I have an idea about the concept or idea of higher-self and I hear people talking about soul and soul groups, but is there any difference between these two ideas or are they one and the same thing?

asked 21 Sep '10, 08:46

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I think the word Soul, rather like the word God, has gradually become a rather meaningless container-word that everybody seems to have their own idea about, but few can really agree upon.

For that reason, I don't really use it myself.

However, my own interpretation of Soul would be that of the much larger vastness of non-physical that exists beyond the Higher Self itself.

In this case, there is a considerable difference (in my definition of the word) between Soul and Higher Self.

alt text

The diagram above kind of illustrates the point that Higher Self is virtually physical whereas Soul (what I've labelled in the diagram as the view from non-physical) is much further into the non-physical realms.

Of course, further is a physical concept, just to add to the confusion :)

This answer goes into a more detailed explanation of this idea.


answered 21 Sep '10, 17:28

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Nice explaination, I'd want to recycle those images as well :-) So could we say that the Higher-Self is one vibrational level above the physical self and the true non-physical is what's referred to as the Soul? Any insights on Soul Groups?

(22 Sep '10, 01:52) Eddie

One vibrational level above physical self is a good way of putting it in my view. Yes, I would say true non-physical is Soul, others might say Oversoul...it's all just different words for similar ideas. Not sure about Soul Groups - I'd have to see what context that phrase is used in. For me, anything beyond Higher Self is a bit of an academic discussion because I'm not sure we can practically grasp true non-physical from physical. From my understanding, Higher Self is about as non-physical as we can physically comprehend and acts as a conduit to true non-physical anyway.

(22 Sep '10, 06:16) Stingray

Thanks Stingray. With Michaela's and your confirmation, I'm happy with my belief and knowing re Higher-Self and Soul. Not that it really matters, but I now have a better idea of Soul groups and where they fit in. Always remembering that any and all divisions are created by us for the sake of communication and understanding. Thanks a lot :-)

(22 Sep '10, 11:48) Eddie

@Stingray - so are you saying that the Higher Self resides in the etheric body and the soul or oversoul resides beyond that?

(22 Sep '10, 17:39) Michaela

@Michaela - the Higher Self is non-physical so it doesn't physically reside anywhere. And beyond is location-based too. Frustrating to pin down this concept, isn't it? :) I'm not really sure that I'm knowledgeable enough in these matters to give you definitive answers. I tend to only deal in practicality as far as Reality Creation is concerned so I don't really look beyond Higher Self because that connection is highly practical/usable - the rest I just classify as non-physical (or Oversoul) and it's just academic debate-material in my view without much practical application. Sorry :)

(22 Sep '10, 20:40) Stingray

@Stingray Thanks - Yes, I guess the word 'reside' wasn't the correct term to use - when I refer to the 'etheric' body I am referring to the energy body surrounding the physical body so it is in fact non- physical.It is a bit frustrating trying to wrap the intellectual mind around the whole concept :)

(23 Sep '10, 20:40) Michaela
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My perception of the soul and higher-self are one and the same - it is the spirit of my being that remains in the non-physical and stays connected to the Source of All that is.


answered 21 Sep '10, 11:26

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Then could you allow for the Source of All that is as being the Oversoul?

(22 Sep '10, 01:44) Eddie

Yes - I really don't think it matters what term we use.I'm contemplating Stingray's idea of the Higher Self being the conduit to true non-physical.

(22 Sep '10, 11:24) Michaela

Cool, that helps me a lot Michaela. I kinda had it figured, but needed confirmation. Stingray and you have provided that, so thanks :-)

(22 Sep '10, 11:43) Eddie

You're welcome Eddie - just to clarify I was intepreting soul as individual soul-thus being one and the same as the Higher Self, and the Source of All That is or the Oversoul being one and the same.

(22 Sep '10, 17:37) Michaela
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Bagels and donuts ,kind of the same.
A round bread roll with a hole in the middle.
Just the baking style and slight variation of ingredients.
The same foundation.


answered 21 Sep '10, 18:28

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edited 22 Sep '10, 06:29

Agree with above, i think we have a conscious mind or carnal mind and a sub conscious mind or spirit/soul etc. I think theres 2.

A lot of people differ between mind then soul then spirit.

Bit complex that!

I prefer just the two...easier to manage than 3.

Lower mind ( although not to be sniffed at,it does a great job ) then higher mind.

Mind and spirit to me are the same thing.After all what goods a spirit if it cant think.



answered 21 Sep '10, 14:46

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Monty Riviera

is it not interesting that some poke fun at what is not yet learned or understood,
while others take a responsibility to find what it really is.
perhaps you should ask how far you are willing to look,
and are you resourcefull enough to comprehend the cycle of human existence.
intuitively, it is all there inside you waiting to be uncovered


answered 30 Dec '10, 01:20

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Nicely put Fred, all we have to do is REMEMBER :)

(30 Dec '10, 01:27) jim 10

Depends on what your definition of the soul and higher self means to you! Personally, I think the use of the word higher self is used by certain groups instead of the original word soul to phase out the word soul for argument sake; but in essence they both means the same thing, unless of course you can prove otherwise, and from my point of view it will be an unnecessary argument, since the point will remain the same.

It is a know fact that the soul shall never die, but what can we say about our higher self? Would it be appropriate to say our higher self will live on forever, if so, it is the same thing!


answered 30 Dec '10, 03:36

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