most gawdy jewelry. I don't have to own the finest penthouse overly decorated in gold to feel good about myself. While those things are just fine for others, I don't feel any need to prove I have money, it's nobodies business but mine and I really don't care what other people think. I completely understand their motivation and more power to them, but it's not necessary for me to feel good about myself.

I never worry about losing my wealth. I mean I know that sometimes happens to people. They will make and lose millions over and over. I don't see the sense in that. I never think about those kind of "what if" situations. I appreciate my wealth, why would I even think about losing it? I know I've always been able to make money and that is something about me that can't be taken away.

I love the feel, taste, look and smell of quality, so I don't bother with anything that isn't. I don't mean to sound snobbish here but I can honestly say I've never set foot in a Walmart. Don't even know if there's one near me. Not that I wouldn't, it might be a fun adventure. Maybe I'd find out why everyone is so enamored with old Sam Walton. Gotta give him credit, he turned a small store into an empire. Gotta give him that!

I've always just had a knack for increasing my wealth. I've got an eye for it, I've never had to work hard. Actually I enjoy what I do so much I don't ever think of it as work. For me it's play. Always has been. I get up in the morning and go play. I don't have anyone telling me where or when, it's my game and I love it. The money just keeps multiplying and multiplying, it always has. I'm not even sure what my net worth is, it doesn't matter. You get to a point where it's too much to comprehend, so you don't bother.

I've never have to think about any of the financial stuff, taxes, paying bills, investment accounts, etc. I haven't written a check in years. I have a large team of carefully chosen professionals who handle all of that for me and I pay them well. I trust them completely, I just sign the papers when I need to and they take care of me and protect me. I deeply respect their expertise and I go out of my way to let them know I appreciate them. Actually I love those guys, everyone of them. They treat my wealth as if they were protecting their own and actually they are because I believe in sharing my wealth with those who support me in it. They protect me, they protect themselves.

I respect all the people who work for me. They are like family, and in every case they've been with me for a while. They're great, they know my tastes and I'm pretty open. Communication is a two way street, they know if they need to talk to me, I'll make myself available to them and that I'll listen. It's all about respect.

I have a few credit cards. But I use one for most everything. I have one specifically for really big purchases, that I use occasionally too. Then I don't have to worry about saving receipts. I have no idea what the credit limits are on the cards. I'm sure I could probably max them out if I tried but what would be the point of that. My accountant has known me long enough to figure out how much I might need and I'm sure the cards have limits well over what that amount is. Truth is, I've never really thought about it. In all my travels, purchases, etc. it's never been an issue.

I tend to keep a certain amount of cash tucked in my wallet for security, but I rarely ever use it. It's for situations where only cash will do, but they are rare. Cash just isn't necessary for the most part anymore. The idea of walking around with a big roll of bills is silly to me, I don't need it and it would obstruct the line of my pants. If I need cash I just call my accountant or I stop at a bank.

I admit a few times in my life, I've seen someone who touched me, a waitress who in spite of a horrible boss/work situation gives great service with a sweet smile, a stranger who goes out of their way to do something kind, a guy on the street who's twinkle in his eye overwhelms the hunger on his face. When I see something special like that in someone I like to slip a nice bill out of my wallet and leave it with them somehow. Sometimes I have to just pass it to them, but I try to do it so they won't know who left it, I enjoy thinking about their faces when they find the bill.

If I see something I really want, something that just vibrates with me, I buy it. I don't worry about paying too much or getting a good deal. When you're rich, people tend to give you things for free all the time. Everywhere you go, people are handing you "bling bags". I figure sometimes I may overpay for something and then I turn around and get something else for free. It all balances out in the end, why should I worry about it?

I have a few of houses, but I can only live in one at a time, so they set empty most of the time. I loan them out to friends for vacations and business. I let the housekeepers know where I'll be and when (within reason) and they know how to stock the house/kitchen/bar. I love good food. I like to cook sometimes. I'm like everyone else, I let the housekeeper know what I want for dinner, or I order out or I go to a restaurant. It's all good.

I don't walk around all day thinking about being wealthy. It's like air to me or health, it's just mine. I don't feel like my wealth makes me better or less than anyone else. It would be a pretty silly gauge of a persons worth to judge them by what's in their bank account instead of what's in their heart. I see a lot of not so genuine people, but I see a lot of really great people too. Money doesn't have anything to do with it.

I also don't feel like having money obligates me to spend it supporting charitable endeavors. I get invited to a ridiculous amount of fundraisers and I never go to any of them. Why would I want to put myself through hours of charity smiles, over cooked food and horror stories? Gives me chills just to think about it.

It's all choices anyway, everyone could be wealthy if they wanted it and allowed it. I give money to programs, people, ideas that really light me up. I love supporting ingenuity and resourcefulness. There's nothing better than being able to give anything I want to something that touches my heart in a special way. It's such a rush.

Well and my family. Of course my family is all completely taken care of, they always have been, that's a given.

I don't know if I've answered your question. I know you wanted a more "feeling" type answer, but honestly, what do you want me to say, it feels good. I mean how could money feel anything but good. There's no such thing as bad money. It's all just money.

What I buy feels good, for a while. What I give away feels good, for a while. Making more money feels good, for a while. Offering financial security to my employees feels good, for a while. But then it's always off to the newest "what feels good". It's all about enjoying it and then moving on to the next grand adventure. Isn't that what life is all about?

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"I don't walk around all day thinking about being wealthy. It's like air to me or health, it's just mine." Now that is accepting!

(08 Sep '14, 12:01) ursixx

Beautiful. It seems so easy and almost natural to be wealthy. This attitude, is off the charts! wow!

(11 Nov '14, 00:31) bflorrie
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Thank you for this.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about money and my relationship with it. I want more money but for some reason I've never had too much of it. As I've become more aware I've noticed that I've had several issues and beliefs about money. Here are some of them:

  • I don't deserve a big amount of money because I haven't done anything for it
  • Having much money would make me shallow and materialistic
  • My friends would be so jealous they would hate me
  • ..and therefore I would be better off keeping my wealth a secret and it would be a burden
  • I couldn't handle big money
  • I would lose my money
  • It's just impossible to get such money
  • Wanting money is not spiritual so I shouldn't even want it

That's the kind of stuff I found out about myself when I really started being aware of my thoughts. So I've been working on these issues lately and I think I'm actually starting to feel much better about the thought of money. It's just a thing that exists in the world right now and everybody should have their share. It's not good or bad, it just is. Why wouldn't you want to experience wealth and material abundance? It's an aspect of human experience. You don't have to make it your whole world, but it's a thing you can enjoy.

I actually have photoshoped a picture of my online bank account and made it look like I have millions. I put the picture as my wallpaper on my computer so I can see it everyday. It's starting to look a bit more natural everyday. So having my imaginary money I make imaginary purchases online sometimes. I look through houses and cars etc. and just think "Yeah I could easily buy that one but meh.. I think I'll find something even more better.."

I'm just getting accustomed the thought of actually having a lot of money and how I would actually act and think in that situation. So that "rampage of appreciation" you linked is very much appreciated! Thank you.


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I have almost similar limiting beliefs about money- Interesting.

My biggest is that even though i prefer to have more money "i don't know what i would do with a lot of money"- I now find this thought ridiculous.

(11 Nov '14, 00:17) bflorrie

Worth reading again, so many things to assess, I'm intrigued... Thank you for all the above, the post and the comments. Great people out there, all willing to share their thoughts and helping others to improve, grow and better their lives. I'm aware of having jeopardized my financial independence, many times over... Today I'll play with my work and feel rich ;) Thou art awesome! Thank you again <3


answered 08 Sep '14, 06:36

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Also check out Abraham's own Financial Rampage of Appreciation


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Dear @Bluebell-

It is late at night here, and I have had a wretched day (meaning that I made myself miserable all day). I really did not want to read your post, but I did, because you were kind to me; kindness is so rare lately- at least it seems to me. So I read it.

I try not to think about money very much; I do not know why, but I have always had the feeling that my present life was not to be about money at all. (The older I get, the more I believe in reincarnation. It does get easier as you age. It's nice to think that you might get another try, or perhaps, many more tries.) I spend money like water, but I try always to be grateful while I have it, and try to spend wisely. Actually, I try not think about money at all. The reading you presented was interesting to me. It would have been perhaps a great deal more interesting if it told me how exactly the writer made his/her money. I mean, exactly how. I have noted with a kind of amusement that a whole lot of writers who write about money never really say exactly how they got to where they are. The exception has been people like our @Dollar Bill who have been quite candid about it. But, in general, I decided long ago that this present life was not about money at all.

I could see how all those statements could certainly become a great series of affirmations about wealth. I would re-write the quote, listing each positive thought written. I would bullet them into a list, and post them, or read them until the paper fell apart. That is how I have pounded many new ways of living into my head. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Over and over.

You have given me something to think about, for this month, Wade and I are in trouble with money, and I am not sure even how we are going to go on. But Everything always seems to work out somehow. I try really hard not to worry (worry does not add an inch of stature to your height..said a Wise Man once...) How can I maintain an attitude of not feeling that money is not my "life issue" when all I have really ever known is poverty? I am not sure. But I rarely really feel poor, exactly. I just get anxious when I go hungry. But I find it ironic that you posted this right when I, perhaps for the first time, am seeing that I need to shift my focus. I also need to shift my power- get it back. But that is another issue.

Did I manifest this post? Interesting. Hmm. I find it neat how our lives intertwine- what I write helps you, and then what you write helps me. Nice.

Thank you, dear. You caught my attention very neatly and precisely. Good job!

Time for me to go think and meditate.


Jaianniah ♥

alt text


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@Jaianniah I wasn't feeling the best today despite seeing some desires flow (Will it ever sink in that it's about the journey not the destination?) I'm not in tune with money right now either so I understand where you are coming from with your fears. Reading your comment really did make me feel better, honestly.

(08 Sep '14, 01:25) Bluebell

We do seem to be resonating with some similar stuff right now and bringing some useful things to the surface for each other. That's a nice feeling. And as I am typing this the sun is sinking through the trees and for some reason I feel appreciative while before I read your comment I felt fearful. You may have just made my day again. Thanks :)

(08 Sep '14, 01:26) Bluebell

@Bluebell-<yawn> (What am I doing still awake??? Star Trek: Next Generation seemed so inviting to turn my geeky brain into dream-mode...tired LOL :)(I am must be west of me, about seven or eight hours...I digress when I am tired!!!) Bless you. Yes, I have been mis-managing my money. I never really have faced that square on. Thanks again. ♥

(08 Sep '14, 02:07) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah Are you sure you aren't doing well with money? You seem to have a lot in your photo, you look like you need an extra hand! Only joshing with you of course. It is difficult to face those issues we buried deep but if you do, I would consider it very courageous. You have bravery :)

(08 Sep '14, 02:16) Bluebell

@Jaianniah I have increased my flow of money in quite dramatically. I did increase my inflow here and there with affirmations and the wallet process etc. They do work but if you're out of the vortex they need lots of time and commitment to adjust hardcore beliefs and then to see your outer realty reflect the inner change. The best way to have continuous money flowing in really, really large amounts is to focus all your time and effort getting into the vortex. When you have lived without money...

(08 Sep '14, 07:13) Yes

.. you have done A LOT of asking for money so that is all sitting in the bank in your vortex, literally millions if you've done a lot asking for money vibrationally. To see the money in the vortex that you have put there you have to get in there where it is. It's difficult to explain but as you blend with the true You, your inner being and you line up in the vortex and you start to see through the eyes of the real (IB) you. You don't see lack of money you see your vibrational/vortex money....

(08 Sep '14, 07:16) Yes

It's sort of as if there's you living your life now, today the you you know as you and there is another version of you that is living all the things your heart is desiring. So Jai 1 is living poverty and Jai 2 is living in the vortex with millions of pounds. Once you start getting into the vortex consistently you Jai 1 (living poverty) starts to take on the thought processes of Jai 2, you blend together. So instead of feeling like you have no money you would start feeling a ton of money...

(08 Sep '14, 07:19) Yes

... you start to see it and feel it in your mind as it if it's as true and real as the lack of money feels to you now. It's a blending that's the best I can describe it. Jai 1 needs to catch up with Jai 2 (who has all the money and the stuff). You do that by feeling as good as you can now, feel relief now, follow your excitement now, and after a while you catch up with yourself. It is so strange to start feeling as if you are literally a multi-millionaire when you have £0 in the bank...

(08 Sep '14, 07:23) Yes

but that is what happens and then, of course, reality reflects that feeling of wealth and abundance back to you in your physical reality and you translate and 'see' the money in your physical life too. I don't know if this make sense. I hope it does. :) You become the You Jai 2 that has everything by feeling the way Jai 2 is feeling and that is love, appreciation, freedom, power, invincibility etc. And, I promise you those FEELINGS are incredible! You wouldn't swap it for money. No way never! :)

(08 Sep '14, 07:27) Yes

You won't have to swap the feeling of being in the vortex for money because once you're in the vortex you can't not have money, it will keep flooding in and you won't be able to stop it even if you wanted to. But if someone said to you. 'You can keep the millions but I'm taking away the ecstatic feeling of being in the vortex you have to live with feeling bad, live with doubt, worry, frustration, fear but you can keep the money....

(08 Sep '14, 07:35) Yes

You would NEVER swap it, never! You would say take the money but let me keep the feeling! It's incredible! Safety, true security, power, feeling loved, appreciation for everyone and everything, no fear, no doubt, no worry, no anger. It's the best feeling in the world ever!!!! It's my wish that you feel it! As Abraham often says 'there is great love for you here!!' :) x

(08 Sep '14, 07:37) Yes

@Yes- I have been meaning to tell you how much your post meant- I have been dealing with a lot of stuff, and it slipped my mind. I apologize to you. I appreciate the time you took in saying what you said. I assure you, it did not fall onto deaf ears! Thanks so much! ♥

(10 Sep '14, 20:32) Jaianniah
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