This question relates to: How does one achieve true faith? What can someone do to believe more in God?

I don't have an answer. I am looking for one. How do you get there if you are starting from nothing. I am beginning to think that there is something wrong with me. Did all of you start off with some basic level of faith?

I find it impossible to believe that I have a soul. Is that normal? Can you achieve faith when you do not have a soul? Do you need to have faith that you have an immortal soul before you have faith in a god? Are all these gods different, or are they the same one?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

there is only one god. men label things and give god different names. and you have a soul the proof is that you exist. a body with out a soul would be like a car park somewhere with no one to drive it. experience and enjoy.

(04 Mar '12, 20:55) white tiger

many believe in souls, spirits and gods but have not really found them. the best place to start is to engage in soul searching. it will lead to the rest of your self.

seek for the truth within you by following your emotions, desires, values and beliefs. bring your subconscious into the light. playfully explore your being.

you will eventually experience self-actualization and Self-realization.

(02 Mar '13, 07:57) don
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Hi Farmer.

Ultimately, they are all just words to represent ideas or capabilities that are within you.

(And the question is which "You" am I referring to?)

You are the you that is within every "you", but it's hard to see it from where you are.

But in realizing that above point you can free yourself from the game of separation.

There is no boundary within "you" where the soul part of you begins and ends.

It is all you.

So is everything that is around you.

What you observe around you comes alive within you in the context within which you give it meaning.

And the meaning you give to what's within you is heard within all of creation.

Everything around you already existed before you were born.

So did your consciousness.

Just like you learned to physically crawl within an already existing reality, you also learned to crawl within an already existing consciousness.

Within that picture every thing you give meaning to exist because you give meaning to it.

As long as you try to understand your problem by waiting for someone to give you the answer, you will for ever be in a loop of analyzing the validity of the answer given against what you already know and believe to be true.

We were all taught to think this way so it's not our fault.

The truth is you create the conditions for you to learn from.

Somewhere within you, you have believed the idea that you don't believe in having a soul so that it can lead you towards stumbling upon some awakening or lesson.

So because you believe that you don't have one, you will experience that idea in some physical feedback.

The rest of us who believe that we do have a soul get a different physical feedback.

But we are all in the dark with regards to knowing for sure if there is a separation within our makeup where something called the "soul" exists within clearly defined boundaries.


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The Traveller

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Ok let's see how long it takes for someone to post the exact weight of a soul in grams.

(05 Mar '12, 18:23) The Traveller

you have a soul if not who is writting this question? is there someone in that body? or is this body a corpse all ready? there his a God a creator that have created every thing that exist from the alpha to the omega. your soul his created in his image. you are a child of the creator. you have the same faculty now child wake up and learn. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

Nothing beats a failure but a try. Because you were not taught certain principles does not mean it doesn't exist. You have to first participate in class to understand the relationship, and that means dropping your guard. You have to trust outside of yourself, and that is not easy in your state. Know that we are all from the same source. The only thing dividing us is the package we are wrapped in. We are all one. The cell can divide and multiply with the proper environment. The soul does the same. We are subdivisions of ourselves and make up the whole. Find a passage in any spiritual book that inspires you and makes you think. Then go to a quiet place, and repeat it, just a sentence, over and over again. Soon your inner silence will awaken, an you will feel a connection. If your intention is honest, you will know what I am talking about. Each experience is different. That is you, communicating with yourself. You have found your soul.


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The Knights Alchemy

I know where your coming from Farmer. I know in life we are all looking for some paradigm, something we can metaphorically hang our hats on. I tried the bible for years but became so frustrated by organised religion because of their inability to agree on the meaning of scripture.So many different angles, all believing that they are rightly interpreting scripture, all believing that their interpretation is Gods.

When i looked into metaphysics i discerned a little more concensus and agreement than i ever did with christianity, but there were still doubts in my mind and heart.

Science didnt really satisfy either, they have there own paradigms that are crumbling before their eyes. No one seems able to actually pinpoint any solid matter, time .distance and even light appear to be less real than we ever thought they were.

So this begs the question " what can we believe in" what absolute Meta/Uber paradigm is their. On what can we rest our so called faith. What can we really and fully totally believe in?

I began to form the idea that all i really and absolutely "knew" was that " I AM" Im not completely sure you exist Farmer, you may be a product of my own consciousness. But im sure of NOTHING more than the fact "I AM" that i exist.

If you can believe that Farmer.. and i guessing you can pretty much 100%, then start there.

You know that you "ARE" right? Thats God that is Farmer , in His purest form.

You believe in Him, you know He exists, because you believe in " I AM" Yours...Gods...there the same, quite the same . Theres only one " I AM"

Must dash...L


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Believing you don't have a soul doesn't change the true essence of your Being.

Your beliefs merely determine what you experience in this physical reality. If the belief that you don't have a soul is causing you misery maybe your starting point should be questioning that belief. If it is not serving you well maybe it is time to make a change and choose a different belief which will serve your well being and help create a reality that you do want. Beliefs are merely conditioned stories that our mind tells us repeatedly and we choose to hold on to.

However,through firstly choice and a willingness to let go they can be changed. It usually requires both determination and practice but as the momentum grows faith becomes a natural by product and it does get easier.

And remember that your higher self,soul, God within Is always and that is not contingent on the thoughts your human personality chooses to believe.


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Like that last paragraph. "IS" nice way of putting that.

(22 Mar '12, 04:32) Lance

If you don't have a soul, who is asking your question? Are you a spirit in a body? Did you exist before you were born? Do you think that you will exist after you die?

If you need logic to help convince you, read C.S Lewis "Mere Christianity" Though this is written as proof that God exists, it may help you understand Soul better. Perhaps it is Man's knowledge of his death that gives us a hope, a belief that we go on, that there is some central core that is immortal. That the flame of life is not ever extinguished.

Perhaps it is something that is just hardwired into the brain. Every society, every tribe - pre-contact or not, believes there is an eternal part that goes on, and the deep inner truths of each and every religion, from the most sophisticated to the most primitive has similar foundations.

For me, it is not a matter of faith. It just is. I feel my Soul is my personal Source and Universal Source is God.

A young man went to school, came home and told his father, "I have lost my faith." The father asked what had happened to cause this. The young man said, " I have studied Logic and Debate, know through Logic I can prove that God does not exist. But then I can also use proofs that God does exist. So I have lost faith."

The father said, "Using your 'Logic' can you prove you do not have a nose. The son answered affirmatively and began his arguments. When he finished proving his nose did not exist, the father reached out, grabbed his nose and pulled hard. Then he asked, "What hurts?"

My point is that after all the logical mind processes, prove and disprove, something still hurts unless you accept this as a fact. But facts, in terms of our 3d consciousness are insufficient to support a belief in an immaterial 4d being, like God.

Religions are filled with paradoxes that can not exist in our 3d world. Our world of duality, our world of space-time. That duality exists. to me, is proof that there is Something above, something outside our dimension who determines what is good and not-good.

Here we need to go on feelings. The feeling of joy, the feeling in the pit of your stomach, the solar plexus when you experience or pinch off joy. But all the words in the 3d world are insufficient to describe this feeling.

Deep down inside you, dear reader Something arises. Feel that Something. You are not a stranger in a strange land. You can grok this, but it is a feeling process, not words, not mental, not even logical.

But where our logic runs out, our feelings come into their own. When you reach the end of argument, when empirical testing is not possible, what hurts or what feels good? When you hook your fingers into that chain link fence that separates the Matrix from the Void and look out with sightless eyes, what is there, but God?


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Dollar Bill

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Why not look at it from a different perspective: Ask yourself why is there a need for you to believe in a certain "god"? or to put your faith in a certain "God"?

Is it because that you are facing some difficulties in life and just need some "God" you can believe in so that you feel better? Or is your life completely normal and ok to you at the moment? If your life is ok and normal to you at the moment then there is no real need for you to believe in a certain "God", is it?

On the other hand, if you are facing some difficulties in life then you might want to look at your own situation and think about whether you still have the ability to change it - just remember that as long as you are not disabled (blind/deaf/limbless) you are better and fortunate than a lot of people out there..

God or no God, does it really matter if you know that ultimately it is up to you yourself who can change your own situations?


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Why do you assume you have to have a soul in order to achieve faith in God ?

Show me where does it say so, and I will in a flash show you it is not so.

Because you assume there are conditions and limitations to be met, you operate with and within them. And so you are looking for answers to questions which has no relevance to any other reality but your own.

Just like asking whether today's weather is beautiful or not. It's neither, yet we look for answers that would clarify nothing but our way of seeing that which is. And the more we reinforce ourselves in our way of seeing all that is, the harder we make it for ourselves to see all that is the way it is.


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Show me? It requires slight effort on your part to communicate on this level. There are many levels of communication. Seers can't explain how they see, they just understand that the communication gives them feedback on a different level. Trust first, then take the first step. Don't get caught by perception paralysis.

(22 Mar '12, 07:18) The Knights Alchemy

It wasn't a question. I do not actually need to be shown. It was a statement which required no answer for its meaning indicates that the original questions is asked through the lens of ego made of limitations and measures. And it also provides understanding that to every measure there is an opposite one. And its whole point was to bring this understanding up. For when understood, perceptions dissolve.

(22 Mar '12, 07:33) CalonLan

Do you want to believe you have a soul? Do you want to believe in God? Or, what is the reason you want to believe in these things? You don't have to believe you have soul, or in God, or any one idea or concept. There are infinite paths you can take to achieve things... no matter what it is.

I used to wonder if I had a soul, and if when I died there would be nothing.. if I would just be "gone." The more I thought about it, the harder it was for me to imagine just "being gone." How could I just be "gone"... how could there be nothing left? Sometimes I go outside, I see all the animals, the trees, the grass, the stars... I see all the people, all the different personalities, perceptions, ideas... how is it all just by chance? How did this happen by "coincidence"? I hear people talk about miracles, how things fell into place at just the right moment. I hear people tell me their experiences with ghosts and aliens...

My father died when I was young. We had pictures of us above my computer. One day, a loud bang came from that room- it was terrifying, it sounded like a gunshot. We looked in the room, and those pictures were in the middle of the room, stacked neatly on top of each other. How does that happen? Its something I don't think ill ever forget, because it proved to me he wasn't "gone".

My mind can't believe things are random. Too many things happen, day by day, that are so precise to my thoughts and I just can't believe anything is a random happening.

But its all just something to ponder. I hope you find your answer if haven't already. Good luck!


answered 23 Mar '12, 21:36

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